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    Papi likes to talk a lot about Detroit politics, but Trump has a lot in common with Kwame Kilpatrick. Both used the government to enrich the lives of themselves and their family, both enjoyed partying with women other than their wives, Kwame took all the credit for the accomplishments of Dennis Archer and put all the blame for the bankruptcy on Archer and never took responsibility, both of them were victims and under a witch hunt, or as Kwame described it, a lynching. Bernard even likened it to being a Jew during the Holocaust. Finally, both of their fixers are in jail. My family was a big supporter of Kwame in the beginning. He was young, intelligent, and charismatic. Soon after he took office, his malfeasance came to light. This is where Papi and I differ greatly. Even though Kwame is a member of my tribe, I quickly disowned him. I ended up voting for Hansen Clarke in the primary and then Freeman Hendrix in the general. I wasn't brainwashed into supporting Kwame since he was part of my tribe. Anyways, back to the development front. My mother is a former city employee who was last in the Detroit planning and development department. She still maintains contacts and keeps abreast of what is going on in Detroit. Papi is full of ****. There is no evidence that federal tax cuts have caused any increase in economic development in the city of Detroit. Let's not forget, Papi originally made the claim about Gilbert and Illitch which was easily debunked. Shinola had announced their plans and started on their hotel before Trump. Beaumont is opening urgent care centers in southeast Michigan (Thanks Obamacare) and not all in Detroit or Tliab's district. Comerica announced their mortgage program in 2017 before the Trump tax cuts. Flagstar and Chase announced similar programs before Trump took office. Those are just off the top of my head. I'm not researching your data for you. Papi is like an auto mechanic who thinks he's talking to a naive woman. He'll try to talk smart about technical terms about how a car operates thinking he has some sort of intellectual superiority all the while we can see through his bull****. Papi is like my court jester. I clap and he entertains me.
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    Men like you are why women don't feel safe. Anywhere.
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    This whole episode is just sickening. And I’m not just talking about the alleged sexual assaults, which on their are sickening. It’s the reaction of Republican Party and its basket of deplorables that turns my stomach. It was bad enough when Trump nominated a political operative like Kavanaugh to the open seat, but it was easy to brush it aside as the inherent cost of the republicans winning the presidency along with a senate majority. But it is clear that the White House and Congress didn’t care one bit about identifying a worthy jurist to nominate to arguably one of the most important and powerful positions in country. Politcal leanings aside, a Supreme Court justice needs to be an impeccable human. Instead, the deplorables just looked for biggest politcal stooge they could find that wears a robe to work. Now we’ve got elected representatives going on the record to normalize and excuse sexual assault.
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    No? Nothing? Yeah, I didn't think so. I'll illuminate for everyone else. Over 1 million acres of federal land in Utah was earmarked by Obama for Bears Ears National Monument, which is his right under the Antiquities Act passed during Teddy Roosevelt's administration in 1906. American Indian leaders had been pushing for this for years, and Obama delivered for them. Since the land was already federal land, the federal government already had jurisdiction over it. There was no grab of land by Obama from anyone, because Obama was already the executive authority over the land. Utah Republicans opposed the creation of a national monument because they themselves wanted to preserve only a portion of that land, while handing off the remainder of it to private interests to extract natural gas or otherwise develop for commercial use. IOW, there was money in it for them, and Obama preëmpted that. That's why they're pissed off. You, of course, are pissed off for a different reason: Obama acted like a boss, and that's because he was the boss. So, anyway, not only did Obama not grab any land from private citizens, or even from a state, but also, his action fell squarely within his rights codified in an already existing law. It is the complete opposite of what the situation would be if Trump were to declare a national emergency where there clearly isn't any, and then were to use the military to seize land not already owned by the federal government or by one of the United States, but instead owned by private citizens. Complete opposite. And bonus: the op-ed piece from The Hill that you cited was penned by a guy named Gary L. Gregg II who is listed in the piece as "director of the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville". For those who don't already know, The McConnell Center is an endowed institution created in 1991 by ... drum roll, please ... U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, aka Obama's arch-nemesis. Another swing and a miss. You're the Chris Davis of the political forum, minus the home runs.
