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    Royals vs Tigers (9-10) Game 20 Comerica Park From the 1984 Yearbook
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    I wonder how someone can show up cold on the board and immediately end up on the wrong side of probably the most equimanious member of the board.
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    I wonder how someone can identify that there cliques on a board that he has only been posting on for a couple of weeks?
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    GIven the schedule, I don't think a 9-10 record is really any better than expected. The Tigers are 0-8 against teams with a winning record (0-3 vs Pitt, 0-4 vs Cleveland, 0-1 vs NYY) The Tigers are 9-2 against Chicago, Baltimore and KC, all of which have a winning percentage this season of under .300. The Tigers have played 12 of their 19 games at home.
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    Somebody is going to get yelled out..... Melania also invited former Head maitre’d George Hainey and usher Buddy Carter to accompany her on the trip to Texas. They were close to the Bush’s.
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    Matt Boyd leads all Major League pitchers in the percentage of fly balls. 1. Matt Boyd, 61.8%. 2. Justin Verlander, 56.8%. 3. Max Scherzer, 54.4%. Good company! Boyd has a 1.40 ERA, so it's working for him. 2 of his 3 starts were in Comerica Park, so that helps. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leonys Martin is 3rd in the Majors in fly ball rate among hitters. 1. Robinson Chirinos, 64.7%. 2. Randal Grichuk, 63.9%. 3. Leonys Martin, 59.3%. Martin has a batting line of .286/.351/.457 with a 122 wRC+ and has been one of the better Tiger hitters this year. But he's only hitting .233/.298/.395 at home, once again showing Comerica Park's park factor. Interesting that the Tigers would have two extreme fly ball players on the team, one a pitcher and one a hitter. And both are having really good results because of it.
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    I had Sling Blue for a few months and yes, internet TV lags a bit behind the live action. It was about a minute behind my cable TV when I had it. I went to PS Vue later, and it was a bit quicker on the lag, while also giving a better picture and more stable connection.
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    At least this team is enertaining...just when they **** you off, they come back and redeem themselves. I didnt really think I'd look forward to watching this team this year, but I found myself dialed in every game so far.
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    Outstanding slide by Candelario. IMHO, that's partly Gardenhire's doing .. playing the game right (including proper sliding) .. something that Ausmus was unable to instill into his teams.
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    Johnson may not have pursued pro-baseball if his older brother, Roy Johnson, had not been signed for a huge bonus ($75K) by the Tigers after being seen on the San Francisco Seals. Bob always thought he was a better ballplayer than Roy, so he knew that he could compete at the highest level. Johnson had seven consecutive 100+ RBI seasons and was an All-Star in seven seasons, which earned kudos from Ted Williams and Bucky Harris. They recognized how few opportunities there were for Johnson to drive in runs and how little protection there was in the line-up on the post-Championship A's when they were often mired in last place. Johnson was the headliner for them after Foxx left the team - a protected player at the time when Connie Mack was selling the farm and cutting salaries. As a result, Johnson and Mack were not on the best of terms. He finally got traded to the Senators and then the Red Sox. Johnson probably had several decent seasons left in him, but the Red Sox had a group coming back from the war, and other teams had little interest in him. He reputation as a hot head and drinker didn't help - and was likely undeserved. His brother Roy, whose promising career was already over, likely earned it. He ended up running a tavern and driving trucks for various companies delivering oil, booze and sand/gravel.
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    I know you didn't ask me but I referred to this yesterday. I'd still try to trade some older pieces - Liriano, Fiers, Victor, AWilson, Greene. Just let the kids know that if we're making the playoffs it's on you - and we're doubling down on you by opening more playing time for you kids. Try to dress it up a bit for them.
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    As long as fan's expectations remain pretty low and there is no pressure on the Tiger players, this season has the makings of success. I still say that any amount of wins over 70 is a bonus. Most real Tiger baseball fans just want the team to be competitive and fun to watch. And so far for the most part, they haven't disappointed.
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    Red Sox fans are insufferable. They are whining about being no-hit because and error was called on a tough play and their guy ran out of the baseline and was called out (you can't run on the outer grass). The team is 17-3 and they are miserable. We are 9-10 and thrilled. Baseball is a funny game.
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    When you consider the b.s. opening day call (took too long to justify overturning it) and the Game 2 meltdown Friday this team could be 11-8 right now, they really could be. Then if you just took away that Cleveland meltdown they could be 11-4 and those other 4 losses and then you take those two 1-0 losses and have those games in warmer weather, they probably win them and this team is 13-2. Just do those couple of minor little things and THE TIGERS ARE BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL !!!!!!
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    I find myself checking this thread for updates very frequently. Thank you for maintaining it. Great idea, too.
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    A lot of BS in this article. More restaurants go cashless, accept only cards and other forms of payment Plastic is not faster. Possibly if customers are paying at a register, I don't know. But when our servers take your bill up, cash is faster 100 times out of 100. Especially with the newer cards that take forever to authenticate. As a customer, cash seems faster to me at the grocery store. I never get held up by someone paying cash, always a credit customer. Although, you idiots could make things faster by putting your card in as the clerk rings up your items and get the approval process going. Yes, there is a cost associated with cash. You have to pay someone to haul it off. Some banks charge you a fee to deposit cash (Seriously). You have to pay someone to count it. But all of this is much cheaper than the percentage credit/debit card companies charge to process a transaction.
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    Extremely polished, but he needs time in the minors to build up enough endurance to pitch 200 innings per year.
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    Trump’s wanted Haberman’s approval for years and the proof is littered all over the internet.
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    Thanks, that thread made me think again of Brian (Estrepe). I would recommend any new member to read as many of his posts as possible. They still ring true. He is still a huge presence on this board.
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    This team makes the playoffs, even after trading some vets at the deadline. The reload rebuild.
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    On the MLB board ..and now on this board .. I sincerely doubt it is actual 'hate' toward Ausmus (the person) ..but rather ..a hate for what happened to the Tigers under his managerial tenure. Absolutely no doubt that Ausmus was a bad managerial-fit for the star-laden veteran team he inherited. The record speaks for itself. Perhaps Ausmus was/is better suited toward a front office job instead of as on-the-field manager.
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    Kiley was at the game, apparently things were going swell for Mize until he was hit on the wrist with a comebacker.
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    At this rate, we'll never get the 1st pick next year.
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