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    In other words you didn't invest all that well during the Obama presidency.
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    Watched Baby Driver last night. Waste of time.
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    The ones they won were played the right way. The ones they lost weren't
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    Look at who started this thread. It was **** from day 1.
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    I listened to him for a few minutes when Brad was fired. His 'interview' was him telling us how smart he was because he wanted Ozzie over Brad. When the dude called him out on how stupid that was, he changed it to 'literally anyone' besides Brad. Thanks for the insight, Bill, narrowing down your choice from 7 billiion to 7 billion minus 2. ******* useless.
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    HUGE is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, hacks in all of sports media. I'd like to kick him in the sack if I ever saw him anywhere. Maybe I'll head to Brann's, you know he is a family friend and all. I am sure I could find him there.
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    My only real complaint about Harbaugh is his inability to have a QB in year three. I think he has had enough time to recruit and develop one by now.
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    MCS just feels bad and is trying to make others feel worse so he can feel better by comparison. he's coping. coping in a real ****** up way, but coping.
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    They looked awesome against UM. One first down in the second half, despite a dog**** UM QB giving them great field position repeatedly. Look they have gotten some results but you cant deny some of it is luck, and good timing. Most of Dantonio's era has coincided with one of the worst era's in UM's history (Hoke/RR). They have won on one in a billion plays like two years ago. They had the benefit of getting UM two years in a row at home when they switched up divisions. They get plays like Lewerke sliding on the back of a UM player to get a first down. Is that skill? good coaching? I call it pretty ******* lucky. Why msu people are on a UM forum after a UM loss should get them banned. I got banned for less. Go slurp on their balls elsewhere
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    Somebody just tweeted that this is the first time two 100 win teams will meet in the World Series since 1970.
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    sounds like you have personal problem.
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    if peters starts next week i'll watch, but otherwise, meh. i'm not interested in any team with qb o'korn.
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    Frustrating penalty on that big gain. PSU with 0 penalties this half. Yay
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    Yep...Perry should have made the previous catch.... got to feel good for Crawford to finally celebrate something good.
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    Nordin probably gave the -7.5 too.
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    TOUCHDOWN!!! Whew, that was huge
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    That was simply ridiculous. Ref right there too. What's even the point of him carrying a flag?
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    Yah, that's true. I probably shouldn't have included him in that particular post, but his ability to make a particular type of catch is rather tantalizing.
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    I know, it's almost as if the media decides on a narrative and then wedges everything that happens into it. Sad thing is that a lot of low information fans fall for it.

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