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    So we have a sports owner that the fans are persuaded knows nothing about being one, despite being probably the only sports owner in the country that grew up in the middle of franchises in two major sports, who has engineered everyone in the world's dream hire to run one of his franchises, (brooming K Holland despite the Ilitch org being paralyzed by its misplaced loyalty) who has already seen a number of the team's biggest past organizational failures (most of which have been cited here) being addressed, but he is still a Moran and is slammed based on what people speculate he will or won't do in 3 or 4 yrs. OK. I get it, Avila doesn't look like the sharpest tool in the shed when he gives interviews, and I could care less because that criterion has zero to do with how good he really is at his job. Something much harder for any of us to see than his TV skills. I have no idea if this org is going to succeed with this management cast, but aside from not having any players - which is 95% a legacy issue, I don't see much In the way of criticisms based on any objective, discernible facts. The franchise has made the moves to join the 21st century, things hinge on present and future draft picks and trade acquisitions who are still in the minors.
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    Just so we are clear, Michael Cohen was *indicted* for the payments that you claim weren't illegal. Generally, people aren't indicted and enter pleas for things that aren't illegal. In addition, as I understand it, it does not matter where the money came from... if the intention of the payments (ie. the hush money to Karen MacDougal and Stormy Daniels) was to protect and insulate the Trump campaign, it's can be deemed a campaign contribution. This has been stated over and over, and you appear to ignore it over and over.
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    Funny how screwball seemingly hates everything in life but gets so defensive when people hate on Trump.
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    Someday you'll remember that as the place you were when the Tigers drafted Riley Greene.
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    He is a troll, but there are many who feel the same way he does. That is how we ended up with an ignorant douchebag in the White House.
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    Every year, baby!
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    This article is all his own work as I understand it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mélissa_Theuriau
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    Ah ha! The old "it can't be a crime, because what kind of idiot would leave a trail like that" defense!
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    Skubal on the mound for Erie tonight. He has struck out the first six batters so far, 26 pitches in with 9 swinging strikes already.
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    DETROIT (AP) A decentralized, direct-action anarchist affinity group built barricades, set fires, and overturned cars in front of Comerica Park last night to protest the results of the baseball club’s prolonged rebuilding strategy. The self-described “People’s Front for Anarcho-Analytics” demanded an immediate end to a rebuilding strategy they claimed had hollowed out the team, public ownership of the franchise, a management-by-consensus leadership body staffed by local citizens elected monthly, free beer on demand, and vegan-only concessions. The action came to a hasty end when a group calling itself the “People’s Front for a Post-Modern Anarcho-Analytics” clashed with the “People’s Front for Anarcho-Analytics” allowing the Mounted Police Division to clear the streets. At press time arrest and injury totals were unavailable.
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    Interesting. I've decided I'm not much of a Matt Shepherd fan, plus the team is too bad so give as much 'sit in front of a screen" time to as opposed to "have on in the background while doing something else" so I've been hearing a lot of Dan and Jim. Dickerson can't stop talking about the changes in the ways the team approaches player development, the increase in instrumentation, the detailed analysis by player, the use of real time quantitative feed back data, to break down swings and throws, and that they have pushed it all the way to the lowest levels of the org. He is, IOW, a HUGE fan of the approaches this org is taking. FWIW that certainly does not square with a conclusion that this FO is just Dombrowski V2.0
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    Last 5 games: 27IP, 18H, 4ER, 5BB, 36K(!), 1.33 ERA. Acceptable.
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    If God hates as much as he loves, then He is an ***hole. **** Him.
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    Could health care workers decline to do procedures on Evangelicals because they object to their bigotry and hatred of the LGBTQ community?
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    .... just because it made me laugh...
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    Laws matter for most people. They don't matter for the wealthy and powerful.
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    Worrying about service time for pitchers is like somebody with terminal cancer maxing out retirement savings.
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    IDK, but I just have to laugh at Dave Dombrowski's futility every time this rag tag, cobbled together, built to fail, consistent 90+ loss team still shows it has a better bullpen that he could ever assemble for a $200 million playoff contender.
