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    I don’t care about my old posts. Sometimes I was flat out wrong. Others was simply due to a change in opinion. Whatever. I don’t trust people who are so rigid in their thoughts over a 20 year period.
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    This will probably be the verse:
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    Not everyone has to be flipped. They need to some major league pitchers to give them some innings so they won't be forced to bring up young pitchers who are not ready.
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    I don’t think that model works anymore. Fiers had a sub 3.50 ERA for us and the best we received in return was Logan Shore. Teams aren’t giving up good prospects at the deadline, save for elite talent or closers. Regardless of how good of a season that Cron or Schoop has, I would expect very little in return for them.
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    The only thing that prevented previous generations from using technology to cheat was the absence of the requisite technology.
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    miami beat the patriots. the colts actually beat the chiefs. in kc. the lions being close to beating a good team doesnt make them good. and their defense this year was fairly healthy until the end of the year when the lions put everyone on ir in an attempt to lose games. you can excuse the lions losing because they lost stafford (although they were under 500 when he was healthy), but how do you excuse the defense? they have one of the worst defenses in the league with patricia's scheme in place and with quinn having spent big money in the offseason to get players for it.
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    He only needs 34 for acquittal, right? That is 17 states worth of senators. The 17 least populated states make up roughly 7.5% of the population. Not all of those states are red (though most are), so you have to move up the list if you want 34 R senators to acquit, but it is quite possible that only 11% of the represented population could vote for acquittal and he be acquitted.
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    Because “the business of America is business.“ It’s OK when business people do it but when players do it it’s not because that’s what the owners say.
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    Can't wait until him dissolving the Supreme Court is describe as a "reform" by CNN.
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    My wife who works for GAO was pumping her fist at all the good PR today.
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    I've been on a lot of teams, mostly baseball teams -- some of which bent the rules on occasion -- and the idea that the hitters (and the spotters and bangers and others directly involved) knew about this but at least some of the rest of the players did not strikes me as ludicrous. Everybody knows that the game was fixed The rest stay poor, the Sox and Stros get rich That's how it goes Everybody knows. (With apologies to Leonard Cohen)
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    Nope on the jealous. Money has everything to do with how hard you are going to work. You're not as smart as you think you are.
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    Well ladies & gentlemen, looks like the executive branch is a bunch of piles of ****. Who'd a thunk it?
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    And it should be just as impeachable an offense - it's basically the prostitution of the US Dept of State in furtherance of corrupt Ukrainian interests. Acceding to the corrupt demand is every bit as bad as the flip side attempt to manipulate Ukraine into aiding a re-election campaign.
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    Best Maddow I've seen in a while. I tend to tune her out. I realize she has her fans. I'm not in her lane politically so that's mostly why. But man...this has been fire!
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    i know were supposed to lose, but i'm in massachusetts tonight and it feels so good to watch the celtics lose to detroit.
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    Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit, after these Parnas dumps, he's lucky to finish his first.
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    The problem with the R&R HOF (which is really an awesome place to check out) is that it's a bunch of nerdy music elitists voting. That's why an iconic band (that also totally slays) like KISS can be shut out for so long. Maybe the reasoning is because, well, how else would you do it.... but why the **** do halls of fame have writers & journalists deciding who gets in? yes, let's let jock sniffers decide
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    I remember an interview several years back with Adrian Gonzalez, it was about the time he was considered one of the best hitters in baseball. Anyway the discussion of sign stealing got brought up and he said as a batter he would never participate in it again because he found it more difficult when base runners would steal signs and try to relay it to him at the plate. The brain can only process information so quickly so having to quickly register what the sign meant while still having that little doubt in the back of your head if it was 100 percent accurate just made it more difficult for him. Of course this situation is more sophisticated then just the runner on 2nd stealing signs but to me it still seems like it would be distracting trying to focus on getting the signs while the pitch is just about on its way. But evidently it's benefitial or else they wouldn't keep doing it.
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    Yeah, I don’t understand why we have seven open spots on the 47-man roster and AA isn’t using them.
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    It might not be all bad. We might be great at stealing signs and just bad at using that information productively. #silverlinings
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    I don't even care about the Fab Five thing. Martin paid players because he wanted to an association later if they became a star. They were young and poor and wanted money. I can't really be that mad at an athlete who is broke, not being paid a salary, and playing in front of 15,000+ becoming amenable to such an arrangement. I suspect it happened at other places as well but it simply didn't get out.
