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    The logic of deferred gratification is boring. It is something the master tells his servants to do but never does himself. Only guys in tweed jackets, bow ties, and Coke-bottle glasses want to lose in hopes of winning later.
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    Sydney, it's over and has been for a while. I admire your dedication though, really I do. I haven't seen a full game for a long time and didn't see a second today.
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    Jackson turns it over, blows a layup. ******* garbage.
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    Can we swap Augustin for Jackson again?
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    Stanley jacks the three instead of finding Kennard, who was open up high. Just a terrible player.
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    And there’s the low IQ play that Betrayer talks about. Pistons tie it up. On a nice run. And Stanley hoists up a contested 3 early in the clock. That’s a run killer. A momentum killer. It’s horrible.
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    I would bench Andre any time he shoots a three.
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    Well, I guess if they're going to win, win big. Might as well stomp the snot out of Green Bay in front of their fans
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    These losers can't even lose right. Screw this team, there going to end up out of the Top 10.
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    There is ZERO REASON that Matt Stafford should be playing in this game. Sit him, lose the game, get a better draft pick.
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    Meaningless - unless you get your *** completely kicked. Losing 21-15 is meaningless, 41-15 is a disgrace and no excuses are fit for that. Harbaugh is a fraud.
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    Doesn’t he ******* understand what asylum is? ******* ignorant *******
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    Exactly. He doesn't give a crap about border secuirty. It is all a show for his base.
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    Lol. The best part was I was being sarcastic. I’ll argue lots of things but the basic tenets of math are pretty hard to debate. I won’t be staring any 2+2=5 threads anytime soon.
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    Hongbit is back for one week and is already being called for BS. MTS is back in business!
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