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    You know you're getting old when you read a story about an attractive, smart young lady and the first thing that pops into you're mind is, "I wish my son would meet a girl like that!"
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    Is having a permanent orange glow considered colored?
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    The press is too busy wallowing in their bull**** and still crying their eyes out to care about facts.
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    I wonder why in the **** they should be protesting an organization with no leader, let alone the leader that did what ticked them off. Makes no sense, but apparently that's objectivity in this forum nowadays.
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    The Iraq war wasn't so much the problem as what we did after Saddam was toppled. We refused to let anyone in the Ba'ath party remain in government positions. We let the Iraqi army disperse and eventually turn into insurgents. Law and order went out the window. Paul Bremer was a knucklehead also. In some ways, you can blame the rise of ISIS on him. Reading about what happened there in detail after Saddam was gone is infuriating. Things could have turned out so much better with some better forward thinking.
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    I agree that this is the result. I was disappointed with this election of course, but I was never thrilled with Hillary. More just mortified of Trump. Watching party insiders scramble to clean up this mess is helping me get over it pretty quickly. It's like watching a black comedy. Finally, they are the **** of the joke.
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    I don't think the cespedes market (or the market for other FA outfielders) will have much of an effect on JD. It's two completely different commitments in salary and years. I'm not saying it won't have any effect at all, but there are going to be plenty of teams out there that aren't interested in a long term free agent deal but that would be interested in JD.
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    For @Shelton and all other Shannon admirers.... http://www.msgnetworks.com/2016/11/14/hogans-highlights-why-i-jumped-from-news-to-sports/
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    Two things: (1) When it comes to prospects, always take the best ones you can get regardless of position. (2) You never have enough pitching.
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    Saw a lot of Beede and Arroyo, since both played for Richmond (where I live) this summer for the Giants' Double-A team. Beede is a legit stud. Had some issues early but overall figured it out and was dominant more often than not. Arroyo was solid but unspectacular. Still highly regarded in the system though. If we're giving up a year of JD, we absolutely need to get one of these guys. My choice would be Beede, but I think the Giants would be more apt to trade Arroyo.
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    Boyd and Norris have only thrown around 150 IP and hardly have an MLB track record. Fulmer took a big jump up in innings and outperformed peripherals. Boyd had a shoulder issue at the end of the season, Norris has had 3 injuries in the year and a half he's been with us (although he out-performed Fulmer down the stretch and I personally think he could be better than Fulmer in 2017). In general there's just higher variance with guys that don't have several hundred MLB innings under their belt. Having young pitchers is of course better than having 10 year veterans because they are cheaper and will be on the upside of their careers vs. being on the downside. But they also have potential to flame out one way or another that can't be ignored. Meanwhile, all our potential 6th starters are pretty ****-poor. I've said we need to get a near-ready MLB SP, I didn't say that had to be a #1 or #2, although that'd obviously be great. Another Boyd type guy would be fine by me.
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    Any moral high ground the right wing claimed it had is gone. I will laugh the next time I hear the evangelical base speak of family values.
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    Well, if nothing else, it no longer matters what you have done in the past. You too can be president.
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    If Trump were President when 9/11 happened he would have nuked the middle east. The entire region. Does anyone doubt that? He'd see it as a construction project. "Let's just start over.... when you have a project that's not working sometimes the best thing is to just tear it down and start over from the bottom."
