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    Well, you have to ignore Don Kellys tenure as a pitcher, but sure.
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    One could make somewhat of a case for Tommy Bridges. He was a member of four World Series teams for the Tigers ('34, '35, '40, '45) and was 4-1 in World Series games (Verlander being 0-4 in World Series games). That being said, I think Verlander would be considered the Tigers' best pitcher in franchise history. Just a shame he couldn't win a World Series here.
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    So back on my 8/21/91 wedding day, if I would have put down $10 that 28 years later my wife and I would celebrate our anniversary with a bottle of wine while on the radio in the background the last-place Tigers would beat a Cy Young winner and 1st place team on the road by throwing out the potential tying run at 3rd to end the game, how much would I have won?
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    You are right. I totally disagree! My goal in building a team is to be competitive most years. The playoffs are mostly a crap shoot. So, I want the ownership and GM of my favorite team to make them competitive every year and give them a chance to do something in post-season. Whether or not having 9 crap seasons and one championship is better than 10 playoffs and no championship is personal preference (you know where I stand on that), but I don't think designing your team to do just that increases your probability of winning a championship. Being competitive most years gives you a better chance. Having a big enough budget to add an ace that can win in the playoffs might give you a slight edge too.
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    I gotta good feeling about Parades. Like a get a good feeling about a cantelope. I'm gifted that way. Or as my ma used to say, "special."
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    Isn’t tiger **** a flavor of Mountain Dew?
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    I have no idea where to find that information but since Rod Allen got one they deserve one too.
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    Trump and probably those close to him can do something before the tweet happens.
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    Most people look thinner in black. Not Miggy.
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    Are there any clever nicknames out there? I see our first basemen is "bandit". Our catcher is "doc", I think. Farmer is "George". What do these mean? Can we have an explanation please? We're loyal viewers watching a last place team. Is asking for an explanation of the most likely not very clever nicknames asking too much? I want a "Fans Make Up the Nicknames" weekend. I'll start: "Bobby" Mercer "Mister" Rogers "Fidel" Castro "Sweet" Lugo "Justin" VerHagen "Ivan" Dixon "You can call me" Reyes "Looking for Mister" Godrum "Bruce" Norris Dave "JK" McKay "Frank" Beckham
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    So I don't recall a similar reaction on the flip side when he talked up a big market that benefited your 401K. That said, if you're worried about a single day's impact on your 401K- no matter how bad....you're focusing on the wrong thing.
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    Yes, there have been some good players from here. The Espositos, Chico Maki I think, Marty Pavelich, Ivan Boldirev. My father-in-law played minor league pro and knew lots of those guys. Gretzky played his Junior hockey here.
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    I like Harmon Killebrew because he’s from Idaho. He’s from Payette, Idaho and at the high school they have an auditorium with a geodesic dome reminiscent of a baseball. As a child, Killebrew played baseball at Walter Johnson Memorial Field, named after the Hall of Fame pitcher who spent part of his childhood in Idaho. He worked as a farmworker in his youth, where he lifted ten-gallon milk cans, each weighing about 95 pounds. He was an All American high school quarterback and was offered an athletic scholarship by the University of Oregon, but declined the offer. In the early 1950s, Senator Herman Welker of Idaho told Washington Senators owner Clark Griffith about Killebrew, who was hitting for an .847 batting average for a semi-professional baseball team at the time and signed him to a $50,000 ($466,481 today) contract on June 19, 1954.
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    The '60's Twins also had that rarest of creatures, the black catcher - Earl Battey. John Roseboro and Elston Howard were frontline players in the same era and Roy Campanella preceded them.
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    It's hard to have a favorite Twin because of 87, 06, 09.... but I'd go with Dan Gladden because of the mullet. When he played for the Tigers there were 3 trashy looking women, probably strippers, hanging around the dugout. This was a day game. You know strippers when you see them in the daylight, they don't hold up very well without the mood lighting and fog of smoke. They were waiting for Dan to run in from the dugout and he waved to them... obviously they knew each other.