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    Actually, I'm quite accurate with my assessment of you. I (and I assume others) have no issue with you believing that this never happened. That is your right to have your own opinion. I DO have an issue with you disrespecting women with that picture that you decided to post. I was raped five years ago. That's a whole lot less than thirty years. And you know what? I don't remember every single detail of the moment, how I got there, who else was there, etc. I remember what happened and who I was with. If I wanted to prosecute now, there would be no evidence because I was too ashamed to tell anyone at the time, as I thought it was my fault. I could still count on one hand how many people know. And the reason for that is people like you who automatically shame the victim, accuse them of lying, and make fun of them. Your words show that you don't understand or care how being assaulted ruins your psyche and your life. You can say that there's no proof of the assault occurring, but there is no proof of it not either. That is why an investigation is necessary. There is no "innocent until proven guilty", he isn't on trial. Anyone that objects to an investigation is putting politics over the safety and concerns of many women. I don't want a rapist making decisions about my body, and I'm sure you wouldn't want one having control over your daughters either. So why not allow due process and if he's innocent, it will come out in the investigation?
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    Me and the wife are taking in a long weekend of Tigers baseball late June. Thought this was a cool schedule so I wanted to share: Thursday, June 20 - Lehigh Valley Ironpigs @ Toledo Mudhens, 7pm Friday, June 21 - Erie Seawolves @ Akron Rubberducks, 7pm Saturday, June 22 - West Michigan WhiteCaps @ Lake County Captains, 7pm Sunday, June 23 - Detroit Tigers @ Clevelend Indians, 1pm Four levels of the organization all in one weekend, just an hour or so apart from each other. Not excited about being in Ohio for 3 1/2 days but what the heck!
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    It's not just about making better choices - otherwise so many people wouldn't be at the bottom - not everyone is stupid. You can take all the risks you want, but if you don't have control of the means of production or the capital to acquire it, you're not going to be able to break into the protectionist club very easily.
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    I went to the nearby Chinese restaurant to fulfill a takeout order for my wife. While I was waiting for my food, another guy who was waiting for his food started a video on his smartphone full blast for all to hear. He was watching, I guess, a Fox News feed where they were blathering about capitalism and socialism and Venezuela and 1000% inflation and whatnot. The place is small, so you can't not hear it. I didn't want to hear it. I didn't want to hear anything. I just wanted to get my food and leave. So I opened the music app on my own phone and started playing, at full blast, "People of the Sun" by Rage Against the Machine. After maybe ten or so seconds he looked up from his phone at me. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back. He turned off his phone. I turned off my phone. We waited in blissful silence until I got my food a couple minutes later. As I left, I smiled and nodded at him. He smiled and nodded back. See? We can all get along after all.
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    **** Donald Trump and anyone who stands with him.
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    You wouldn't have ever heard about the murder of Seth Rich if it weren't for the fake news that Jerome Corsi, Fox News and others had pumped out about him. So, the very fact that you are hemming and hawing about how "awfully suspicious" it was all comes down to the fake news. We actually do know! We actually ******* know that Seth Rich and his family were dragged through the mud by a bunch of conspiracy theorists for their own political ends. Jerome Corsi literally admitted it. So dupes like yourself can come around and hem and haw about how "awfully suspicious" it looks and how about "how we'll never know" and all that bull****.... all pure spectulation and all nihilistic BS, the logical end of which means that there can be no such thing as common truth. Just own the fact that you fell for it. For once.
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    Raskin: "Our colleagues are not upset because you lied to congress for the President. They're upset that you stopped lying to the congress for the President"
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    Rod Allen made me feel like changing the channel.
