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    Me and the wife are taking in a long weekend of Tigers baseball late June. Thought this was a cool schedule so I wanted to share: Thursday, June 20 - Lehigh Valley Ironpigs @ Toledo Mudhens, 7pm Friday, June 21 - Erie Seawolves @ Akron Rubberducks, 7pm Saturday, June 22 - West Michigan WhiteCaps @ Lake County Captains, 7pm Sunday, June 23 - Detroit Tigers @ Clevelend Indians, 1pm Four levels of the organization all in one weekend, just an hour or so apart from each other. Not excited about being in Ohio for 3 1/2 days but what the heck!
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    I went to the nearby Chinese restaurant to fulfill a takeout order for my wife. While I was waiting for my food, another guy who was waiting for his food started a video on his smartphone full blast for all to hear. He was watching, I guess, a Fox News feed where they were blathering about capitalism and socialism and Venezuela and 1000% inflation and whatnot. The place is small, so you can't not hear it. I didn't want to hear it. I didn't want to hear anything. I just wanted to get my food and leave. So I opened the music app on my own phone and started playing, at full blast, "People of the Sun" by Rage Against the Machine. After maybe ten or so seconds he looked up from his phone at me. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back. He turned off his phone. I turned off my phone. We waited in blissful silence until I got my food a couple minutes later. As I left, I smiled and nodded at him. He smiled and nodded back. See? We can all get along after all.
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    It's not just about making better choices - otherwise so many people wouldn't be at the bottom - not everyone is stupid. You can take all the risks you want, but if you don't have control of the means of production or the capital to acquire it, you're not going to be able to break into the protectionist club very easily.
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    You wouldn't have ever heard about the murder of Seth Rich if it weren't for the fake news that Jerome Corsi, Fox News and others had pumped out about him. So, the very fact that you are hemming and hawing about how "awfully suspicious" it was all comes down to the fake news. We actually do know! We actually ******* know that Seth Rich and his family were dragged through the mud by a bunch of conspiracy theorists for their own political ends. Jerome Corsi literally admitted it. So dupes like yourself can come around and hem and haw about how "awfully suspicious" it looks and how about "how we'll never know" and all that bull****.... all pure spectulation and all nihilistic BS, the logical end of which means that there can be no such thing as common truth. Just own the fact that you fell for it. For once.
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    Raskin: "Our colleagues are not upset because you lied to congress for the President. They're upset that you stopped lying to the congress for the President"
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    Last July Derek Jeter and some of the Marlins brass visited Greensboro, NC, the then home of their Low-A ball franchise. The Greensboro team was affiliated with the Yankees in the past and Derek Jeter played there in the minors for a stint. The Marlins and Greensboro had been affiliated with each other for 16 years as of last year. So after the Marlins people toured the facility last summer, and whatever else they do on these visits, they voiced one concern that they preferred the ownership there address. One of Greensboro’s game day mainstays is a Black Labrador that is very involved in on field activities between innings and pregame. The dog is well trained and is synonymous with the Greensboro “Grasshopper” ballpark experience. Through the years there have been several of these dogs in succession as the fans enjoy them. I’ve been there several times can attest that the fans there do enjoy the dog’s participation between innings. Well, Derek Jeter and his folks voiced opposition to having dogs around the park and didn’t like the on-site residence for the dog and asked that the dog thing on the field and premises be discontinued at the park. The Greensboro ownership didn’t think a lot of the idea and made a decision, they signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates this season and the Marlins find their Low-A team in Clinton, Iowa. Not every day does a low minor league affiliate tell the parent club to shove it but this time Greensboro did. Thank you Greensboro.
