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    I'm around still. Just really busy.
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    BOGO tanks for everyone! It's interesting that the military is never included in the "government needs to be run like a business" expression -- especially when it comprises over 50% of the budget and is filled with what could be called "wasteful programs". You'd think fiscal hawks would be all over this.
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    This is a massive problem, and one I have witnessed first-hand as a Federal employee in a highly technical organization. There's a minimum level of technical competence required at the supervisor level -- a minimum level that does not necessarily increase with increasing responsibility -- but there is an increasing requirement for leadership/management skills. The smartest technical person is not necessarily the best person to lead and develop the technical group moving forward. I've seen commands dictate that leadership/management characteristics be rated higher during the selection process, even going so far as to put it in writing as organizational policy, but it still comes down to the previous regime of highly-technical folks making the decisions to follow that guidance. Organizations -- like mine -- that have committed the sin of simply promoting the most highly qualified technical person to the leadership and management position must endure years of focused and deliberate effort to correct the problem.
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    My first impression of the Obama portrait was that it seemed odd that a self proclaimed White Sox fan would be portrayed in front of ivy.
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    Boston's gonna Boston. https://deadspin.com/for-black-history-month-boston-police-pay-tribute-to-w-1822918407?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_facebook&utm_source=deadspin_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
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    But what is Trump’s accumulated WAR at this point? Delmon Young level?
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    Euph, I dunno... but your avatar has given me pre-lenten craving for a filet o' fish sandwich.
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    There is a very funny side to this. The guy has a tremendous sense of humor (as do most of the other members of the community) and he mentioned how he just bought his last gram of Golden Pineapple. One of the other guys posted "Don't do it Dave, that stuff will kill you".
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    Given how widespread corporate welfare is, we don't know that for certain.
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    Sure. Because the only thing better than one fragile PG is two fragile PGs.
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    I am not going to hazard a guess at what percentage of government employees should be rated a 3 or higher on a scale of 5, but will say that: a. everyone has a different idea what 3 out of 5 means (e.g. meets minimum job requirements, be better than average in the hiring pool (i.e. 60 percentile employee), be better than average in the organization, etc.) b. it is a **** of a lot harder to find an improvement over anything resembling a solid but unspectacular employee than is often inferred or implied, especially if an org is large and literally has hundreds of openings. To point b., I am an engineer in automotive industry, and for the last 20 years, if you are an engineer that is reasonably personable and reliable, you will have a job, simply because there is more work than quality candidates. The idea that you just find better candidates only works if there are better ones available. There isn't a great employee tree that you simply pluck candidates from.
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    Yes, you'd have a hard time finding the private sector corporation who has conquered the nonsense about performance evaluation. Here's what I experienced, decades ago, working for Westinghouse which of course no longer exists: say that you have already had to get rid of half of your department this year. It used to be 8, and now it's 4. The next year, you'd still have to comply with the organizational mandate to find a "poor performer" among the remaining 4. It's idiocy, and it was the key to survival for external bottom-feeders like Hay Associates and their ilk. As others have mentioned, the biggest problem with performance evaluation is that your supervisor can not do it objectively, and that the Compensation experts can't adjust their percentages to changing business conditions. Should this fatally flawed system be applied to government employees? Of course.
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    Agreed, it is coaching. SVG has Ennis and Bullock both having good shooting games but where are their looks in the 4th? PG play is a huge problem right now, though.
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    SVG spends the entire free throw shot dialing up a play and it's a fadeaway long 2 from Jameer Nelson that ends in an airball This coach
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    I would like to see government be more efficient as well especially at the upper levels. I think most people want that. Government is not a business though. And Trump and all the jerks surrounding him are terrible people to be evaluating anybody.
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    I have two unopened Topps 1987 sets with this card. My son was born in 1987 so we bought the two sets to hold. Still holding.

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