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    No offense it this meme makes you an *******. Well yeah... I do mean the offense. You are mocking and shaming all sexual assault victims and this is highly inappropriate and offensive. It’s cruel. It’s disgusting. If you take pleasure or humor or of it then you are those things too. I’ll let you explain yourself.
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    Going into my Russia notes... That meeting took place August 2. Here's July and August July 6, 2016 – Russians logged into the Malaysian VPN. July 6, 2016 – Wikileaks asked for Hillary info because of the DNC, adding that conflict between Hillary and Bernie is interesting July 14, 2016 – Guccifer 2.0 sent Wikileaks email explaining how to get the emails. July 18, 2016 – Wikileaks confirmed it had the data. July 20, 2016 – Internet Research Agency Ad: “Ohio Wants Hillary 4 Prison” July 22, 2016 – Wikileaks released the emails. Last day of emails was May 25, 2016, same day the Russians hacked the DNC Microsoft Exchange Server. July 22, 2016 -- Bannon directed to contact Roger Stone about any Wikileaks dumps in the future. July 23, 2016 – Internet Research Agency “Down with Hillary” rally July 23, 2016 – Trump Twitter: The Wikileaks e-mail release today was so bad to Sanders that it will make it impossible for him to support her, unless he is a fraud! July 25, 2016 – DNC starts. July 25, 2016 -- Roger Stone to Jerome Corsi: “Get to Assange at Ecuadorian Embassy in London.” July 27, 2016 – Trump: “Russia, if you’re listening. I hope you’re able to find the 30K emails that are missing” July 27, 2016 – Russians attempted to spearphish new email accounts at Clinton Campaign. Late July, 2016 – Wikileaks rejects Cambridge Analytica’s request for Clinton Emails. July 31, 2016 -- Stone emailed Corsi “Call me Monday” August 2016 - Maria Butina, unregistered Russian agent, enters the US on a student visa. August 2, 2016 – Fake Matt Skiber Facebook account sent message to real “Florida For Trump” account: Hi there! I’m a member of Being Patriotic online community. Listen, we’ve got an idea. Florida is still a purple state and we need to paint it red. If we lose Florida, we lose America. We can’t let it happen, right? What about organizing a YUGE pro-Trump flash mob in every Florida town? We are currently reaching out to local activists and we’ve got the folks who are okay to be in charge of organizing their events almost everywhere in FL. However, we still need your support. What do you think about that? Are you in? August 2, 2016 -- Corsi responded to Stone by email: “Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps. One shortly after I’m back. 2nd in Oct. Impact planned to be very damaging… time to let more than Podesta to be exposed as in bed w enemy if they are not ready to drop Clinton. That appears to be the game hackers are now about. Would not hurt to start suggesting HRC old, memory bad, has stroke, neither he nor she well. I expect much of next dump focus, setting stage for Foundation debacle.” August 3, 2016 – Using stolen identity, Internet Research agency sent message to many Florida groups: My name is [T.W.] and I represent a conservative patriot community named as “Being Patriotic.” . . . So we’re gonna organize a flash mob across Florida to support Mr. Trump. We clearly understand that the elections winner will be predestined by purple states. And we must win Florida. . . . We got a lot of volunteers in ~25 locations and it’s just the beginning. We’re currently choosing venues for each location and recruiting more activists. This is why we ask you to spread this info and participate in the flash mob. August 4, 2016 – Internet Research Agency Facebook post accusing Hillary of voter fraud in Iowa Caucuses. August 6, 2016 – RT published video with Julian Assange on Clinton/ISIS conspiracies August 8, 2016 – Roger Stone to a conference of Republicans: “I actually have communicated with [WikiLeaks co-founder Julian] Assange. I believe the next tranche of his documents pertain to the Clinton Foundation, but there’s no telling what the October surprise may be.” August 10, 2016 – Internet Research Agency Ad: “We cannot trust Hillary to take care of our veterans” August 11, 2016 – Internet Research Agency Facebook post accusing Hillary of voter fraud in North Carolina on @TEN_GOP August 11, 2016 – Internet Research Agency used “Matt Skiber” persona to recruit a US person to