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    What a ******* joke of a deal. I remember when i said the time to deal him was two ******* year ago. They basically just gave him away. **** Avila. Moron.
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    I'm not ready to concede that a lot of these guys aren't stupid. It wouldn't surprise me if many of them didn't bother to find out when Fulmer was eligible for free agency.
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    MartinezJD was traded for low back tightness?
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    MartinezJD seemed awfully bummed, I think. Kept his Detroit stuff on for the interview. Appreciative of the organization and the fans. Acknowledged the opportunity that the Tigers gave him with the original minor league deal. Understanding of the situation that the Tigers are in. Wouldn't rule out a return, but I kind of doubt that the Tigers will be buying. I don't know anything about these prospects. But I do know that I'd feel a heck of a lot better if Dave Stewart was still in charge of Arizona.
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    This is what happens when you ignore the obvious warning signs and wait two years to start the sell off. Clown show.
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    My first impression is that this is an awful deal, but I will wait for the prospects experts to weigh in.
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    The thought of anchoring a Fulmer trade with a bad contract is stupid imo. They need to accumulate talent.
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    The political forum would be a lot more fun if Hillary was president. It's kind of like how this forum is better if the Tigers are really good. What's the fun when everyone agrees they're bad? Hillary is kind of like James McCann, sure, she's bad, but you can make a good faith argument that she's not. Trump is more of a Tyler Collins type, he's bad and also he flips you off. You see, the American Republic is a lot like the old English D in that.........
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    My own suggestion is that the Dems take a page from Newt's book playbook. Hammer out a program to run on, try to nationalize the midterm as much as possible. Hammering Trump can always be the intro to any discussion, but always finish talking about program that represents some tangible progress. Always connect the dots that Trump and a GOP Congress constitute an ineffective co-dependency.
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    Actually, the Royals locking up overrated players like Hosmer and Moustakas to long term deals would be awesome. They could become like the 2017 Tigers but with even less payroll room to play with The Tigers should beat them, but in a really fluke looking way, so that the Royals both lose but decide to go for it. It can be done.
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    I'ts the 'national people' business it to make up narratives so that they have a framework for making the commentary that keeps their paychecks coming in. In general they are pretty much fantasy and they don't represent much real thought. More over, for most the national guys, they are interested in scenarios where non-national profile teams do stupid stuff that helps the high profile teams they want to talk about more (since those are the teams that have the biggest audience). In that world, a ROY traded from a mid-market team to a coast team is the byline equivalent of manna from heaven. It's not like guys like Olney are completely stupid or malevalent, they just have outcomes they would rather see and talk about.
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    I guess Fulmer is retiring after the 2020 season, when he'd still be under team control for 2 more years? With that new development, I'm more open to trading him.
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    Hmmmmmmm...... Well, it sounds like he'd fit in with the Tigers.
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    The team is fine, love JD, but we aren't going to miss him that much. But we haven't helped ourselves by getting pieces that are going to contribute in the future, which is the upsetting part of this.
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    Unless maybe Nicholas gets moved to OF or 1B or something and Lugo is slated as 3B of the future? I don't really get it... I mean IF there's a bigger plan here that Kinsler gets move and Lugo moves there (assuming Machado isn't seen a long term answer) or perhaps Cabrera gets moved and Lugo goes to 3rd... or maybe Iggy gets traded?!? This makes more sense IF more deals are coming... but... I have zero faith right now that more deals are coming that will make this make more sense.
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    Maybe that's the way he avoids talking to Rod Allen.
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    Well, it would be well deserved for the most part. At a minimum he should be tweeting out about the fake news media that says we are including cash in a Verlander trade.
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    He's gotta be loving every second of this...
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    His one outer for the straight flush, I think 4% with two cards to come. Funny thing about that hand, both sets were already behind on the flop.
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    What are the odds of that?
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    No they don't take a cut at all. I don't mind straight cash, but today only Uber is matching all tips on the platform. I'm up to 27 dollars in tips today, so with the match its 54 dollars. It won't be this good all the time. I had a ride out to Toledo in the morning, and asked for 20 dollars in tips as a return fee. With Uber matching today, it made it worthwhile, since I had to drive 75 miles from Toledo to home without a passenger.
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    I don't feel like asking my friends to drive across Metro Detroit to give me a ride home from work. Certainly not calling them at night to give me a ride from the bar.
