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    What did you think would happen on a freaking wildcat. That's awful.
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    Amen. I sure don’t like OSU or MSU, but in the end it’s just the teams on the field I really dislike. PSU as an institution is a joke and they should have had it all torn down. I absolutely hate the school and it’s embarrassing to see them act as if all is good. This wasn’t paying players, improper recruiting tactics, or coaches making calls to escort services. They don’t deserve anything good. Beat them.
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    In-person scouting still has to play a role. I'm fairly certain you don't get access to Trackman data from other teams minor league parks, and I'd imagine most high schools don't have that either. I would guess a lot of colleges and amateur showcase events do tho. You will get some data on guys playing in your minor league parks, but then you have to worry about sample size. The Astros are doing a lot of their scouting by video, so you certainly don't need as many guys running around. I think they started a lot of that to save money, but it's obviously worked well for them and is probably more efficient than in-person scouting once you get it right. All in all, I think it's a fairly lengthy process. Once you have the data you still have to correlate it to on-field successes or failures. And it's certainly human nature to not trust something new until you've seen it work in practice. So even if the Tigers got all this new data this past year, they still have to find the right correlations and processes that successfully lead to on-field results. And of course they don't really have a great baseline set of data (in the minor leagues anyways), so if a guy broke out last year you won't have the control data to say why. And then of course you have to cross check that with other known data, like did JD Martinez change his swing in the off-season, did so-and-so bulk up, etc. And of course they should get video of what the Dodgers did to Chris Taylor et. al. and reverse engineer and use that process. But that's not a simple task and it's not going to give neat results. . The bottom line tho is the on-field data doesn't lie, so this is the future. Trackman will tell you exactly what a pitcher is doing and exactly how the ball comes off the hitters bat and exactly how fast a guy is running and what routes he is taking. But you still have to translate that into what makes this pitch successful, how do you get a guy to throw a pitch like that, what do you tell a better to increase his bat speed, what mechanical changes do you implement to improve his swing path. How much of that is scouting and analytics and coaching and self-coaching, I certainly don't know. But it's all of those. I think the first step is obviously to give your scouting department and coaches this data to help them see and teach, and if they can't or won't implement it then find someone else. . Getting to back to whether or not they are taking this seriously, I think the bottom bottom line is the Tigers will take it as serious as the analytical results dictate. My guess is Avila is pouring money and people into this because he knows he needs to. But I don't think he's taking the output that seriously yet because the output hasn't dictated he do so yet (tho someone suggested that some of the trades they made might have been influenced by the new trackman data gained by some prospects playing in our minor league parks). But it's just a matter of time before it produces and he takes it seriously, because the data is the data, and it only lies if it's incomplete or poorly translated.
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    if they don't call holding on that Gary play...they never will.
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    And the unintended consequences... A local manufacturing plant I visit has robot tuggers. Tuggers, as in a vehicle similar to a baggage tug you see at an airport, except these tuggers pull carts full of parts for the machines they make. The people hate them. They run very slow, get the traffic all backed up, etc. And they know they are replacing jobs. So they found out if you throw an empty potato chip bag on the traffic lane, the reflection from the bag screws them up and they stop. Guess what happens now? I expect potato chips to be removed from the vending machines at some point.
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    Every contender other than Houston that didn’t pay Detroit’s price got fleeced.
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    JJ Hardy recounted the same experience when he left Minnesota for Baltimore. The Orioles told him to swing away and stop trying to move guys over one base, and he had some wonderful offensive years for Baltimore
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    So, Friday they seem to have gained some traction
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    I was happy to see Meeks still healthy this deep into the season.
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    The media's love fest for Houston right now is kind of annoying. What I'm talking about specifically is how they are acting like Verlander was this bum pitcher all year and Houston was the one that turned him around. All I hear is stuff like "Houston saw something in him that made them believe he could be an ace again" and things of that nature. As if he wasn't pitching like one of the best pitchers in baseball for the final 2 months with the Tigers.
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    I feel bad you missed the Obama boom. Imagine those 10 months but like 6 years instead. It was awesome. Did you sell the gold at the right time?