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    Drew VerHagen vs Jose Berrios Inches never seemed so far
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    Well, maybe it ******* should be. Regardless, whoever sent it, that person(s) needs to be fired. And whoever they report to. But we all know it won’t happen, because that’s the actual message they meant to send.
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    Nothing we don't know, but here is an accurate analysis of our psychopath President: https://www.rawstory.com/2019/08/hes-empty-psychiatrist-warns-trump-is-in-a-psychotic-like-state/
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    The rabbit ball is only part of the reason, the main reason is the batters approach. Prospectus ran the numbers and it showed that hr rate is only up in 2 strike counts, it's particularly up in 0-2 and 1-2 counts. So I'm thinking hitters are no longer giving in with 2 strikes and just trying to put it in play but they are swinging all out with the all or nothing approach. Explains the increase in Ks too.
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    Is Jason Beck still working for MLB.COM? He has been doing that for like 20 years now? And he still looks 20 years old. How come he never says controversial or stupid stuff or have twitter fights? He is like a machine cranking out one boring but professional story after another
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    He's right, at least in part, on Burrows. The decision isn't as clear cut as most fans likely believe. He's shown more and more tendency toward a relief future, finishes the year on the IL, and there's other priorities for some of that 40-man space. It's not an obvious decision.
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    Martinez had an OPS+ of 139. Castellanos has an OPS+ of 114. Real close.
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    Tigers at Astros  Game 123 37-85 Remember him? Clarence Huber Years with Detroit: 1920-21 Tigers highlights: A triple on Sept. 25, 1920 You may remember him from: Philadelphia Phillies, Dennison Railroaders, from the same town as Earl Campbell Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
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    Nick homered in his first AB tonight. In 70 AB as a Cub he has seven home runs. He chose the #6 when he got to Chicago as his tribute to Al Kaline.
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    He still needs a couple more years for me to be convinced he is for real.
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    *dailybeast posts tweet which can be argued takes Shapiro out of context in order to score points, forum approves. *I ask to look at the full context, nope - not allowed, that would give Shapiro more clicks and he's not worth it, plus the tweet from dailybeast is in black and white, what is there to argue? *Forum moves to 'I dislike people that try and score points' as it's pointed towards Shapiro, forum approves. So you all won't even listen to an opposing viewpoint, but you are 100% on board with any negative criticism of that person without caring about context. Shapiro in this instance is an exact metaphor for what I wonder about with you folks and Trump. And to note, as i'll get accused of defending Trump now. My concern with blindly blaming Trump for everything, even when in context you're probably still right 80% of the time, the right will focus on that 20% and use that to prove you have a vendetta, allowing them to grip tighter to their side.
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    The economic actions of an administration have a lot to do with the timing and severity of a recession. The biggest example is that trying to pump up the economy to delay one is going to make it worse, which is exactly what Trump is talking about doing now with a proposal for a withholding tax holiday. The huge deficit spending that Trump supported for the corp tax cut is also going to make the next recession worse because taxes are going to have to be raised during a downturn - making it deeper and the recovery slower. Keynes is still correct, a national economy is a meta-stable system, it oscillates around it's core rate of growth somewhat unpredictably, but the actions of the government can and do absolutely affect whether those oscillations are dampened or magnified. A government that acts countercyclically will reduce the severity of recession, a government that pumps up the economy artificially for political purposes will *always* make the next turn down worse because it increases the amplitude of the oscillation (it's basically the same as control theory in engineering) , and the examples from the Reagan and Bush II admins are irrefutable historical proof of that. It's easy to buy extra GDP growth for the evening news with tax cuts and deficit spending. But the bill will *always* come due and force growth back down below the underlying 'real' rate for long enough to re-establish the equilibrium i.e - produce a recession. Trump has been a horrible economic steward and had been damaging the future prospects of the economy from day one in his actions to buy re-election.
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    This post is incoherent. I'm not sure what point you are trying to make. You can use any pundit or news channel your heart desires. Not sure when I explicitly told you you couldn't.