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    Pro tip for those with a spouse from another hemisphere and/or takes a lot of business trips, like our good friend Biff. Suppose you have a car (or both) that need repair, but is/are limping along with her scheduled to be out of town in the near future. Day she leaves, take both cars to the airport, dropping the car off that needs service on the way, as you only need one car when she is gone. Then take Uber over from your house to get the car when it is ready for pick-up. Twice I've worked it where I dropped one car off, had it repaired, dropped my other car off at the mechanic to be serviced when I picked up the first one -> managed to get both cars fixed and returned home when she was out of town with no loss in mobility and minimal inconvenience. All it took was one Uber trip on the backend for $10 or something. I should probably add that I drive late model cars because I am cheap. My newer car is a 2002.
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    we're going to sweep the royals, trade for sonny gray, and win the division! who's with me???!!!
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    The Tigers forum would be more fun if Ausmus sent out wild tweets at 3am slamming various MTS posters.
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    Stan would be a good person to answer this, but he's been absent for a few days.
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    If it fails, he owns it. If I were running in 2018 that would be my mantra. Republicans had 8 years to come up with a viable alternative, they are the party in power. if they want to sit down and seriously discuss an alternative, I'm willing to talk. My opponent wasn't. Nothing about Trump, just the incompetence of of McConnell and Ryan and company.
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    Uber/Lyft is absolutely a community service and their success is what happens when the markets are free to fill a need without gov't. intervention. There has been a need for a long time for a form of transportation that one can call as needed that provides a clean car, a pleasant driver and a reasonable price that can be scheduled quickly. Droves of older people that are afraid to drive because of poor eyesight are getting out into the world again. Uber/Lyft has literally given them some of their independence back. It's a wonderful thing when the market is free to create and respond to needs. The only issue I see is gov't wanting to get a slice of the pie taxing Uber/Lyft out of business or crony capitalism being implemented to force out Uber/Lyft on behalf of the taxi driver union. And, as a side note, whether it's on the app or not, I always tip my driver cash as I'm grateful for the service and the cleanliness off the car.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if the maesters know, but don't want anybody else to know. Hence the restricted book area, etc. As with everything in this universe I doubt the maesters are truly completely good/altruistic and this Oldtown arc will reveal another power game/game of "thrones" for the maesters.
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    Turns out only hot air was produced.
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    I can't like this post enough and don't get why national people ignore this. He's got five years of team control! Even if we go through a five year rebuild he's still on the team. If it looks like it stalling we can move him in 2019 and still get a heck of a return.
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    The tigers should trade their best player and an overpaid player to get fewer lottery tickets so the team will be worse, and so their billionaire owner will make more money.
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    "Just Die Already": no longer just the secret code name for the GOP health plan.
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    I made the last post specifically for @sabretooth and everyone else that is keeping hope alive. Playoff odds are up to 14% this morning.
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    Wonder if Eddie Murphy signed off on that remake.
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    Drummonds 20 LBS is the new Greg Monroe mid-range jumper.
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    Nobody except the IRS has shown any interest in our spending from our HSA. Of course, we keep receipts in case of audit, but that money is ours. FSA is a rip off, Imo, since it doesn't carry over so somebody (not you) benefits financially if you don't spent it all.
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    This is the 4th summer in a row he's lost 20 pounds. His new playing weight must be a buck eighty five.
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    Stop being so glum. Zimmermann just notched a quality start.
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    I remember Wayne Newton when he was on black and white TV. <shakes head>
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    I don't have a whole bunch of use for Freemont Street on the whole, but Derek Stevens has turned The D into a great place to gamble, eat and drink. It was the only downtown casino I gambled at this trip, and I gave them some play a few years ago as well. It is a clean property that wants business from people who love Detroit- centric things--good stuff IMO. It is lightyears better than it was as The Fitzpatrick, and second only to Golden Nugget for Freemont Street supremely right now. The property is likely close to its ceiling, but what it is tight now is good.
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    I like the coat. I hope they keep that.
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    Exactly what I was going for. Thank you.
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    Right, Trump is nothing like those men. I think people like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh and others helped to create an audience that was waiting for someone like Trump to come along and Trump stepped in at the right time.
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    Maddow should know. She's an expert on spin from 8 years of spinning everything for Obama. She's as culpable as anybody for this political environment.
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