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    Sarah Palin for Secretary of Interior. That's right "Drill Baby Drill" for Secretary of Interior. She said nice things about him. I am sure the people who work at Interior that are permanent, non-political are just going to love that. Rudy for Secretary Of State. This is the guy that was told it would be a horrible idea to put the security center in the Twin Towers because it was the #1 target but he refused to move it. I guess by Benghazi-Logic that means all the deaths on 911 are his fault. He was told not to do that. It caused mass confusion and knocked out much of the communications. People pleaded with him not to do that. What do they know. If Chris Stevens getting dragged and beaten is all Hillary's fault than the people you saw jumping off the tower....well, must be Rudy's. I am guessing Ben Carson for Surgeon General because he said nice things about him. Take a moment and look up some of the beliefs of Ben Carson. This administration will be so on the take that he'll end up having cigarettes passed out at schools. And you thought Joycelyn Elders was crazy. Wow, what a **** show this is going to be. I would be entertaining if I could only watch it from afar. Like New Zealand (those quakes were caused by the waves of escaping Americans). Last time we had total Republican control was 1928......by 1929 we were into a 10 year great depression and we are on the brink of rolling back regulation levels to that level again and our economy is not as strong right now as it was before 1928. Just a couple of questions - Will the bread lines have a gluten-free option? And will there be a low-sodium gruel available? Single parents are going to get hit the hardest in the tax code. That's mostly moms, by the way. The fathers take off, the women are the strong ones (usually) and battle through.....glad we're going to stick it to them the most. They are horrible people for not taking off and sacrificing their own dreams to raise their kids. How dare they! Savages! And Johnny Lunch Pail and his tax cut - about $560 a year - which will be less that the amount of expenses in everyday life that will go up and up and up. Plus that overtime pay he loves getting - bye bye to that. Probably won't be a cap on what "part time" is. Boss, I worked 42 hours last week and I got no benefits. Well, full time is 60 hours a week now, suck it up. Privatize Social Security - give it to Wall Street. They won't get reckless with it, no way! Oh yeah, by the way, that Social Security investment problem didn't work folks and it's too big a prorgram to start again. Sorry, that money's gone, tough break, good luck, you'll just have to work two full time jobs to save now.....you should have been born rich...that's your fault Yeah, all this could hurt the Republicans, but when you are homeless you don't have an address and people without an address can't vote - so at least they'll have that going for them. My house is paid for. I got lucky this time. So Imma gonna watch. Who for FEMA? Omarosa? Scott Baio? - they said nice things too. And to Oblong's point - our security............2 months left and no organized terror attack during Obama's Presidency (I don't count lone nut jobs), but I am feeling that won't be the case under Trump. They won't be able to blame anyone else and this time it's probably going to be home-grown. All this because people don't want a black neighbor. Sad.
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    I wonder why they would support someone like that when there are no FACTS that demonstrate he's a racist.
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    Thank you for posting that Hussman commentary. It was excellent in a way that surpassed market analysis and encompassed what is an economy. Which at its core an economy is people and before an economy can grow and heal people need to treat each other with understanding and respect. That can't and won't happen with an "us against them" mentality.
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    No way in **** Harrington loses his job. That kind of stuff is encouraged in academia, especially if it's a critique from the left. Academia is biased against right-wing perspectives, but the problem is, there's such a dearth of intellectually honest right-wing leaders that it's hard to find any good candidates in the first place. Most right-wing "thought" these days is basically propaganda blast-faxed to AM radio hosts by corporate lobbyists. Right-wing economics has been largely discredited since 2008, and there simply is no right-wing view at all on matters of science--based on the religious right antagonizing most scientists and critical thinkers.
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    Personally, this shot is half as impressive as the number of different angles they can give you nowadays. Watch Kentavious Caldwell-Pope hit ridiculous circus shot – ProBasketballTalk (via http://ble.ac/teamstream-) http://teamstre.am/2eAdOS6 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
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    I'm still trying to figure out exactly who is a part of "The Media."
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    This is exactly the type of team russ wants. No one else is any good so he gets to take all the shots while everyone around him stands and watches. Congrats russ. No one wants to play with your selfish ***.
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    His track record is pretty clear, isn't it?
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    Negan is already a cartoon character. This show wastes no time in ruining a good thing. I like his charisma but he is always on 11. They need to tone it down. A lot. All of his cheeky catch phrases, dancing around when he talks, constantly smiling, there's just nothing believable about it. A cartoon.
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    "Elite" is not a word I'd use for one of the worst blocking tight ends in football. He might be coming around finally as a pure pass catching TE (we'll see), but the elite ones can do it all. Not to mention stay on the field
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    Is that for real? Edit. Evidently it is, but few in the media are taking about it. Another reason for me to tell people to stuff it when they are blaming third party voters like me. And frankly, another reason why the media isn't to be trusted. That is really scary.
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    Oh, come on. If you really think Clinton, JFK and probably many others with their well documented multiple affairs were somehow respectful of women and didn't use their power and influence over them for their own sexual satisfaction, you're part of the problem.
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    The stories of this election 1. Fake scandals matter more than real scandals 2. Anti-intellectualism is alive and well 3. Progress is not as welcomed here as you might think
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    The only thing I care to have registered about me in Washington, is my contempt for their tyranny.

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