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    The mentality and performance of this team looked just fine when we had a decent QB at the helm.
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    It's a better idea than rewarding teams that deliberately try to be non-competitive or rewarding mis-managed organizations. Under CMR's plan, a team could get better just by becoming a league average team and getting better draft picks. A well managed organization should be able to do that. A league should be set up so teams are trying to win all the time. Tanking goes against the very essence of sports. The only thing worse for sports than encouraging tanking is fixing games.
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    We need this to happen. We need people to see what the Republicans are really about and who they really care about and it's going to have to really hurt people first to get that. Part 2 is the Democrats need to be Democrats and stop trying to be Republican Light. Stop that........just makes your base sit at home. Be proud to be liberal and don't let it be a dirty word. Lincoln and FDR were both labeled that and they both were terrific leaders who stepped up when we needed it most. I don't understand what is so bad about the current rates. The wealthy are thriving and have been since about 2011/12. I guess they won't be happy until they have it all. To me the biggest problem isn't how much we're being taxed but how it's being spent. I wish we could end the waste, corruption and obsession with building a war machine.
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    how could you forget that yoda is an idiot?
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    I've always been a bit skeptical of political evangelicals, but never more than I am these days.
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    Changing QBs shouldn’t completely deflate an entire team. That’s a cultural issue the program needs to change.
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    The Astros and Cubs would probably have done well under CMR's system too because they are well managed. They still could have gotten good draft picks and they wouldn't have had to lose 100 games per year for half a decade to get them. Tanking is bull****. Teams trying to be bad to tank advantage of the system is terrible for sports.
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    Wisconsin gets destroyed by OSU or any playoff team.
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    OKorn almost got Gentry killed. Throw was late and behind him. Then he throws into a double with his man completely blanketed. Might as well just keep running.
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    So frustrating to see the officials miss such obvious calls.
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    How is picking up a QB and continuing to drive him into the ground well after the ball is thrown not a penalty?
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    Wisconsin is hands down the worst #4 team I've seen in 20 years. Talk about an over ranking.
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    A couple of posters here almost gave me whiplash with the way they whipped around on the offense.
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    Best.post.ever. It's absolutely stupid to designate the best young players to the worst teams IMO and to reward losing. There should never be any reason to root for your team to lose. They would kick me off this board if I said what I really thought every time someone cheered losing/tanking.
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    you bitches happy with our run defense? [edit: by which i mean, you gentleman]
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    Roe v. Wade isn't being overturned.
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    i hate this idea. the point of having a draft is so bad teams have a chance to get better. the best team receives the reward of BEING THE BEST TEAM.
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    I’ve always thought teams should be punished for tanking. To me the fairest way to run a competitive draft was to reward teams that played well enough but fell short of making the playoffs. The best team out of the playoff receives first pick, second, third, fourth, etc. playoff teams draft in reverse order after the worst team picks...
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    Ok, duly noted. You aren't allowed to bask in any of the glory though. You can't go back. I'm a fan and I like it when prominent players are on my team. I still get a kick out of it. My wife texted me this morning that JV was on the today show. I didn't care. When I see Scherzer doing his thing it makes me mad that he's not a Tiger. Miggy could be the best hitter we'll ever see. If the Tigers are going to suck *** the next 2-3 years then I want to see Miggy launching bombs... or at least warning track shots to right center and reading Lynn Henning ***** about the ballpark. We've reached Cecil Fielder 1992-1994 territory. "Tigers win?" "No... but Cecil hit 2" "They suck" "Yeah but we got Rico Brogna and Sean Bergman coming up.... they're going to be good"
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    Looking at the reactions to Republican tax plans, I found myself remembering what people used to say about former Senator Phil Gramm, whose presidential ambitions never went anywhere but who did help cause the 2008 financial crisis: “Even his friends don’t like him.” So it is with G.O.P. tax “reform,” especially the Senate version, which would raise taxes on most individuals, especially in the middle and working classes, and add around 13 million Americans to the ranks of the uninsured, all to pay for big cuts in corporate taxes. The general public strongly disapproves — by a 2-1 majority, according to Quinnipiac, although the majority would be even bigger if people really understood what’s going on. But surely at least C.E.O.s like the plan, right? Actually, not so much. A few days ago Gary Cohn, Donald Trump’s chief economic adviser, met with a group of top executives. They were asked to raise their hands if lower taxes would lead them to raise capital expenditures; only a handful did. “Why aren’t the other hands up?” asked Cohn, plaintively. The answer is that C.E.O.s, living in the real world of business, not the imaginary world of right-wing ideologues, know that tax rates aren’t that important a factor in investment decisions. So they realize that even a huge tax cut wouldn’t lead to much more spending. And with that realization, the rationale for this tax plan, such as it is, falls apart, leaving nothing but a scheme to make the rich — especially those who rake in investment income rather than working for a living — richer at everyone else’s expense. ... All of which raises the question, why are Republicans even trying to do this? It’s bad policy and bad politics, and the politics will get worse as voters learn more about the facts. Well, last week one G.O.P. congressman, Chris Collins of New York, gave the game away: “My donors are basically saying get it done or don’t ever call me again.” Everybody Hates the Trump Tax Plan
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    I cannot speak for Chas, but I believe that while "I'm sorry" does not end the matter, it is also not without value. It's at least a recognition that the behavior is wrong, it's an example to others who may be inclined toward that type of behavior in the future, and on a personal level for Mr. Franken, it's a lesson that he will likely pay for with his job, whether through resignation or forced retirement in 2020. When I see the outpouring of defenses regarding Franken that I see regarding Moore, that's when we'll start treating the situations as being equivalent. I haven't seen that yet.
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    That's a hazardous "if", considering the coaching staff and player development guys. Talk is one thing. Actions are another. I don't see a team at all committed to analytics. We'll see.
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    I still can't believe this happened after I prayed specifically for this not to happen.
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