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    I only trust a summary of the main points by a political appointee
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    I know what I’m suggesting is going to be difficult, but I’m running for a new political branch that I just created, and I need your support for this grassroots campaign. I’m running for MTS Congress. My platform? Ignore stanpapi. Here’s how you can help. Stop responding to stanpapi. That’s it. You don’t have to put him on ignore. That takes a lot of clicks. I have ordered lawn signs but they haven’t arrived yet. Shelton 2019 - “Ignore stanpapi”
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    this is where I stopped reading your grandiose waste of time post
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    If I wanted more attention, I'd come out of the basement.
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    Old Man Liston and me have something over on all you ‘50 Something’s: that we were rational beings of 16 and 32 years respectively for each of the last two WS triumphs and able to appreciate the resulting re-wiring of the neural circuitry that occurs. It’s like experiencing your greatest birthday, your first kiss, and finding a suitcase densely stuffed with untraceable hundred dollar bills in a lot filled with weeds near your house. You always remember that birthday, that kiss, and you can spend that money the rest of your life. That’s what winning a World Series is like. The only way to enjoy that experience to the fullest is to be so completely identified with the team on a personal level that the evisceration of losing is felt as your loss and the winning as your win. It’s crazy but that’s what being a fan is like. Deeply rewarding and deeply annihilating at the same time. It’s like constantly being an open wound vulnerable to magic and torture at the same time. We’re going through the torture phase right now.
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    He had himself a day.
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    You couldn’t pay me to go to this game tonight. 40 degrees and JZ on the mound, plus both Biggs and oblong in attendance? No thank you, sir.
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    If you're going to the game on Saturday, get there early. They are raising this before the game.
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    I liked in the pregame after Morris threw the first pitch and got back to the booth Shep asked him if he could pick up on how the players were feeling. Shep was obviously talking about players having pre game jitters or things like that but Morris answered with "I could tell that they were all happy and proud for me".lol Always got to make it about himself.
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    How the Tigers announced their lineup this morning. AWESOME ! MAKE SURE THE SOUND IS ON !
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    sounds like someone could've used a little more sleep.....
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    It was foolish, but I can still have sympathy for someone's whose foolishness ends up fatal. Most of us do foolish things now and then, but most of us get away with them.
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    Just so we are clear, Michael Cohen was *indicted* for the payments that you claim weren't illegal. Generally, people aren't indicted and enter pleas for things that aren't illegal. In addition, as I understand it, it does not matter where the money came from... if the intention of the payments (ie. the hush money to Karen MacDougal and Stormy Daniels) was to protect and insulate the Trump campaign, it's can be deemed a campaign contribution. This has been stated over and over, and you appear to ignore it over and over.
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    I would say that anybody who can't recognize that the current occupant is so far removed from what a president should be and should act like, so far removed that it's ok for someone to not show him the same level of respect has a completely different view of patriotism and of our country than the way I was raised. and I'm far from alone in that sentiment. The President doesn't show any respect to our country, it's laws, it's institutions, or it's people. He's violated his oath of office every day.
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    Nobody told me anything. I know what I see on TV. Other than FOX, which has been trending 'faux right' recently (other than a few hosts), the other major networks are all dominated by the left. You only need to look at how many stations are concentrated in so few owners. There's virtually a complete leftist stranglehold on national network media. That dominates in all of the big metro areas where most of the population is.
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    I have come to this same realization. In many ways, Trump has been good for me personally. He has made me realize just how fragile our democracy is. I can now at last completely understand what happened in Germany back in the 30's. The eye opening I have had the past 3 years may not have happened if Hillary had won. And frankly, I am so disappointed in so many people. Education is not valued in this country and it definitely shows. And these evangelical "Christians" are absolutely no different than ISIS.
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    So which news organization separated children from their parents and then lost them? Which cable program increased the tariffs bankrupting US farmers? Which newspaper engineered the Bush deficits and policies that led to the 2009 crash? What school of journalism took us into Iraq? What cabal of US reporters drove the votes on Citizen's United? Which media board rooms in NYC are responsible for the carnage on our youth that US gun laws have created? Your's is a surrealistic view of American governance.
