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    This is the ultimate toss up game. The Tigers are 58-53 all time on this date, the Twinators are 58-54.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. When I see kdog has posted in the late afternoon/ early evening, I know I'll be seeing a lineup post. This goes back to when freep.com was the best early source for lineups.
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    This is what I look forward to most as I grow old. I'm not a lawn person but Imma get one and a rocker and Imma yell nonsense at people that get close.
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    No one expects a Spanish Inquisition either but it's best to be prepared.
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    We had a huge one hit our downtown area a number of years ago. It was heading east along the freeway and we were right in its path. We were huddled in a small bathroom with three kids under a queen sized mattress, a yorkie, a 100+ lb wet (smelly) collie we had to literally chase down and drag from the yard, a parrot in a cage, and a battery operated radio. Wind, sirens ... So scary! But the crazy thing lifted up and went overhead, then dropped back down a few blocks past us. When we went outside, it looked like it had snowed but it was all papers the tornado had carried from a bank it hit several miles west and dropped in our yard. We have run for shelter on quite a few occasions when the sirens went off, but that was our only real close call. I love the new smart phones and weather apps because we can track the storms on radar even when the power and/or cable goes out. Which in our older neighborhood with overhead lines is all the darned time.
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    I think if pre-season rankings are done, it makes sense to rank teams based on how the rankers think they will finish, rather than based largely on what they accomplished last season. College teams often experience quite a bit of turn-over annually.
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    Or its because we beat them for 59 and a half minutes last year and lost less talent. Either way. I don't think rankings are important or anything at this point, but they're fun and mostly harmless.
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    There are a surprising number of cars on the road here where tornados are a fairly common occurrence. And it often ends very badly for at least a few. I think that the instinctual reaction of humans when danger approaches is to get "home." It is shocking how much damage those storms can do in a very short amount of time and how random it can be. One hit my brother's neighborhood a few years ago and utterly destroyed the house directly behind his, but his house sustained no damage at all, just some clean up of branches and debris in the yard. It was like it was skipping around choosing individual buildings instead of a path.
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    Tate, Tulloch, Quin, Ighedibo had a good season, Bush had a good season. Mayhew made quite a few nice signings and the team made the playoffs twice under his tenure which for any other franchise would be subpar but considering the state the Lions were in when he took over, not too bad. He was a poor drafter (tried for the "homerun" pick way too often), botched up the coaching situation by sticking with Schwartz too long and not a Caldwell fan, botched up the Suh situation (should have gotten value for him) but was very good with free agent signings and pretty solid with trades. He was a big mixed bag with probably more bad than good but not a disaster. The word disaster should begin and end with Millen.
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    Dustin Molleken is half Chinese. Just the left half.
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    Interesting stat of the day. With Levy the year before, we were 8th in DVOA against TEs. 29th last year. Here's hoping!

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