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    Edman is as opposite of being a leftist as you can get.
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    Fired? FIRED? Why not jail Lizzy? Why is it never jail? Wells is a walking talking criminal operation, and has been for years. Grow some nads wuss.
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    Within 48 hours of another shutdown, I guarantee you that just about every TSA and ATC worker would call in sick and the airports in this country would close down. They are the ones that ended this shut down. The airports in NY, NJ and Philly were the start of what would have been a nationwide airport shutdown.
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    I am sure that all MAGAers would be volunteering to go die in the streets of Caracas so we could get its oil wells back
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    Incorrect headline, not that it really matters... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-01-27/u-s-treasury-lifts-sanctions-on-three-deripaska-companies
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    Come on, don't play coy Stan. You know Trump donates his salary as a publicity stunt to make him look good to his base and to flaunt his wealth to everyone else.
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    I'm sure that they pay a handsome salary to Deuce for, you know, "protection."
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    Or that the Tigers are taking care of their own in a dignified way? The older guys contribute their wisdom and are kept very comfortable. I'm hoping they quietly do the same thing for some lesser known players.
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    In addition to signing Gibson as a "Special Assistant to the GM" Front Office team ..the Tigers still have Al Kaline, Willie Horton, Alan Trammell, Jim Leyland, Dick Egan, and Mike Russell also as Special Assistants to the GM. Undoubtedly ..it is clearly a young man's job!!! Al Kaline is only 84. Dick Egan is only 81 Willie Horton is only 76 Jim Leyland is only 74 Alan Trammell is only 61 Kirk Gibson is only 61 Mike Russell ..the youngster ..is only 58. Maybe this suggests that the Tiger rebuild could be quicker than expected?
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    If he really needed help he could just read this forum.
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    The Federal disaster declarations are governed in large part by the Stafford Act.
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    Yes - Truman tried to nationalize the steel industry in the face of a strike during WWII. He was shot down by SCOTUS. That was just a wee bit more serious than folks needing shelters and legal processing at the border don't you think? Not to mention that if the House were to vote to reject the emergency, it gives the Court a very powerful presumption to overcome that the executive is off the reservation. Especially when the executive had legislation that dealt with the border and then rejected it.
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    I figured if they put Baines in, Whitaker becomes a no brainer and Freehan and Lolich have a shot again. ?
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    People might get hung up on his position. He started out as a 3B and ended as a 1B, and the split was about 61/34 between the two (OF is 5). He ends up in about the same place in rankings among inactive players: as a 3B he's 13th in WAR and 17th in wins above average (WAA); as a 1B, his rankings are #12 and #18. Either way, these rankings probably put Evans just beyond the fringe for inclusion. At 3B he's behind guys like Ken Boyer, Ron Cey and Robin Ventura; as a 1B he's behind Will Clark, John Olerud and Norm Cash. None of these guys have broad-based vocal support for enshrinement, so again, barring the miracle of serendipitous committee makeup, it's probably a "no" for Darrell.
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    At the final game at Tiger Stadium, they jogged out together to second base for a very good reason.
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    Almost everyone in Washington knew about his ties with shady folks in Moscow and Kiev prior to him even being hired. It was a topic in the media hen he was hired. And the fact that they hired him anyway, even when he volunteered to work for free, didnt set off any alarm bells. That says a lot about Trump's judgment.
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    I didn't raise anything. I just think it's hilarious that a supporter of Donald "Grab 'em by the *****" Trump thinks he has the credibility to dub someone else "Grabby"
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    I'm not going to research your claims. Besides, I don't want child grabbing in my search history. I'll leave that to you.
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    Question, did any of the women say something? Leave? Slap him? Remember, Papi said it's ok to grab women as long as they don't communicate physically or verbally after said grabbing.
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    Nadal is a good counter example, but I think he is almost an outlier for a tennis player - certainly compared to a Federer or Samprass/Conners/McEnroe etc. Serena is a genetic one-of . No-one else in women's tennis looks very like her so I don't think you can generalize much from her case. This kind of reminds me of a story about when post retirement Barry Bonds had taken up with competitive cyclists. Bonds was a fast, powerful man yet his energy output per pound of body mass was purely minor league compared to the people he was trying to ride with and he talked in one story about being humbled by how easily they smoked him. Almost every activity selects for something unique in physiology. Baseball - like football, doesn't drive all players to the same body type since hitting and fielding are such different activities. I think before fielding metrics started having influence, no-one cared much if a guy built himself into Marcus Thames/Frank Thomas at the expense of his fielding. Probably getting less true all the time now though.
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    And thanks JBK. I appreciate any tips for that area. This is one of our bucket list things; we are so pumped. I just hope we get lucky on the weather. That's always a crapshoot.
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    We are not far away. I have been scouting places and that is on my list. So many things we want to do, so little time. It looks like there is a place somewhere with a bunch of simulators. I want to go there. I'm scared of heights (no planes), but **** on wheels. Gotta try the race cars. We're going to do a booze cruise too. There is a trolley you can use to get around best I can tell. Day pass is only like 10 bucks. We're not even getting a car except for the day we go to Lakeland. I have a countdown clock ticking on my phone.
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    but the hats aren't racist... no.....

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