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    No offense it this meme makes you an *******. Well yeah... I do mean the offense. You are mocking and shaming all sexual assault victims and this is highly inappropriate and offensive. It’s cruel. It’s disgusting. If you take pleasure or humor or of it then you are those things too. I’ll let you explain yourself.
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    In any event, stan's arguments are embarrassingly terrible.
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    Last July Derek Jeter and some of the Marlins brass visited Greensboro, NC, the then home of their Low-A ball franchise. The Greensboro team was affiliated with the Yankees in the past and Derek Jeter played there in the minors for a stint. The Marlins and Greensboro had been affiliated with each other for 16 years as of last year. So after the Marlins people toured the facility last summer, and whatever else they do on these visits, they voiced one concern that they preferred the ownership there address. One of Greensboro’s game day mainstays is a Black Labrador that is very involved in on field activities between innings and pregame. The dog is well trained and is synonymous with the Greensboro “Grasshopper” ballpark experience. Through the years there have been several of these dogs in succession as the fans enjoy them. I’ve been there several times can attest that the fans there do enjoy the dog’s participation between innings. Well, Derek Jeter and his folks voiced opposition to having dogs around the park and didn’t like the on-site residence for the dog and asked that the dog thing on the field and premises be discontinued at the park. The Greensboro ownership didn’t think a lot of the idea and made a decision, they signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates this season and the Marlins find their Low-A team in Clinton, Iowa. Not every day does a low minor league affiliate tell the parent club to shove it but this time Greensboro did. Thank you Greensboro.
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    I only trust a summary of the main points by a political appointee
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    I know what I’m suggesting is going to be difficult, but I’m running for a new political branch that I just created, and I need your support for this grassroots campaign. I’m running for MTS Congress. My platform? Ignore stanpapi. Here’s how you can help. Stop responding to stanpapi. That’s it. You don’t have to put him on ignore. That takes a lot of clicks. I have ordered lawn signs but they haven’t arrived yet. Shelton 2019 - “Ignore stanpapi”
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    this is where I stopped reading your grandiose waste of time post
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    Norway has an increasingly diverse population - about 15% first or second generation immigrant and going quickly. It's changed a lot. And if you really think Quisling is the country's most famous historical figure then you need to go back to school to avoid appearing as if you're ignorant. As a hint, take a look at the emojis on your phone - you may have an a-ha moment. As a model for economic growth? Stupid idea because of oil. But you don't need to have an identical economic structure to consider some of the things which have been done societally.
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    So as I was thinking about the team and game threads this year, it dawned on me when we look back on this group in 20 years its gonna be a bunch of who-who's and he played-here-guys. So in honor of the 2019 Tigers each game thread will feature a member of the Forgotten Tigers. None of the players featured will have played more than 2 years for the Tigers or 250 games. That means some well known guys that played part of three years at 20 then went on to stardom, didn't make the cut. Neither did those guys that played in every game for two years. Some are well known, there are even two or three all-stars in the bunch. Others are our version of Moonlight Graham. So let's have some fun in 2019, let's remember some guys and Let's Go Tigers!