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    Interesting comment from Smoltz tonight. He said Verlander had been struggling with his slider, but once he got to Houston was able to use technology to correct it.
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    Man these guys are reprehensible.
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    as well as whiney little bitches
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    I'm with MCS, these people drive me nuts. If they can pay no more attention to what they are doing because they are on the phone; I should be able to have a beer in the 15 minutes it takes me to drive home. I'm more safe than they are. Not a fan of self driving vehicles. I like to drive.
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    Speaking of trading for managers I remember several years ago when the Marlins were interested in Ozzie there were rumors that the White Sox would give him to them if they gave them their top prospect at the time Mike Stanton. Thank God that didn't happen.
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    Self-Driving cars can't get here fast enough. All day - every day people driving and not even watching where they are going - some of them at 80mph. j Tuesday night in Dearborn/Allen Park I got stuck behind a person at two separate lights who totally missed a green light - sat through the whole green light at two different intersections because they couldn't be bothered to look up from her phone - and she wasn't a kid, either. People honked at her. The traffic in the other lane was moving - but not enough to get her attention but because the people behind me kept bailing into that other lane, I (and the car directly in front of me) could not get out from behind her. Then when she finally does start going she has trouble staying in the lane because she refuses to look up. I see it every single day. Light turns green and it can take 8-10 seconds for someone to look up and react. Drives me crazy. I went out to Ann Arbor a couple of weeks ago (from Dearborn) to do my Saturday radio shift...........I got past 275 and realized I left my phone at home. I went the next five hours without a cell phone and I lived to tell about it. It's amazing.
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    BREAKING NEWS The Tigers will decline Anibal Sanchez's $16 million option for 2018, general manager Al Avila said. TWEET FROM FENECH
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    It is kind of slow.........it's not as action-packed as the trailer would present, but the original was not either. The visuals are fantastic - beautiful movie - if you can see it at IMAX it's worth the extra money.
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    Does it really matter how into analytics the manager is? He's not the one crunching numbers. He receives the data.
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    I like it. For no other reason than he has been a manager of bad teams so knows his way around those issues. Also usually did pretty well with low payrolls in twink town so hopefully he can make something work here. A playoff run or 2 in the next 6-7 years would be really amazing with this set up right now. It is ALL about the minor league guys. Keep drafting the right ones and keep coaching them the right way and maybe we can catch lighting in a bottle.
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    It's not your place of employment. This is between the NFL owners and players.
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    Reportedly a three year contract. He's here as a grizzled old man to instill good habits in the kids. If, as some have worried, he fails to take advantage of analytics, and it costs them a handful of games during those years, it won't make a difference. Can he speak Spanish?
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    The vast majority of people in ACA exchanges never saw the premium increases. Something like 75 to 80% of people were unaffected by it b/c they got subsidies to cover it. That would change now, though, if Republicans blow it up- they'd lower the standard of living intentionally for millions of Americans for no reason. Its a rounding error in the US budget. The only people in the entire US healthcare market that are not subsidized are those who make too much to get subsidies in the individual market. Everyone else- people who receive health insurance from employers, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. are all heavily subsidized. They really just need to increase the penalty for not getting insurance and increase the subsidies for people hurt by the premium increase in the ACA exchanges and it'd be fixed. It isn't difficult. Tackling the high costs of healthcare is another matter and very important as well but the act of improving ACA is not hard and you're not going to get a more center-right approach to actually getting universal health care. The ACA is basically it. Its not remotely a liberal or left wing approach to achieving universal health care. It didn't even have a public option. If Republicans don't want a government takeover of health care, then their best option is working within the ACA framework in some capacity. Otherwise, its not going to be pretty for insurance companies whenever Dems get back in power again. All it would take is a cheap public option that the for profit insurers could never compete with and that's going to be on the table going forward at this point given how much Republicans sabotaged the ACA.
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    While the Astros were running onto the field, reporter Tom Verducci talked about how the Astros used a high speed camera to pinpoint a flaw in Verlander’s delivery. He made a point of saying the Tigers don’t have that. This is the kind of eight-ball we’re behind.

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