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    Parties are the same.
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    One of the best baseball stories ever.
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    That narrows it down.
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    This... this is tasteless
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    As I wrote before, I think the board was more than civil and engaging in discussion despite him being, IMO, somewhat flippant for 7 or 8 pages. Then he made an Alzheimer's crack about Liston, and I don't know, 10 or 15 posters replied because they presumably felt he went over the line. That's just what happens. There isn't a committee of people sitting around adjudicating what the response is to a post or poster. I think most everyone responds as they feel appropriate or humorous or whatever, largely independent if other people responded. My general observation is new posters get more leeway, not less. But I don't think the response to D&L given the general tenor of his posts was out of line, so maybe my opinion isn't the best here. I suppose I don't see the 'there' there.
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    That still makes no sense. The post you attacked the left was quoting Trump attacking the fifth amendment The poster was just pointing out the hypocrisy of Trump You go on an old man rant Remember, your boy Donald was once a Democrat
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    Jim Adduci hit 2 home runs and a double today in a doubleheader. After the second game Al Avila called him again, this time just begging him to accept a callup, but once again Jim told him to go **** himself, only a lot more emphatically than last time. Avila just doesn't seem to understand the business empire that Jim is building in Toledo and how he needs to be there every day to supervise its growth. The strip clubs, yes I suppose that Barbato and Lewicki could look after those for a few days but it isn't optimal. As for poker which is the biggest revenue generator so far, if Jim isn't there personally to play, well duh. A more recent initiative by Jim is the distribution of cigarettes which he can get, shall we say, "wholesale". If you are wondering about the recent disappearance of a couple of 18-wheelers full of cigarettes on their way to Toledo, that's a very disturbing circumstance and Jim is already on the record as having condemned it. So once again, Al Avila did the only thing that he could do at the end of the telephone conversation with Jim. He apologized as humbly as he could, and then he quietly hung up the phone.
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    Interestingly enough, the election results are irrelevant to Trumpsters but Hillary still is relevant to Trumpsters since she's all they can talk about.
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    Also worth noting how Bill was not allowed anywhere near Laura, Melania, nor Michelle. Probably smart.
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    I wonder how someone can show up cold on the board and immediately end up on the wrong side of probably the most equimanious member of the board.
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    Any American Administration that thinks the US can "break" the Iranian regime has a fool for a leader and more fools working for the chief fool. Trump just did more to solidify the standing of the regime than any 'bad deal' ever could. These people know nothing of Iran, nothing of Persian history and culture, nothing of Islam, nothing of human nature, and not much of anything at all really.
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    I know a bunch of boomers who took early social security retirement in order to have an income. Once you hit sixty, nobody wants to hire you except, maybe, as a Walmart greeter. And that's just a fact. My BIL, for example. CPA with forty years' experience filed at 62 and right now is driving a school bus to supplement his income so that he doesn't exhaust his savings. An electronics engineer friend, fixing computers in his spare room and drawing social security at 62. These companies want millennials to whom they can pay low wages and who are cheaper on the company health insurance plan. Real life. The economy is hardly in the toilet as some claim, but it isn't all sunshine and roses either.
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    Yeah so this Mize guy is sort of meh. I'm hoping for a high school first baseman whose nickname is "Spaz".
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    Adduci Sr smoking a cigarette. And Adduci Jr in the second grade:
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    After Ty Cobb got punished, I assume the rest of the legal team will sit out in protest for a while?
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    If there was no collusion and it's a witch hunt... then simply tell the truth. If you did nothing wrong then telling the truth can't hurt you.
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    Ok, I'm pissed at somebody, but I'm not sure who.
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    He was talking to the lady on the right in the back and had to run over to get in the photo....
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    Maybe you could post after you get the point but, since I just had a $100 vacation with a bunch of kegs of beer I'll help you out since I'm rejuvenated. The point isn't that Trump failed to attend the funeral. It's that he's a complete a-hole, and those in the photo are not. You're welcome.
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    A sitting president hasn't attended a former first lady funeral since Kennedy attended Eleanor Roosevelt's funeral. Don't see the big deal.
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    LOL, I bet you were really optimistic during the Clinton and Obama presidencies which also saw record highs in the stock market. The stock market has seen record highs during every presidency since Reagan. The unemployment numbers have not gone down much since Trump became president either. And check out the GDP under Trump compared to Clinton. I don't really care about any of them because I don't think any President has that much to do with it. I just don't like to see people misinterpreting numbers to make their guy look like a genius.
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    I look forward to complaining about him in the fall.
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    Trump is the worst