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    I consider myself conservative, but not this sickening, degenerative, divisive, twisted conservativism of Breitbart, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Fox news, etc. I believe in the conservative values on which this country was based, self determination, independence, honesty, hard work, equality, free trade, but also in helping those less fortunate, and unlike some i don't necessarily believe less government is better, government should be responsive, effective and efficient, and bridge those gaps and provide protections where a pure free market falls short. So this ideology that you support that promotes inhumane practices, incites lying, misogyny, xenophobia, racism, schadenfreude is not something just opposed by "leftists". It is opposed because many people don't want to continue on this hateful path.
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    You would praise and support any heinous behavior of Trumps, you would excuse any lie or deceit, you would never criticize any act. That is worship, my friend.
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    Probably, google JerryBaker master gardener. There are a few tips there. They are still selling his books My son got his family a Bogle at Christmas. A bulldog/beagle mix from an Amish farm in Ohio. It’s cute but with the combined attitude of both breeds. We tend to forget how much work a puppy is after having an adult dog for a long time
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    I very much disagree with that. Many of them come here illegally because their lives suck and they want to make a better life for their themselves and their family.
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    Please spare a moment for Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn this Memorial Day... careers tragically cut short because they merely stand accused of lawbreaking
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    Interesting article on billing practices. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2018/05/25/613685732/why-your-health-insurer-doesnt-care-about-your-big-bills
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    Strikeout ends it, Tigers win! Dan Dickerson's call of the final out: https://vocaroo.com/i/s09GDcn6qwNa
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    Conversely - why not get him through his acclimation to MLB when we're going nowhere?
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    It only took us a decade, but it looks like we might have finally developed a good RP.
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    Stewart not ready. But Aducci, Hoffman, greiner, Rodriguez, Krizan? All better options than Victor.
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    Matt Shepherd and Rod Allen almost came to blows in the discussion of who is better Trout or Betts. Then they started talking basketball and football and someone had to remind shep he wasn't on the radio and was calling a Tiger game. Got a bit chippy there in the goodbye to Rod Good times, Good times.
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    I am liberal, but I used to respect the reasonable conservative voices because I know we need balance. I do not respect the new conservatism.
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    I have no problem with someone coming in and challenging the establishment. Brashness can be refreshing when it is genuine and comes with the right message. Unfortunately, he is a phony who is even more dishonest and corrupt than the establishment he is pretending to clean up.
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    He isn’t brash. He is repugnant. He represents the feeble minded, and he plays to that crowd. There is a reason the uneducated, by and large, voted for trump.
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    Why wouldn't I throw all of you guys into the left? You constantly advance the worst of their arguments. Admittedly there aren't many good ones to choose from. I will admit he's extremely brash and talks like no other politician in history. Which is precisely what we needed.
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    You guys spend all your time asking me to give you one thing I don't like about the president. Why is this?? Why do you ******* care? Because you don't like him or his policies and you want to continue to willingly denegrate anyone that voted for him or would possibly consider supporting him. Other than "cram it", which isn't very nice....what could I possibly say to that type of aggression and stupidity? I'd say that's what I've come to expect form the "tolerant" left.
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    They did, but it got drowned out by the Access Hollywood tapes, which were released hours later. Also, Comey wanted to keep things under wraps per standard protocol of counterintelligence investigations, so as to protect endangered sources, etc. There was a joint IC statement earlier in the cycle that Comey had scuttled because he didn't want the FBI publicly revealed yet. It would have compromised the investigation. Obama really tried hard to keep the Trump/Russia stuff under wraps so as not to give the appearance of his administration playing politics. My understanding is that Hillary's team was just as blindsided by the AH tapes, and had already drummed up messaging for the IC statement that was released that day. I'm inclined to believe Fahrenholdt was a lone wolf who came across it. Just based on what I've seen of his work since, he has been one to dig stuff up on his own and not rely on insider sourcing.
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    They had evidence, initiated an investigation, said investigation is proceeding at an extremely productive pace, by any rational standard. The idea that it is poorly conceived is an illogical pipe dream of the alt right.