acquire signs and a costume depicting Hillary Clinton in a prison uniform. August 12, 2016 -- Roger Stone stated he was “in communication with Julian Assange, but not at liberty to discuss what he has.” August 14, 2016 – Roger Stone begins contacting Guccifer 2.0 on twitter. August 15, 2016 – Ukranian connections of Manafort reported in New York Times August 15, 2016 – Guccifer 2.0 recieves request from Congressional candidate for stolen documents about candidate’s opponent. Those are sent. (Gaetz? Florida Primary August 30) August 15, 2016 – Guccifer 2.0 wrote to a person who was in regular contact with Trump Campaign (presumably Stone): “Thank u for writing back… do you find anything interesting in the docs I posted?” August 16, 2016 – Gates communicated false and misleading talking points to Lobbying Company B in writing August 17, 2016 – Guccifer to (presumably) Stone: “please tell me if I can help u anyhow… it would be a great pleasure to me.” August 15-31, 2016 – Mobilization by Internet Research Agency contacting local Trump volunteers to help with Florida rally. August 18, 2016 - Stone states he had communicated with Assange. August 19, 2016 – Manafort leaves as Campaign Manager. Kellyanne Conway takes over. Gates stays on. August 19, 2016 -- Credico to Stone: “I’m going to have Assange on my show next Thursday. August 20, 2016 – Internet Research Agency “ Florida goes Trump” rally. Followed later by similar rallies in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida August 21, 2016 -- Credico to Stone: “I have Assange on Thursday, so I’m completely tied up that day.” August 21, 2016 – Stone tweets: “Trust me, it will soon be Podesta’s time in the barrel.” August 22, 2016 – Guccifer transferred stolen data to a lobbyist and online source of political news. Stolen data includes personal information of Democratic doners. August 22, 2016 – Guccifer sent reporter stolen documents pertaining to Black Lives Matter movement. Reporter responded promising to write an ariticle about their release. August 23, 2016 -- Randy Credico asked Stone during a radio interview ‘You’ve been in touch directly with Julian Assange… Can you give us any kind of insight? Is there an October surprise happening?” Stone responded “Well, first of all, I don’t want to intimate in any way that I control or have influence with Assange because I do not…. We have a mutual friend, somebody with both trust and therefore I am a recipient of pretty good information.” August 25, 2016 -- Assange on Credico’s show. August 26, 2016 -- Credico to Stone: “Assange talked about you last night. He didn’t say anything bad we were talking about how the press is going to make it look like you and he are in cahoots.” August 27, 2016 -- Credico to Stone: “We are working on a Assange radio show… Assange has kryptonite on Hillary”
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    How much would it cost to ship 4,000 MAGA hats down to the caravan?
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    Papi is a triabilist. If you or Christine Ford were to make an accusation about Obama or Biden, he would support you 100%. This is the same tribe that still believes Obama was born in Kenya and the Clintons have had dozens of people whacked with no evidence.
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    What an incredible honor. Thank you, Bert. That’s some beautiful artwork. I can only imagine this photo represents one of the many pro-Shelton rallies to come. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, the deuce, they will all be there to gather under the Chevrolet fountain to enjoy some free wi-fi and reminisce about that time I posted that Ajax sucks.
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    How can we get Victor Martinez to say "monkey"?
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    Sorry. We do the best we can. As you may or not be aware, it seems to be no matter what we do, we get complaints. That being said, I find there’s not much reason for this thread going forward, as there DOES exist an older climate/warming thread that can be added to. Have a wonderful day, everyone, and when you send your complaints, it’s Susan with an “s”, not a “z”.
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    The wall isn't even going to cut it 10%.
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    They tortured, killed, and cut someone up into pieces. A journalist. We need nuance?
