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    This article is all his own work as I understand it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mélissa_Theuriau
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    If he is healthy and can play 150 games, all will be good (perhaps very good).
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    He also played "Cowboy Bob", the VP on the West Wing after Hoynes had to resign. He was picked because he was seen as no threat as an incumbent. He wore cowboy boots on the show and was kind of a goofball.
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    As an aside, Bernie Porn is, without a doubt, the greatest name of any public figure in history.
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    Tigers at Yankees Spring Training Game 17 Remember him? Ralph Branca Years with Detroit: 1953-54 Tigers highlights: 7 wins You may remember him from: Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Yankees, being the pitcher that gave up Bobby Thompson's homer Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
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    And the bibles didn't catch on fire as soon as Trump touched them? Remarkable.
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    I have a cousin who attends a "church" like that in Florida. She'd be all over that, getting Trump to sign her Bible. Her husband would want an autograph on the grip of his .45. She and I are from the same gene pool of course, with a 25% overlap. WTF.
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    I say this as an agnostic - what. the. ****
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    This may have been shared by me (or someone) here before, but it still makes me crack up. If you are a regular viewer of HBO's comedy VEEP you will get the troll job here . . .
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    the high fiber diet hasn't been good for him.
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    I am enjoying the 'Remember Him' theme in the game day posts. Getting plenty of history from them.
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    Uh oh... We've veered into Pet Peeve territory...
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    My take away from this thread: Miguel is going to basically die if he plays an inning of first base.
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    Might as well put Pete Rose in the HoF now...
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    And also for the record it's not evidence that I'm "defending anti-Semitism" in any way shape or form
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    I question the narrative that Dh'ing will help him stay healthier. I think if he is going to get injured it's going to be swinging and/or running the bases. In fact staying loose out in the field may actually help him vs. trying to stay loose in the dugout for the 95% of the game where he's not hitting.
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    And one more thing, how is someone who is pro Palestinian also anti semitic? Palestinians are Semites
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    Cool. That was dumb, and it’s 2019.
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    Did he talk about about how he was there, with her, when she passed?
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