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    So here is another thought on healthcare as a system. If we agree that we want the kind of medical technology that can do amazing things to save lives but that sometimes that is going to entail the application of expensive equipment and manpower that the average person simply could not afford then we agree that medicine is exactly the kind of activity where pooling risk across large groups makes perfect sense. I think most people agree up to this point -(though I absolutely believe there are plenty of Randian types out that would just as soon see other people who don't meet their standards die - be that as it may....) So that gets us to an insured system. So why did our insured system end up so screwed up? I think one suggestion is that in most industries, the people who do insure work also have to compete in the non-insured market. You have the roof on your house replaced after a storm paid by insurance, but most of the time you simply contract for a new roof because you need one. That keeps a strong market discipline for businesses that do insurance work. But in our society today, almost ALL medical expense is paid by some kind of insurance - this short circuits the market pricing control system. So OK - I can see the theory behind some GOP ideas that would try to limit insurance to so called 'catastrophic events' and put more medicine back to direct pay, but the reality is that this can't work (or have much effect) because all the cost is in the catastrophic segment anyway and you won't have changed that. Bottom line is that I get more persuaded that if you need to pool risk and a normal insurance pool can't work, you basically have no choice but single payer, which I suppose is what most of the rest of world has already figured out.
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    I strongly believe he has been committing crimes his entire life and that he usually pays his way out of it like with Trump University. I think it's unbelievable that he would make a settlement the day before he became President and nobody even cares. The President ran a fake University and stole millions from people! It is interesting how many people he hired have been indicted. Is there anybody in his life who is not a criminal, thug or racist?
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    Yep. If one wants to reduce illegal immigration, one has to understand why it happens in the first place. And the biggest driver of illegal immigration are economic and social factors; if you can't find a job and can't keep your family safe, people will take risks for the chance at something better.
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    I think Catholics also may have softened their stances. This pope seems more about tolerance. My parents are Roman Catholic. They would never consider an abortion but they support other people's right to choose. Seems like a simple concept. You're welcome to your religious beliefs but don't have the government impose them on others.
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    Much of the media is in paralysis because the old 'equivalency' model that they have been comfortable with since the initial rise of television 60 yrs ago is breaking down with Trump and his GOP enablers. They have learned to give opposing *positions* equal treatment, but they have never before had to deal with an open contempt for fact and truth and they can't bring themselves to take a public position that Trump and the GOP simply lie because they have been taught as journalists that they are supposed to provide both side's stories. To make the leap to calling one side's stories intentional fabrication is to explicitly align themselves politically and they are rightfully loathe to do that. But eventually they are going to have to come down on the side of truth or they will bear a good chunk of the responsibility for the loss of the republic when it happens.
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    "When I try to do too much, I don't do too much."
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    Try dishwashing liquid and waters (in a sprayer) or a light dusting of laundry soap over the areas of the lawn suceptable to mushrooms. Might want to use it like fertilizer. Not sure if it will prevent them from growing, but it was one of the old Jerry Baker tips to rid the yard. Also might want to areate... Q: Mushrooms are popping up all over my lawn. How do I kill them? A: To eliminate the mushrooms, first walk all over the area with your Aerating Lawn Sandals to poke a lot of holes in the turf. Then overspray the area with 1 cup of dishwashing liquid in your 20 gallon hose-end sprayer, and give the mushrooms a light dusting with dry laundry soap. That should do it.
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    Yes, we all how selfish and self involved you are. You tell us every day. Dollars to donuts, id bet most people on here are more succcesful than you and do more to help those in need. You’re not special champ, you’re bad for America.
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    Leave your conspiracy theories are the door. This is a thread about healthcare. And you just proved you don’t give a damn about people who need quality care. You would rather they die.
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    His actions indicate the exact opposite.
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    Holland has signed several mediocre players to long term and overpaid contracts which impacts the ability of the club to gather pieces needed to compete. He’s definitely part of the reason why the Wings are in quasi-Dead Things mode right now.
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    I don’t know if I mentioned killing eve in here, but it’s an awesome show.
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    So idiotic. First, requiring standing for the anthem is the opposite of patriotic. Second, this again gives the mistaken impression that players were protesting the flag/anthem, when literally no one was doing that.

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