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    Look. When we refer to articles in our posts, or if we quote them, we provide the source. If you’re not willing to do that, don’t post. Also, your threads seem to be your personal joke/rant vending machine. That isn’t how we prefer our members to have discourse here. If that’s not to your liking, then don’t post. You are a guest here. Would you go into someone’s house, and **** in their living room? Because that seems to be your schtick. It’s getting old, very quickly.
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    We didn't see this fuss over Gorsuch so I don't think it's about politics. Kavanaugh is coming across as shady and untrustworthy. He's presenting himself as a choir boy boy scout in his youth and people are coming forward contradicting that and we're seeing evidence contradicting that. It's not about the partying and underage drinking (which he denied last night on Fox). It's the lying about it. If he's lying about that then he'll lie about knowing certain women, being drunk around them, and sexually assaulting them. We have to assess his credibility and so far he's failing miserably. This is a lifetime appointment so we have one chance to get it right. There's no equivalency to congressional candidates.
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    This is the heart of it. Except at colleges which have foundational charters committed to right wing principles and who therefore screen their faculty that way (i.e. Hillsdale) most any other institution devoted to learning and research is going to have an objectivist/empiricist outlook, and today the GOP rejects objectivism and empiricism. Their policies are not based on practicality, science (social or hard) or likelihood of success or even sound theory, but by nationalism, religious bias and capital class greed. The intellectual conflict between the academic class and the GOP is pretty inevitable given the GOP rejection of reality based thinking. That is just fact.
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    Funny how screwball seemingly hates everything in life but gets so defensive when people hate on Trump.
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    Someday you'll remember that as the place you were when the Tigers drafted Riley Greene.
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    He is a troll, but there are many who feel the same way he does. That is how we ended up with an ignorant douchebag in the White House.
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    This article is all his own work as I understand it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mélissa_Theuriau
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    Ah ha! The old "it can't be a crime, because what kind of idiot would leave a trail like that" defense!
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    I say 6 ft south of where the wall would be, then build the wall
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    Pretty excited to have Jordy in the fold. He’s a gamer. I’ll be making some Jordy-shaped cookies to pass out at Liston’s rule 5 party tomorrow.
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    I'd bet an average Canadian understands our customs better than an average American.
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    I appreciate the simplicity of the video and the earnestness of her mood. But, how does she ever get back in her house, when she cannot find a key?
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    Mitch McConnell just texted me. I responded: “**** Off”
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    Good perspective BTW, I voted a straight D ticket today via absentee ballot. Think on that from a 2015 perspective.
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    No, it makes him sound insecure.
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    It’s shame certain people get citizenship just by being born here. They certainly don’t deserve it.
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    there is no doubt a movement toward rejection of science and empiricism In the land, but there really isn't much grounds for compromise with people who go that route. Those who refuse to accept observation, data, and the scientific method for analysis and understanding of reality are also doomed to fail in their endeavors and suffer much needless pain because the universe just doesn't care about the fact that what they believe makes them more comfortable than what nature and the universe is telling them. But this is not even liberalism vs conservatism. Liberalism and Conservatism both can and should and have easily co-existed within the Western Rationalist Enlightenment framework. This is so because Liberal vs Conservative is fundamentally a debate about relative values and methods within a system of empirical knowledge and understanding. But today US Conservatism has abandoned acceptance of fact and truth as a paramount virtue and has thus removed itself from a Rationalist world concept.
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    #TreasonSummit is trending on Twitter....
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    why should that be the case? What is the purpose of asylum, is it not fundamentally to save lives in danger? Is our moral obligation greater to a man being hunted by his government to kill him than to a woman being hunted by her spouse to kill her? What is the philosophical basis for these fine distinctions in reasons for being dead? Our nation has become the reprise of the Middle Ages High Church Scholastics, ever vigilant to count the number of Angels dancing on a pin head while ignoring the realities of their world collapsing into moral and intellectual darkness. And besides, asylum policy is "intended" for whatever the Justice dept says it intends, which is why Obama changed it to be more inclusive.
