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    They probably realized only Mexicans were willing to work for the wages they were offering.
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    Romad will disagree, but the GOP is the Trump Party. Without question Trump will be their nominee.
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    $25 billion for the wall, Trump resigns within 90 days, and lives in exile in Trump Tower Moscow.
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    The idea that the country wants the "next Obama" reeks of corporate studio heads thinking that DC needs to assemble its own Avengers franchise when it had Christopher Nolan make three of the best and most successful movies on Batman. Dems, I'm not going to pick your candidate. I'm trying to (metaphorically) eliminate Der Fuhrer. Please pick someone who can beat this clown in the general election.
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    Lou Whitaker will be eligible the Hall of Fame this year via the Eras Committee. I think this is worth a new topic rather than clogging up the off-season thread with Hall of Fame talk.
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    You're killing us dude... Seriously, I think your worshiping of Trump is messing with your judgment. Especially if you think the Russians dont use foreign banks to conduct money laundering schemes
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    Several of the states Trump won in 2016 have decided not to hold a GOP primary. It’s the party’s prerogative. Trump has the nomination, even if he gets caught in a threesom with Jared and Pence
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    The Boy Who Cried Caravan...
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    No question. Except Manafort's was done through the Ukraine, Cyprus and the Grenadine islands. Crimes just the same, but nothing to do with Russia or the election.
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    You could write the same thing about almost any high level politician.
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    I respectfully disagree re: tennis. Look at Nadal's physique. the Williams sisters also relied on strength training. On the other hand, Deuce doesn't waste his time in the weightroom.
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    If Dahlen ever gets in, will he go in as a Colt or as a Superba?
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    My early money is on Harris - she has broader experience than Gillibrand or Warren and as an ex-prosecutor she has the best insulation against right side attack and she is tough without coming across like your 4th grade teacher (a al Hillary or even Warren to some degree). I'd just as soon see Warren stay in the Senate and chair the Senate finance committee for the round of economic reforms.
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    But it totally works for stupid people.
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    Trump won't lose a primary, but you can attack him early and often in a primary and loosen him up. Jimmy Carter and George HW Bush didn't do well when they faced a tough primary.
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    Kind of off topic, but I was at Comerica this summer when they unveiled Trammell's number on the brick wall. It was pretty freakin' cool. Purely from a fan girl point of view, I really hope the same for Lou.
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    Our microwave decided to retire last week (wish I could). The weather sucked so bad we didn't go get one. Amazing how much you come to depend on that particular gadget. We now have a new one. It took longer to figure out how to set the clock than make the first nuked dinner. But all is good now - puts a smile on my face. 🙂
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    1st - Who 2nd - What 3rd - I Don’t Know LF - Why CF -Because P - Tomorrow C - Today SS - I Don’t Give a Damn RF - Castellanos DH - Cabrera
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    It is surrounded by Florida to the south, Alabama to the west, Tennessee and North Carolina to the north, and South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.
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