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    Going into my Russia notes... That meeting took place August 2. Here's July and August July 6, 2016 – Russians logged into the Malaysian VPN. July 6, 2016 – Wikileaks asked for Hillary info because of the DNC, adding that conflict between Hillary and Bernie is interesting July 14, 2016 – Guccifer 2.0 sent Wikileaks email explaining how to get the emails. July 18, 2016 – Wikileaks confirmed it had the data. July 20, 2016 – Internet Research Agency Ad: “Ohio Wants Hillary 4 Prison” July 22, 2016 – Wikileaks released the emails. Last day of emails was May 25, 2016, same day the Russians hacked the DNC Microsoft Exchange Server. July 22, 2016 -- Bannon directed to contact Roger Stone about any Wikileaks dumps in the future. July 23, 2016 – Internet Research Agency “Down with Hillary” rally July 23, 2016 – Trump Twitter: The Wikileaks e-mail release today was so bad to Sanders that it will make it impossible for him to support her, unless he is a fraud! July 25, 2016 – DNC starts. July 25, 2016 -- Roger Stone to Jerome Corsi: “Get to Assange at Ecuadorian Embassy in London.” July 27, 2016 – Trump: “Russia, if you’re listening. I hope you’re able to find the 30K emails that are missing” July 27, 2016 – Russians attempted to spearphish new email accounts at Clinton Campaign. Late July, 2016 – Wikileaks rejects Cambridge Analytica’s request for Clinton Emails. July 31, 2016 -- Stone emailed Corsi “Call me Monday” August 2016 - Maria Butina, unregistered Russian agent, enters the US on a student visa. August 2, 2016 – Fake Matt Skiber Facebook account sent message to real “Florida For Trump” account: Hi there! I’m a member of Being Patriotic online community. Listen, we’ve got an idea. Florida is still a purple state and we need to paint it red. If we lose Florida, we lose America. We can’t let it happen, right? What about organizing a YUGE pro-Trump flash mob in every Florida town? We are currently reaching out to local activists and we’ve got the folks who are okay to be in charge of organizing their events almost everywhere in FL. However, we still need your support. What do you think about that? Are you in? August 2, 2016 -- Corsi responded to Stone by email: “Word is friend in embassy plans 2 more dumps. One shortly after I’m back. 2nd in Oct. Impact planned to be very damaging… time to let more than Podesta to be exposed as in bed w enemy if they are not ready to drop Clinton. That appears to be the game hackers are now about. Would not hurt to start suggesting HRC old, memory bad, has stroke, neither he nor she well. I expect much of next dump focus, setting stage for Foundation debacle.” August 3, 2016 – Using stolen identity, Internet Research agency sent message to many Florida groups: My name is [T.W.] and I represent a conservative patriot community named as “Being Patriotic.” . . . So we’re gonna organize a flash mob across Florida to support Mr. Trump. We clearly understand that the elections winner will be predestined by purple states. And we must win Florida. . . . We got a lot of volunteers in ~25 locations and it’s just the beginning. We’re currently choosing venues for each location and recruiting more activists. This is why we ask you to spread this info and participate in the flash mob. August 4, 2016 – Internet Research Agency Facebook post accusing Hillary of voter fraud in Iowa Caucuses. August 6, 2016 – RT published video with Julian Assange on Clinton/ISIS conspiracies August 8, 2016 – Roger Stone to a conference of Republicans: “I actually have communicated with [WikiLeaks co-founder Julian] Assange. I believe the next tranche of his documents pertain to the Clinton Foundation, but there’s no telling what the October surprise may be.” August 10, 2016 – Internet Research Agency Ad: “We cannot trust Hillary to take care of our veterans” August 11, 2016 – Internet Research Agency Facebook post accusing Hillary of voter fraud in North Carolina on @TEN_GOP August 11, 2016 – Internet Research Agency used “Matt Skiber” persona to recruit a US person to acquire signs and a costume depicting Hillary Clinton in a prison uniform. August 12, 2016 -- Roger Stone stated he was “in communication with Julian Assange, but not at liberty to discuss what he has.” August 14, 2016 – Roger Stone begins contacting Guccifer 2.0 on twitter. August 15, 2016 – Ukranian connections of Manafort reported in New York Times August 15, 2016 – Guccifer 2.0 recieves request from Congressional candidate for stolen documents about candidate’s opponent. Those are sent. (Gaetz? Florida Primary August 