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    Jim Adduci hit 2 home runs and a double today in a doubleheader. After the second game Al Avila called him again, this time just begging him to accept a callup, but once again Jim told him to go **** himself, only a lot more emphatically than last time. Avila just doesn't seem to understand the business empire that Jim is building in Toledo and how he needs to be there every day to supervise its growth. The strip clubs, yes I suppose that Barbato and Lewicki could look after those for a few days but it isn't optimal. As for poker which is the biggest revenue generator so far, if Jim isn't there personally to play, well duh. A more recent initiative by Jim is the distribution of cigarettes which he can get, shall we say, "wholesale". If you are wondering about the recent disappearance of a couple of 18-wheelers full of cigarettes on their way to Toledo, that's a very disturbing circumstance and Jim is already on the record as having condemned it. So once again, Al Avila did the only thing that he could do at the end of the telephone conversation with Jim. He apologized as humbly as he could, and then he quietly hung up the phone.
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    Skubal on the mound for Erie tonight. He has struck out the first six batters so far, 26 pitches in with 9 swinging strikes already.
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    If God hates as much as he loves, then He is an ***hole. **** Him.
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    Could health care workers decline to do procedures on Evangelicals because they object to their bigotry and hatred of the LGBTQ community?
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    Fine ppl in Charlottesville
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    It also enables them to run with 'hate crimes are a liberal media myth' angle.
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    The idea sucks so hard it hurts my head and makes me less intelligent for having thought about it.
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    If it weren't so terrible, it would make me laugh that while no-one wails louder about the threat of radical Islam, one of whose main strategies has been to win elections with the express purpose of gaining the power to end democracy, today's GOP is playing the exact same game, just with fewer beheadings. I really have trouble seeing how any person who believes in democratic process can support them for anything today. You would never agree to let a team into a sports league that was dedicated to overthrowing the rules of the game regardless of whether some of their players were talented. Americans are dangerously politically naive if they don't understand that process is far more important than individual issue outcomes.
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    To your point, I found this recent article about Jim Price interesting. ——————————————————- DETROIT - The contrast couldn't be starker between then and now. When Jim Price moved to Detroit to join the Tigers as a catcher, it was mere months before the riots of 1967 when parts of the city were turned into war zones as decades of racial anger finally boiled over. And while the city was filled with joy the following year when Price and his Tiger teammates brought home a World Series title, that happiness receded as Detroit's struggles with crime and economic downtown steadily worsened in the ensuing years. Fifty years after that historic baseball championship, Price now watches as those vacant lots turn into five story buildings and abandoned properties get torn down to make room for future developments. The fact that he is even alive to see it is an amazing story in and of itself. It was nearly 10 years ago that Price was diagnosed with cancer. A life-saving surgery cost him a kidney but spared his life. A year later, cancer cost him both of his adrenal glands, resulting in problems with his body's ability to produce a variety of hormones including adrenaline. Now 76, Price has not let his ailments keep him from his love of baseball. A former backup catcher behind Bill Freehan for the 1968 Detroit Tigers World Series team, Price spent five years as a player only to return 26 years ago as a broadcaster for the team. After a short stint as a television color commentator for Tigers broadcasts on PASS, Price has called games on radio since 1998 -- spicing up games with terms like buggy whip and yellow hammer, as well as his ever-popular "art of pitching." "Still being here at the park, talking to the (ball players) and all of that stuff, knowing they respect me because I've played the game, that really helps me keep going along," Price said. "You need a reason to get up every day. And yeah, the travel gets to you, wears you down a little bit, but I wouldn't trade this for anything." Still, it's anything but easy. After his morning pills, his alarm goes off at noon - yes, even when he's already in the booth at noon on a Sunday prepping for first pitch at 1 p.m. - reminding him to take more pills, before two more rounds by day's end. "A lot of people say 'how do you do what you do, with all the (sickness) you have?' because I'm