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    I fell asleep. Woke up to see them go for a Field Goal down 17-9 in the 4th quarter. Disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful. Why would you not go for it there? You can't hide You're Lionized and your "pride" is a thin disguise I guess by now You've realized There ain't no way to hide you're Lionized.
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    You're not the worst kind of fan for pointing out his flaws because you're not entirely wrong. You're the worst kind of fan because you're never around when he's playing well to give credit for him playing well and seemingly just show up to gloat about bad he is when he has bad games. Other than that, I don't disagree on everything you're saying. He does have his "Stat Padford" moments when he racks up a bunch of yards in garbage time to make the game closer than it appears and the record against winning teams is utterly pitiful but he's had some good moments in his career, the supporting cast has also been junk throughout a good portion of his career. Two things that are vital to QB success, a good O-Line and running game, have been missing for him. You can have all the good receivers in the world but when you don't have time to throw to them and the defense is game planning entirely around the passing game, it makes it tough for the QB. The Lions have failed him more than he has failed the Lions IMO.
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    But they haven't won anything that matters, ever, with any players. Billy, Barry, Herman, Calvin and many others. All wasted talented players who were unlucky enough to play for Detroit. At least Billy Sims tried to leave. lol
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    With that constant pressure, they needed to call quick pass plays. Either they didn't call them or the Vikings were taking the quick slant away from us. Either way, Matthew looked like a rookie quarterback, hanging onto the ball way too long. You would think he would learn after the first few. But...no.
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    10 years of the same bull****. Doesnt matter how many different HC's, OC's or offensive personnel, its literally the same ******* offense every year. How people recycle the same excuses every year with a straight face is beyond me at this point. They need to draft a QB within the first 2 rounds next year to begin the transition.
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    Lol 8 sacks. All sorts of time to throw. Refuses to throw. As long as stafford is a lion we can’t win.
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    if only we had drafted connor cook in the first round like you said, we'd be super bowl champs by now.
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    Yeah, unfortunately I don't know if we'll be able to use the word "presidential" the same way again where everyone would understand exactly what that meant. I now think of it in soundbites that mock him. Yesterday my brother texted me about UofM about how well they played but noted they gave up a late TD as he knew I wasn't watching. My response was "I like my teams that don't give up any points....Sad!"
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    When they check Charlie's Google search history they will find "how shoot gun".
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    Cornhole is a pot growing haven. Every year the pot cops (around harvest) use choppers to spot the plants, then send in ground troops to eradicate those dastardly buds of evil. Pictures on the front page of the local rag included. Doesn't make a dent. People like to smoke pot, so they do. They will get it one way or another - from the Cornhole Cannameisters - or a supply chain from who knows where. One of my best friends died a little over a year ago after battling cancer for 4 years. At the end he got the most relief from pot than anything else they gave him. Well, not "they" I guess. Somehow, he died smiling. Ironically, Ohio is a medical pot state, although one would ever know it. I looked it up; 370 applications for a dispensary licenses in our state. Not a single one from Cornhole county. Ok. ? I find the entire pot conversation fascinating. I was flipping channels on the radio this morning and heard an interview about a pot smoking survey. They did a bunch of tests with pot smokers (makes perfect sense). All I wanted to know is how to get that job. The ultimate test dummy. It was a SSS (small sample size for the stat guys) though. I can't believe they can't get more volunteers. We have people yapping on the Tee Vee, radio, papers, you name it, about pot. Pot. P fricken OT. Experts, all of'em. When they interview Cheech & Chong, I'll tune in. ?
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    In theory, one of the tenets of the criminal justice system is the rehabilitation of those who commit crimes. Given this, I see no reason that someone who has had their case adjudicated, fulfilled their sentence and been deemed rehabilitated by the state should not be granted the immediate right to exercise their franchise to vote. Full stop.
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    I am not personally happy for any of them. I don't know these guys and don't care if they win championships for other teams. However, I do like to follow these guys after they leave the Tigers and it is fun to see them do well. Like others, I feel very little connection to Price. I do enjoy following JD and Porcello though.
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    Stafford has been sacked more than he has receptions to his wide receivers? Well done. Early draft picks and free agent signings to rebuild our o-line? It didn't work.

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