30) August 15, 2016 – Guccifer 2.0 wrote to a person who was in regular contact with Trump Campaign (presumably Stone): “Thank u for writing back… do you find anything interesting in the docs I posted?” August 16, 2016 – Gates communicated false and misleading talking points to Lobbying Company B in writing August 17, 2016 – Guccifer to (presumably) Stone: “please tell me if I can help u anyhow… it would be a great pleasure to me.” August 15-31, 2016 – Mobilization by Internet Research Agency contacting local Trump volunteers to help with Florida rally. August 18, 2016 - Stone states he had communicated with Assange. August 19, 2016 – Manafort leaves as Campaign Manager. Kellyanne Conway takes over. Gates stays on. August 19, 2016 -- Credico to Stone: “I’m going to have Assange on my show next Thursday. August 20, 2016 – Internet Research Agency “ Florida goes Trump” rally. Followed later by similar rallies in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida August 21, 2016 -- Credico to Stone: “I have Assange on Thursday, so I’m completely tied up that day.” August 21, 2016 – Stone tweets: “Trust me, it will soon be Podesta’s time in the barrel.” August 22, 2016 – Guccifer transferred stolen data to a lobbyist and online source of political news. Stolen data includes personal information of Democratic doners. August 22, 2016 – Guccifer sent reporter stolen documents pertaining to Black Lives Matter movement. Reporter responded promising to write an ariticle about their release. August 23, 2016 -- Randy Credico asked Stone during a radio interview ‘You’ve been in touch directly with Julian Assange… Can you give us any kind of insight? Is there an October surprise happening?” Stone responded “Well, first of all, I don’t want to intimate in any way that I control or have influence with Assange because I do not…. We have a mutual friend, somebody with both trust and therefore I am a recipient of pretty good information.” August 25, 2016 -- Assange on Credico’s show. August 26, 2016 -- Credico to Stone: “Assange talked about you last night. He didn’t say anything bad we were talking about how the press is going to make it look like you and he are in cahoots.” August 27, 2016 -- Credico to Stone: “We are working on a Assange radio show… Assange has kryptonite on Hillary”
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    How much would it cost to ship 4,000 MAGA hats down to the caravan?
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    So she is a total fraud because she: a) never told a guy she dated once about the alleged incident with Kavanaugh, b) she once flew on a propeller plane around Hawaii without apparent discomfort, c) she allegedly cheated on the guy when they were a long distance relationship, and d) she charged $600 on a joint credit card after they broke up (after being removed from the card?) and initially denied doing so. Now, bear in mind, per your past definitions, this guy has no facts, just a bunch of unsubstantiated allegations. Also, bear in mind, per your definition of a 'total fraud', I can *very* easily demonstrate Donald Trump is a 'total fraud'. So if Ford is a total fraud, why do you support an even larger fraud in Donald Trump, Stan?
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    Papi is a triabilist. If you or Christine Ford were to make an accusation about Obama or Biden, he would support you 100%. This is the same tribe that still believes Obama was born in Kenya and the Clintons have had dozens of people whacked with no evidence.
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    We did it! As of 1:30AM this morning welcome Austyn Madelynn. Healthy and everyone doing great.
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    What an incredible honor. Thank you, Bert. That’s some beautiful artwork. I can only imagine this photo represents one of the many pro-Shelton rallies to come. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, the deuce, they will all be there to gather under the Chevrolet fountain to enjoy some free wi-fi and reminisce about that time I posted that Ajax sucks.
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    Very nice. RIP. Brian was such a great poster here. He knew so much about everything. The thread asking him to check in on that day is haunting. The thing that seems to stand out the most about him is that he would engage with anyone, and he always did so in a respectful manner, even if he was telling you how wrong you were.
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    How can we get Victor Martinez to say "monkey"?