still on chemo and take it every day because you have to make sure (cancer) stays away, but it's something I very rarely talk about," Price said. "But I always say it's because it's a great job, a great position, and there's a lot of people (who are sick) like me but you have to just fight and never give up." Price gets much of his inspiration from the team and the rush he still gets while being at a big league ballpark, but the rest comes from his youngest son, Jackson, who is 22-years-old and was born with autism. In 2002, Price and his wife, Lisa, formed the "Jack's Place for Autism Foundation," a non-profit organization with the focus of raising awareness for autism and money for more research. Price says he's extremely thankful to the Tigers for letting him use his platform to spread his message. "I'm lucky because we and the Ilitch's have been friends for a long time," Price said. "They've been great to the foundation and that's one reason I want to go ten more years here. "I love (the job) but also I can talk about Jack's Place on the air and talk about this horrible thing of autism...because you can never raise enough money." With Price at the ball park or on the road with the team 162 days per year -- not to mention spring training -- that's left Lisa in charge of the day-to-day operation of the foundation. In addition to traveling across the state to put on events, she maintains the house as well as taking care of both Price and Jackson. "I'm a tough guy and my (sickness), it's not going to get me down and my wife always says 'I don't know how you do it,' but really I don't know how she does what she does," Price said. It's true, Price has been known for being tough his whole life. He was a Joe Paterno quarterback recruit who bypassed a football career to play baseball, but his professional playing career didn't pan out the way he'd hoped - he retired at 29 after a series of injuries plagued his career including playing through a broken ankle. After getting drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1960, Price broke into the big leagues with the Tigers in 1967. He played in 44 games that year and a career-high 64 games in the 1968 World Series season. Price still enjoys telling stories of the 1968 championship team. He speaks of the depth on the team, the great pride they got in playing in games at Tigers Stadium and the memories and bonds it has given him for a lifetime. Price finished his career with a .214 lifetime average, hitting 18 home runs and 71 RBI in five seasons in Detroit from 1967-71. He says he learned a lot about life from his time on the field as well as from his son Jackson, but it was the message from mentor and Tigers radio legend Ernie Harwell which has stuck with him throughout his career. "Ernie taught me a great thing, he taught me 'when you get to the ball park and people see you, remember to have a smile on your face," Price said. "No matter how you feel; maybe you're sick, but you just keep smiling and that's been a great lesson. "Because some days I get here and don't feel good at all, sometimes the pills sometimes react differently or it's just day's you're not feeling the best...but I'm not going to let anybody know that."
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    Jeremy Bentham was still working on his changeup, last I checked.
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    Thank you Bert. Although I have been here since day one, I have never posted a lot except when I was doing game threads. I really loved doing them, at the time I think Bert and Yoda were the only other full time game thread starters to that point and those were big shoes to fill. Syrett4 had a great message board for Tiger collectors until it was over ran by hackers. I was happy to work with Scott when he absorb it into MTS, it was a perfect fit! Lots of good people have come and gone, some gone for ever. I miss Roger, Brian and the others. Remember Dr. Detroit? I believe he organized the first MTS Comerica suite get together. That was a fun evening (thanks again Sue for the shot glasses!) So many other early morons that come to mind: Biff, Euph, Oblong, Lee, Punk, DTrop, Melissa, jimtigers65, Los Gatos, Microline, Mattie (so many others, sorry my mind is going to mush). It has been a good run. Thanks again Bert for this thread.
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    This meme is going around FB this morning, thought it might give some a chuckle. The worst part is that it is too true to be funny.
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    Continue contributing money to candidates who can effectively counteract. Continue to contribute to groups like Human Rights Foundation and the ACLU, continue to focus on local elections and make change locally. "Lol nothing matters" is how we got this ****ty government in the first place. And it's how we'll keep it.
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    You would praise and support any heinous behavior of Trumps, you would excuse any lie or deceit, you would never criticize any act. That is worship, my friend.
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    I stand by my proposal. Throw all guns into volcanoes.
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