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    111 pages...still 29 days before he is even sworn in. That fascinates me.
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    I don't consider state lines to be artificial. Federal authority over the states largely is, however.
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    Since 1619 there had been slaves in America. After 230 years of that, some people thought that was destined to last forever, too.
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    I just don't think Stan wants to admit that, even though the EC currently decides elections, more actual real people didn't choose his mancrush for President
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    Wait, so were the elections results fair or not? You can't have it both ways.
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    What does that have to do with CTE?
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    Seaons's Greeting Bert! I think that ten years into the stars and scrubs program they have realized they want to start looking for an different kind of player. Unfortunately they are finding out that they are about the last team to get that particular buffet and pickings are pretty slim.
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    It seems the Tigers off season plan has begun to mimic my retirement plans: Buy a bunch of lottery tickets and hope one of them hits.
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    I am also a fan of smaller banks and corporations. I find it nearly impossible to deal with large entities once something goes wrong with a product or service I purchase. I would like to live in a world with more small companies and fewer mega-corporations. I would not mind if government was structured differently to become more efficient, but I am not in favor of cutting lots of services.
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    Chapter II: How Nastradamus never learned to keep his mouth shut and not argue with the coach.
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    Men at the poker table are awful towards women. Huge pet peeve of mine since we need these women to start donat...err playing to grow the sport. My girlfriend waited tables to put herself through college so she was sort of used to it. But she wanted me to play at her table for the first few months sort of as a security blanket I guess. She has a big advantage in having an extremely sharp tongue and she isn't afraid to use it. Guys tend to get the hint after a smart comment or two and back off. I'm sure it also helps, at least with the regulars, that everyone knows she is with me. Restaurants are probably the worst though. Female employees get it from customers, other employees, management, and owners. If I was a lawyer I would walk into the most expensive restaurant in town and just hand my card to every female employee. You would probably win a sexual harassment suit for about 80% of them.
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    Mention that I was right at least
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    I love numbers when it doesn't have to do with sports. Physics has opened up a very interesting world to me, where most of my days are filled with math and solving for the equations of motions of anything you can think of. For sports, the statistical side of it really takes away from the game for me. I don't even know how to explain it, it seems as if there is a building trend to talk much less about the actual play of a given sport (think eye test) and rely much more on advanced metrics, which by there construction, are arbitrary. If you want to talk about the angular momentum of a planet or the force due to a current carrying wire, I am game. But when it comes to sports, I just want to be a slappy who watches the game and throws up an opinion. The numbers are boring. For example, you can't mention RBIs on this message board for baseball, you will get laughed out. Hockey has moved to Corsi metrics as well. All about puck possession. But, of course hockey is about puck possession. I can watch the game and know who has had the puck more. I don't need a strict analysis of it.
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    This made me laugh; What could possibly go wrong while golfing on a frozen lake?
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    Got offered a part time job yesterday by Grand Valley State. Got an email from the student services office asking if I would like to lead a workshop for introductory physics courses. Basically I will get paid 6-8 hours a week to attend two lectures and then prep for the workshop sessions each week. Will give me an opportunity to work on my presenting skills. Also, one of the best ways to learn something deeply is to teach it. Plus, a few extra bucks can't hurt. Only drawback is that this is a non calculus based course, so I will have to figure out how to relate the math without using calculus, which seems counterintuitive to physics, but what the heck.
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    Brogdon gets Lebron then Kyrie. https://streamable.com/l8fer https://streamable.com/232zh
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    Actually, it sort of makes sense that in a league where preparation and training that would support play at a team precision level that would produce easier shots have decreased, that a solo performance skill like distance shooting would end up having a bigger role in the game.
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    Yup, dead on . I'd guess no, as I think its clear the team has played above its talent. We're like 13th in offensive DVOA, 31st defensively(top 5 STs tho!). We lost Calvin, we got nothing from Ansah and Levy as you noted, we never replaced Suh and the Abdullah injury was rather crippling, as the Riddick injury has been the last few games as well. He has the guys behind them, they're playing above their heads, they're focused , especially in key situations and he's been great for Stafford. I think you have to bring him back.Firing him for not beating 2-3 teams that are clearly better than us on paper is silly IMO.
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    Blashill might not have enough good talent to work with, but he doesn't seem like the right guy to lead the Wings at this point. Too many players have either regressed or have not developed under Blashill, and that suggests to me there is a coaching / leadership problem.

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