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    My American friends, you know how much I love you. But what a stupid *** you have elected as your president. Please promise the rest of us that you will do something about it and that this aberration will only last for another two and a half years. We're all waiting for the Democratic candidate that will emerge, or the Republican that will challenge him. But this just can't go on. There is no better place to start than Michigan. Let's get busy. His comments today about Trudeau are among his funniest ever, although there are at least a thousand others on the list. It's clear that he thinks that he is still on the schoolyard, and that he thinks that he could take Macron or Merkel in a fight. I seriously doubt it, but that' s what he thinks. But Trudeau? No way, even Trump knows that. Trudeau is strong, he's fit, and part of his training regime has been boxing, and Trump knows that if he ever said "see you after school" to Trudeau he'd be on the deck, unconscious, within 5 seconds. So he did what every bully would do in that situation, he ran, and then at a safe distance he called Trudeau "weak". There are lots of things that I think that Trudeau could improve upon but his world-weary patience when asked about Trump is perfect for us. He missed an opportunity though, when calling out Trump about the "national security" rationale for tariffs on steel and aluminum. He mentioned that Canadians and Americans were fighting side by side in two world wars and he resisted the cheap shot about us waiting for the isolationist Americans to arrive in both instances, especially the second time. But what he should have said, in response to the "national security" angle, was to ask everybody in the current administration to take 10 minutes off and Google "Canadian embassy Tehran 1979", surely among the darkest hours that your country has ever experienced, and then after actually learning something see if Canada could be described as a "national security threat" during that experience.
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    Hi, just leaning over your back fence, offering unsolicited advice again, that is worth exactly what you paid for it. I haven't been in here in months, but I came in tonight to see the reaction to his announced tariffs today against Mexican and Canadian imports of steel and aluminum. So I was looking for the thread with the discussion about how he is single-handedly destroying your economy. I couldn't find one, which I have to admit surprised me. So I randomly picked this thread. It's been obvious of course for months that he doesn't have the first ******* clue about how international trade works, and I don't think that it's because he won't read lengthy briefings. That's the popular narrative, but I don't think that that is correct. I think that the real reason why he doesn't understand international trade and the positive effects that it has on the US economy is that he is simply too ******* stupid. You've elected the stupidest ******* guy to be your chief executive in the entire history of your country. I say this with no animosity at all, please do not misunderstand me. I love all of my friends here. And if your friends won't tell you the truth, who will? Everyone in your country, Democrat or Republican or Independent, shares in your collective guilt about why he is your President, especially Democrats who anointed Hillary, the single worst candidate of all time except for Trump. How much damage can he do to your economy, and mine, in the next 2 years? It's hard to say. The main thing is to try to contain the damage until 2020, and then because of the political activism of everybody on this message board things can get back to reality after that.
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    I want to clarify, since my earlier post was jumbled together. 1. Obama was reluctant to go public with the info about the Russia meddling during the campaign because he didn't want to to become a political issue. His main concern was securing the election just in case they were going to try to tamper. 2. There was a massive statement prepared by all of the intelligence agencies that Comey scuttled because he didn't want news of the counterintelligence investigation to go public yet. 3. The statement that was put out by a few of the intelligence agencies was overshadowed by the Access Hollywood tapes. 4. Clinton's campaign was aware of the intelligence agency report coming and had developed some messaging about that. They were not prepared for Access Hollywood, suggesting to me that at least her campaign was not behind it. Doesn't mean some wealthy donor or superPac wasn't. 5. As I said, Fahrenhold is the one who reported the Access Hollywood thing. He has a history of digging on his own and/or crowd sourcing versus relying on insider info. Makes me more likely to believe he wasn't fed that tape by a political operative, but came across it on his own. I could be wrong, and if there's sourcing to the contrary I will gladly buy it. 6. Finally, and I didn't bring this up in the other post. I don't know the exact timeline, but Obama got McConnell and Ryan together with leaders from the intelligence agency and was trying to get them to join him in announcing to the public about Russian meddling, so it would be bipartisan and apolitical. Ryan was on board, McConnell wouldn't budge. All public record. All told, there were some mistakes in the Obama administration dealing with Russia, particularly well before the election. Today's talking point from Stan and POTUS is bogus though.