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    Remember when papi got self righteous about demeaning a whole class of people? Good times
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    Making a mistake is what he did when he totally didn’t know who that guy in the UK was because he immediately dressed up to it. (He had no choice because it was obvious what an asshat he was). This here is not a mistake. He doubled down on his own idiocy and displayed it for all to see.
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    You really don't think he is? He talks for a living, he's going to make mistakes. Do you have to be aligned a certain way politically to be smart now-a-days? He's smug and arrogant, but he is pretty smart as well. And one more thing, I mention stuff like democrats pushing the "hands up, don't shoot" and i'm told it's not the party, just some fringe left wing folks. I prove that most of the major candidates for president are still pushing that narrative to this day and it's just crickets from your side.
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    NeverTrumpers are in play - and there are a lot of them.
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    and not go up against another historically bad candidate in Hillary. I'll be honest, when I watched a doc on the 90's and saw the section on Clinton it brought back all that animosity, nails on chalkboard feeling when she was on screen in her headband looking like the psycho in Hand that Rocks the Cradle. For those who don't follow politics like I do and were ambivalent on Trump it is easy to see non votes or reluctant votes for her. To a lot of people who don't really follow the news they knew of Hillary but were ignorant of Trump. 7% of the voters pay no attention to anything. THey may not have even known about the ***** grabbing or mocking of disabled people.
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    It would be kind of a stretch to say Verlander struggled. He was a combined 11-2 in the minors in 2005. He did have two poor cup-o-coffee spot starts with the Tigerss in 2005. By June 1 2006 he was 7-3 in Det so I guess if you want to call those two games struggling you could, but that is about it. Three years in (2008) he had a regression yr - mostly because the idiot tiger brain trust wanted him to stop throwing so hard. That corrected itself in 2009 with Chuck Hendandez's firing. But none of the guys in this org are Verlanders. If the term 'generational talent' means anything, it means Verlander. That's too high an expectation to put on any young player. Just another data point on JV. OK - wins are useless but these are still interesting numbers. CC Sabathia is the only active pitcher with 250 career wins. CC is 38 and has 46 wins since his age 33 seasons. JV is 36 and has 62 wins since his age 33 season.
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    All these years in the mlb, two stints with the tigers and still can't get the guy a profile pic. The rough life of edwin jackson
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    Edwin Jackson vs Wade Miley Houston we have a problem
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    I listened to the entirety of this game in my car thanks to the AtBat app as I drove 650 miles from Illinois through Missouri and flood devastated Iowa to Nebraska. It was a disappointing way for the game to end but I was enthralled by Dan and Jim. Listening to Dan and Jim in a place where I would least expect it was like a miracle, even a privilege. I usually have something going on at the house when I listen to them and catch parts of a game but I followed the entirety of this game except when Google maps constantly interrupted to lead me through a maze of shut down legs of interstate highway and blockaded on ramps in Kansas City. I ended up missing the bottom off the first inning where Boyd got into trouble. Drove past Kauffman on the interstate and my God it’s impressive from the road.
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    So spot on. These guys helped create it, they get to live with the consequences. Just like the rest of us will
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    Always remember the anonymous scout last year during spring training who said Shohei Ohtani was a HS level hitter.
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    For some girls...the bread is way more important than the banana
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    I know people will say that he is just saying this to be politically correct and he doesn't mean it but I think there is alot of truth to this. During the season these guys(atleast the ones that really put forth the work) don't do much outside of basketball, and in the offseason they can live wherever so where you play isn't as important to them as many people seem to think. Of course all things being equal they will go to the more desirable location but if you have or can put a better team around them I think guys will more often than not take that over location. And BTW we all know he's talking about Bullock here.
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    I love being a cantankerous old fart. 🙂 You do have the coolest "handle" on this site - If I read it right - which makes me want to sit down and have a "Hongbit spelled backward" with you. 🙂 Obviously that ain't gonna happen. Cheers dude.
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    That's just going to make him try all that much harder...
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    Next year at spring training/ AAA is huge for him.
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    you have an experienced offensive line for the first time in 15 years. you have an experienced senior qb and a talented backup, and you have all three of your biggest rivalry games at home. barring injuries or flukes, you should win the big ten.
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