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    My favorite one of these types of videos happened to the leader of the NDP Political Party in Canada, Jagmeet Singh. Mr. Singh is elected to the Canadian Parliament and responded to the racist heckler with the most compassion, class, and dignity I've ever seen.
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    He deserves a participation trophy at best
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    Or filling out the info online, because they tell you they need it in advance .. then you get to the office and you have to fill it all out again. Then you get in with the doctor, & she asks all the same questions, then you make an appointment for surgery, and answer all those questions 3 more times.
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    This guy has a lot to do with it. One of the most evil individuals to ever obtain power in our nation's history
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    Washington collapse might just let us win this despite only playing about 5 minutes of good basketball.
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    The IQ of this basketball team is about -100. Just pure stupidity.
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    I’m pretty much at the point where I’d do pretty much any deal that involves getting rid of Jackson.
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    Jackson blows the wide open dunk. Hahahahahabahababababababababab
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    Reggie couldn’t guard the opposing coach and that guy is only allowed to move up and down a small section of the sideline.
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    Oh, this is sad. Sister Wendy has died. We used several of her art history books during my home educator years. Rest in heaven, Sister Wendy. I learned a lot from you! https://krld.radio.com/articles/ap-news/art-historian-sister-wendy-beckett-has-died-she-was-88?fbclid=IwAR20eAhe-8LUa6OjshX4G0CgMhw5knhMB0aF1UeRWaYojv36dhXItTJwA44
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    Leftover minestrone and bourbon balls on the day after Christmas make me smile.
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    The wall isn't even going to cut it 10%.
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    Avila still has much too high of a price on castellanos. I don’t doubt there are teams “interested” but none of them will come close to what Avila is seeking.
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