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    I wonder how someone can show up cold on the board and immediately end up on the wrong side of probably the most equimanious member of the board.
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    If I wanted more attention, I'd come out of the basement.
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    He had himself a day.
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    Yesterday I waited about 2 hours to visit John Dingell's casket. Very impressive display. Debbie Dingell greeted each visitor with a handshake or hug and words of thanks. She was there from 11 to after 8 pm. I'm home working and watching his funeral.
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    Coached a girl two years ago on the 3rd/4th basketball team. She was a very quiet kid. Really nice kid. Sports didn’t seem to be her thing, she could barely get the ball over the rim to start, but gradually built up a bit of strength during the season. She never scored. I could tell other teams were leaving her alone for the most part and tried to get my kid to suck the defense into her while getting the other girl open for a close shot. It worked, but my kid didn’t pass it off. Now two years later. Starts the year off more talkative. Tries to direct traffic a bit with her teammates when we do 3 on 3s. Scored in her first game. Today in the third game of the season, she’s all over the court. Tough one on one defense. Scrapping for contested/loose basketballs. Forcing errors and turnovers on the other team. Still offensively challenged and athletically awkward, but definitely improving and it’s so fun to see a kid like this turn a corner.
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    Sorry. We do the best we can. As you may or not be aware, it seems to be no matter what we do, we get complaints. That being said, I find there’s not much reason for this thread going forward, as there DOES exist an older climate/warming thread that can be added to. Have a wonderful day, everyone, and when you send your complaints, it’s Susan with an “s”, not a “z”.
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    TR:DR version is I am not willing to concede anything is truly necessary WRT border security improvement until I hear a reasonably compelling argument regarding why improving border security is a priority and a well considered plan to address the specific concerns laid out in said compelling argument. I am not obligated to trust this administration. I am not obligated to guess at what they mean or what their intentions are or otherwise give them benefit of the doubt. I would ask this level of explanation from any administration, and this particular one has demonstrated itself to be dishonest and untrustworthy every step of the way.
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    I don't know why you even post here anymore. You're still insisting that victims of sexual abuse need documented proof - it doesn't happen that way. Why are you still doing that? Don't you know that predators take that sort of caution before they act? It never happens in front of a video camera or in front of witnesses who will testify. Never. Ask your favourite Catholic priest. You are clueless, absolutely clueless. This is a forum for sensible people who have legitimate differences of opinion between left and right in politics and economics, and both of those are acceptable points of view. You are neither left nor right, you are a misogynistic, xenophobic Trumper. You do not belong in a forum with decent conservatives and liberals, and it is time for you to leave.
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    Somewhere, Jim Price is talking about the art of choking...
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    I have a friend of a friend that could not stand Kirk when he played with the Tigers. Loathed him. I'll call him Carl. So a group of my friends and Carl go to a Tiger game after Gibson had returned, probably in '94. Tigers are losing in the bottom of the ninth and Gibson hits a walk-off HR. Carl is conflicted. Thrilled the Tigers won, irritated Gibson was the hero. So they go to Gilbert's up on Harper to drink after the game. They are 3 or 4 beers in, and lo and behold, Gibson, of all people, enters the bar with Dave Rosema. My friends start egging Carl to tell Gibson what he really thinks of him. Carl resists, but they can tell he wants to do it, so they keep pressuring him. He finally relents, and walks over to Kirk and Dave. Kirk sees someone coming over and pulls a face, but Carl ignores it and faces Dave Rosema. 'Dave Rosema - how are you? You're my favorite player. I can't believe my luck running into you. Dave Rosema' - just laying it on thick and he follows with something like, '....Hey, didn't you have a brother in law who played a little baseball? What was his name? What ever happened to him?' At which point Kirk busted out laughing and bought Carl and my friends a round.
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    Again, this is all so much nonsense. To be offended by Hillary arranging to have people killed, you have to actually believe people have never arranged to have others killed before.......many, many times.
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