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    Republicans are considered extreme b/c of their policy positions relative to the rest of the developed world. Other major right wing parties around the developed world are closer to the Democrats on health care, guns, social safety net, general taxation, climate change, etc. than Republicans. Democrats are fairly centrist, although they've started to lean more center left with Bernie's influence. If you look at the top 2 major political parties in each of the developed countries, the Republicans are the farthest right wing and no one is particularly close. And that's fine if that is your policy views, but that is why they are considered extreme. The Democrats were a center right political party under Bill Clinton and have definitely moved left since then but they still have a ways to go. One of my wishes for our K-12 education, is for every kid to be educated about the political policies of other countries and the standard of living in other countries relative to the US just so there is a frame of reference. It seems like a small % of people have any understanding of what its like in, say, Denmark.
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    phew!!!!!! mickey knew it all along.
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    Other than being a bad person who doesn't care about other people, I don't get the point of deliberately increasing health insurance costs for low income and sick people.
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    I decided to see The Dark Tower a few weeks back, but walked out of it after seven minutes. It just didn't feel like the book, somehow wasn't into it, and I scooted over to the screen where American Made was playing. As the son of a career aviator, I appreciated the aspects of commercial and multi-engine prop aviation in the movie. This set it apart from movies with similar plot lines like Blow. This is one of the best performances Cruise has ever turned in, IMO. While the cast isn't huge, there are some scenes with some fantastic dialogue between him and Domhnall Gleason's CIA character.
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    I think they should handle Barkley.
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    he grabbed the guy's jersey and held him michigan plays physical defense, theyre going to get called for that every now and again. indiana's been called for it too.
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    Michigan dropped their pants, spread their cheeks and brought the lube
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    there was a receiver right there. michigan has gotten the benefit of the doubt on some huge calls today.
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    He delivers production in expanded minutes as well. 27/12 vs Houston last year in 28 min. A 19 rebound game earlier in the year. No reason for him to sit on a lottery team last year.
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    Indiana is managing its TO like a drunken sailor
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    Few players in the league can match his productivity per minute, but when the coach refuses to play him, then it is a huge waste of money.
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    O’Korn can’t make one correct read. Give me Peters
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    The offense is embarrassing. Hoping the defense will play a perfect game to make up for horrible QB and OL play is embarrassing.
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    and having henderson pick stanford at the last minute. hoke's awful oline recruiting is killing them now.
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    Definitely offsides and Def holding. Roughing was incredibly bad call.
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    Indiana with the old designated hurt player play so they didn't have to burn a To.
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    sorta. this is a slow roll. i'm gonna get a major component for the next several paychecks. But the lower is almost there.
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    Red Zone offense has to get better. Great to see Kareem Walker out there. He looks fast, runs hard.
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    That's why they play the games.
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    Like the market itself. :-) Thanks Ben and Janet. Of all the economic indicators, consumer sentiment is low on the list of importance. But an indicator just the same. But since you asked; You can find the chart here: U of M survey And the main site here: Surveys of Consumers chief economist, Richard Curtin
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    I'll watch because UM football is the only team I root for that's any good nowadays, plus the defense is exciting. I'm not looking forward to O'Korn's happy feet and interceptions.
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    It has Obama’s name attached to it. Sticking it to him matters so much more than the health and well being of the poor and sick.
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    A successful 3W 1L road trip. Wings are 4-1 on the year for 8 points, alone in 1st in the Eastern Conference and tied with St. Louis and Colorado for 1st in the NHL, lol. Enjoy it while it lasts.
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    Frk with 3 goals in 4 games. Isn't it about time to send him to Grand Rapids? He made a defensive mistake the other night.
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    That was what was assumed by a lot of fans, but he was never an analytical guy and he didn't intend to be one. I think people just assumed it because of his age and Ivy League degree.
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    So you are implying that I don’t care much for difficult concepts? That’s not very nice.
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    European comedy sketch making fun of our gun culture: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/10/9/16448302/guns-nra-sunday-lubach
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    It is positive news, but not particularly meaningful if you look at the overall trend.
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    Yeah, I have no way of evaluating either of them, (wish there was more analysis of this sort of thing out there) but clearly the constant on two bad OLs with the Rams and the Lions is Robinson at LT. Glasgow was no world beater at LG, though, and was awful at center. I suspect they’ll try out Robinson at guard, but they may think he’s so helpless that he never plays another down after Decker returns.
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    They also allow 374.8 yards a game on defense which is 29th in the league. If the Lions offense can't move the ball you might as well call it a season. By the way the Patriots defense is astonishingly bad 447 yards a game (they are 1st in offense). Detroit defense is 18th at 330 yrd/g. The Lion offense is 29th overall.
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    i've already told you how i really feel about nutters. i can't do it again because the post got reported.
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    I was hoping for this. Thanks for the scoop on BR2049.
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    It is weird to think of a movie made on this scale as not being mainstream but it really is more of an art movie on a big canvas. I agree regarding the elements about his relationship with Joi being among the more moving ones.
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    No, I'm not deflecting. I'm outright telling you, in no uncertain terms, that the question sucks and I'm not interested. No deflection needed. Not to mention, your question was a deflection.
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    I agree, and it's due in large part to the huge conservative tribal network that's been built on the radio, local broadcast, and cable news. Smart people figured out in the 90s that there is a lot of money to be made from conservative fear-mongering and conspiracy theories.
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    I’m with you on this. I think the entire spectrum has moved dramatically to the right, so that people who were considered moderates 25 years ago—moderates who favored access to safe abortion, a progressive tax system, less military intervention in the Middle East, etc.—are now considered unhinged wild-eyed liberals.
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    Yawn because I just gained my opinions on this matter after the vegas shooting reality, please I have no compulsion or desire to bathe in your bot site conspiracy bs
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    "We're happy to have (player X). We think he'll be a positive addition to our ballclub"
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    Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Gonna be interesting to see just how great a coach he is when Brady retires. I think when a manager walks into a room with some authority behind him he's more likely to have an impact. Jim Leyland is the tough dad who will ***** you out when you deserve it but still loves the heck out of you. Brad didn't have that type of clout. As far as Tito - I think having some very clutch players on that team really helped. I think Dusty is getting canned in Washington. I bet Leyland will get a call from them. But I think he's done.
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