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    Because you are the arbiter of what constitutes a good American.
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    Feels like a guy falling apart too early because he hasn't had the necessary dedication, especially once his contract was signed. There's a reason a lot of the athletes who make it into their late 30s and early 40s don't do things like drink and eat fast food. I'm not here to micromanage anyone, but I'm guessing when it comes to MLB athletes, Cabrera isn't in the top 50 percentiles for amount of work he puts in behind the scenes.
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    Only 88 games played over 2 seasons. I guess he was just a Chick-fill-in.
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    I agree with you completely Mr. Allen. I think you were unappreciated here in your tenure and I think Mario was more at fault that you were in this incident.
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    He's off to a slow start, but Daz OK.
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    **** the NRA. Their outsized influence on American politics is a negative that is hard to overstate. The CDC cannot even collect accurate gun violence data because of the NRA. Think about that.
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    I thought Trump told us that he had destroyed Isis
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    I suppose being called up for a day is like sitting next to Charlize Theron on an airplane for 2 1/2 hours. You probably won’t see significant action but it’s worth it.
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    You know who never wore army boots?
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    He is a troll, but there are many who feel the same way he does. That is how we ended up with an ignorant douchebag in the White House.
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    I believe in 3 things: the First Amendment, thefunk, and boobs.
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    Good for Nick. Trevor is an idiot. Every Trevor T interview ever: “(Player name but usually a stupid nickname) you did a good thing today that everyone just watched, how special was it to do that thing today that made the team win, that’s gotta feel special on a big day like today when you did the thing that helped win the game?” (mic in the face/stupid smile) “Even though you just told me about it, take us through that big thing that just happened.” (mic in the face/stupid smile ”follow up, this big thing helped the team win and it’s always gotta feel good to get another win, tell everyone how special this team is when they do things like this and win?” (mic in the face/stupid smile ”alrighty, I know they’re all waiting down there for you to celebrate with, but one more question before we let you go celebrate with everyone who is waiting for you - Tigers haven’t done this special thing that just happened today since the last time the tigers did this special thing. What does it mean for someone like you to be a part of this special thing, and did you ever think it would mean this much being a part of this special special thing?” (mic in face/stupid smile) (insert one last fumbly sentence as we throw it back to the idiots in the studio)
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    Every year, baby!
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    Lock this thread. You can't impeach a US President.
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    No need to be modest. It was more than just tens of millions who voted for Trump. It was, in fact, nearly 63 million people who voted for Trump, high enough to rank as the second most votes any candidate received in that election.
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    Stopped reading there... there's zero point because for all the charges of hypocrisy, its just a projection stemming from the fact that you will *always* defend your Dear Leader. Shelton's right. You aren't worth the time
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    This article is all his own work as I understand it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mélissa_Theuriau
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    Ah ha! The old "it can't be a crime, because what kind of idiot would leave a trail like that" defense!
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    I'm in my early 30's and spent a good portion of my life as a libertarian-leaning Republican or just an outright libertarian. I've been apart of the Ron Paul/Fredrick Hayek/Milton Friedman small government craze of 2008 and partly 2012. Then I started gravitating center and leftward given what happened to my dad's financial standing in life. Doing so brought me over towards the Democratic Party and Bernie Sanders in 2015/2016. I spent a good part of 2015 and 2016 working with the Sanders campaign here in Michigan. I also spent a good portion of that time railing against Hillary Clinton for multiple reasons. I still believe many (if not most) of those reasons to be valid. However, days like today make me grateful that in the end, I may well end up on the right side of history by casting my vote in 2016 for Hillary Rodham Clinton for President. Hearing what I heard come out of Michael Cohen's mouth was like watching a mafioso turn state's witness against the boss of a crime family. What I heard, what I saw, what Cohen did, what Trump is alleged to have done, make me glad to have voted for Hillary in the end, in spite of all her imperfections and my qualms against her.
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