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    Fine ppl in Charlottesville
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    I really hate this argument. Where is it written in stone that we were to be bound for all time by the conditions of the late 18th century? The reality is that the founders did not envision the federal government as the dominant player in a federal system, but history has proved their forecast was simply and unequivocally wrong. As the world shrinks and other non-governmental powers and problems grow in economic and transnational scope and power, more and more of the required public response must be matched at the level of government that matches the scope of the issues presented. That is a simple fact of historical social, technological and economic evolution. And it is also a simple fact that as the importance of the Federal government grows in comparison to state and local units, the governing equity imperative that it also express democratic principles itself only grows with it. The '"sanctity of the way things were" propaganda promulgated by so much of the right wing today, is - much like libertarian propagandizing - part of an express strategy by those economic powers now largely beyond the reach of the states, to prevent the public realization that in today's world the federal government is pretty much the only hope of protection from well funded economic transnational powers that are not the least interested in acting in any public interest.
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    WTF is wrong with you. What a hateful post.
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    I gotta good feeling about Parades. Like a get a good feeling about a cantelope. I'm gifted that way. Or as my ma used to say, "special."
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    I have no idea where to find that information but since Rod Allen got one they deserve one too.
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    I like Rogers. Catcher position, solved. Good defender, 25 home runs from the 8 spot in the batting order. You can win with that. I also like Reyes, and Jones is starting to win me over. So, I can't remember the last time I liked 3 young players on the tigers and thought that they might be starters for the next 7 years. And I like Demeritte, walks and power.
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    It's not that hard to believe. There are several franchises in the same boat. The Yankees are so far ahead of everybody else that it's not funny. I don't like the prevailing notion that winning the World Series is the only thing that matters. One good thing about the history of the Tigers is that they have had a lot of great players. I would put their all-time all-star team ahead of anybody but the Yankees and they aren't that far behind them. That is why it stinks to see guys like Scherzer and Verlander leave and become stars for other teams. Players like that provide a lot of entertainment and great memories. Teams like the last three years provide almost no entertainment or memories. Tanking year after year in order to get an outside shot at a world championship some day is not something I want to see as a fan. I know that's a minority opinion here.
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    It’s ok to be racist because it pwns the libs. MAWA 2020.
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    and a big difference is that Reagan had a lot of competent people around him that cared deeply for him, like Jim Baker. The Trump WH is pretty much a den of ambitious lying scumbags who are as likely to be willing climb across the corpse of their boss to gain a step up as knife one another.
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    Don't know why, but I laughed about Mike Schmidt being the all time HR king.
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    Nah - I'm guessing you'd ***** about that as well.
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    This is totally different than when they wear camouflage uniforms. Nothing political there.
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    I'm tired of these weakass socialists that are to weak to admit it.
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    the deal depends on actions of Mexico's "National Guard". Mexico hasn't even begun organizing such a force yet. The SO this morning was reading the news and remarked to me that she just saw a summary of Trump's tactics that fit to a "T". - declare a crisis - make outrageous demands - settle for nothing - declare the status quo as a new victory.
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    all this talk of global warming is bunk. if you look closely enough, you'll find that **** has just frozen over.
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    The media is owned by wealthy people. No way would they let it be dominated by the left.
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    other teams have good players too. there needs to be a play written about certain people's fascination with tigers' prospects. let's call it "Waiting for Kyle Sleeth".
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    As an engineer, I love the idea that a lack of exactitude somehow equates to a lack of culpability.
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    Area President who said "I love Wikileaks" 100+ times before his election: "I know nothing about Wikileaks."
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    Ha ha ha, bite down hard on that one Indians fans, you pathetic bicycle-seat-sniffers.
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    I think part of the problem is, opposing pitchers always pitch to us like we're Babe Ruth.
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    The first time I was in the deep South and was served grits I realized why Sherman burned Atlanta on his march to the sea.
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    He's obviously right. She should be in a cage.
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