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    You know when I've had a few drinks the thing I like to do to relax is communicate with Rudi Giuliani's friends on a platform with end-to-end encryption about surveilling a US Ambassador in a post-Soviet nascent democracy.
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    He looks like an unemployed brownshirt from some hick town in Bavaria.
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    holy ****. I know we talk about how this admin is run like the mob, but holy ****, this is some mob ****.
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    they better hope he does, its the only thing that will save their jobs.
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    If by help you mean bitched at them and threatened them until they got a bank account, then yes. Someone from my credit union was nice enough to come in and talk to everyone. My partner was nice enough to agree to pay everyone for an hour so they couldn't skip the talk. But it has definitely become my pet project to teach them better ways to handle their money.
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    Lol. Yes. I almost responded to that person, (who seems to like to lol at my posts a lot), then I stepped back and wondered -based on other responses here- can I only See it due to being a GOD... I mean mod? 😉 (Power. I feel so powerful right now)💃👑 lol Regardless, it’s a move that seems a weee bit creepy... I mean, why not occasionally actually respond as to why you want to classify another person ‘s post laughable.
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    I can't be comfortable with this season until they trade Drummond which appears to be more unlikely as these rumors of teams offering virtually nothing start filtering out. I worry that he opts in because why would he opt out and they kick this can down the road another year. Somebody tell me that I'm worrying for no reason. Otherwise, there are some reasons for optimism finally with the development of some of the young guys and the high draft pick. I wouldn't call Sekou a foundational player quite yet but he's way more advanced than I thought he'd be at this age and the natural skills are there to be a really good player. Something to build on at least.
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    I saw a large truck of new trash cans being delivered to Comerica Park today
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    So here's an amusing story: on the Clockwork Angels tour, my friend Dave (mentioned above) bought really expensive floor seats to the show in Grand Rapids. On the day of the show, I picked up free tickets to the show, had his wife ( @MelissaG915 ) be my guest and we ended up sitting in front of him....for free. So this past Friday we all end up at the tribute band show and....Melissa and I ended up in front of him again.
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    LOL - yet the admin has told the court "Please don't rule on this until after the election because if you rule in our favor we are going to lose votes big time!" https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/477750-trump-administration-wants-supreme-court-to-delay-hearing-obamacare-case
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    My favorite Cabrera story happened in Chicago. Miggy was hitting third, the first two Tigers made outs. I believe Cabrera took the first pitch. But he stepped out of the box, looking puzzled. He started talking to the umpire and timeout was called. The umpire got the groundskeeper out there to check the batter's box. Sure enough, it was off a bit. They had to totally replace the white lines to correct the batters box. You can't argue with Cabrera's eye, the man is a professional hitter!
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    Off and running to my 2020 goals of getting 1/2 way through 1952 (and then eventually the 2020 Topps) The Kell is really nice and the other 3 are somewhat off-condition.
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    Better credentials? Vrabel was a defensive coordinator for one season and had one of the worst defenses in the NFL. Why isn't Vrabel Jon Robinson's "guy"? They both worked together in New England and Robinson was a GM with no experience.
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    That was rather rude. https://streamable.com/nyqn2
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    27 posts about Buck Farmer. Are we in bad shape or what?
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    A key difference I see on Statcast is average launch angle. In 2017 it was 19.6%; this past season it was all the way down to 9.0%. That would explain the difference between giving up nine bombs in 48 innings versus giving up eight in 67⅔.
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    But our resident day traders are thrilled
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    Playing Sekou down the stretch over Maker would hurt the tank. Well done Dwane Casey, well done. That was a big clutch loss and I really mean that. Anything that could distance Gores from the delusion that this is a playoff team is a good thing. Also, I hope that teams eyeing Drummond get enamored with the 28-22 stat line and ignore that the guy he defended had a 35-14 stat line. Classic Andre
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    I'm more offended by the fanny pack than I was his weight.
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    Methinks you must be a Wolverine fan. MSU has been to the Final 4 in college hoops many times over that period. You actually have UM hoops listed 3 times, MSU once
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