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    Questioning a man like Donald Trump's motives is entirely rational. To not do that would be irrational. It's only pretzel logic to people wishing to be contrarian in an attempt to defend the president. There's going to be enough skepticism around this without him jumping in trying to push it through for the sole motive of electoral benefit rather than a health benefit. His history on this pandemic is quite clear that it's all been about how it affects him personally not us. There's no pretzel logic.
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    I will be signing these Limited Edition Topps baseball cards at The Corner Ballpark in Detroit Tuesday afternoon from 1 AM to 4 PM. Please practice social distancing norms. There are only 100 cards and the signing fee is $1000 per card. All proceeds will go to arming LGBTQ Antifa youth militias in hopes of cementing a coalition with the Sharia Law armies, which according to the emails I received from people living in Idaho, have been policing the streets of Dearborn with tanks and armored troop carriers for the past 20 years. This may be the last chance we’ll ever have to keep America Gay, Communist, and Muslim. Thank you for your support.
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    On the topic of the world wars, my grandmother was on track to make the Canadian Olympic team in figure skating but the olympics were canceled.
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    Btw, in case anyone is actually paying attention anymore, over 190,000 are dead. And, as opposed to the contention now being preached that this number is inflated, I believe it is vastly undercounted. But the GOP, led by their abomination of a president, doesn’t even acknowledge the pain that every family out there has lived with, and continues to live with. We’re dismissed. We’re called names. But more to the point, it’s IGNORED It is agony. Perpetrated by this beast of a man and his enablers, and now also by people who formerly were our neighbors and fellow citizens. It is agony. Every day.
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    The claims made in the article are not well supported by the testimony offered. For example, the claim that they 'skirt laws' by marking a form that they did not intend to deliver an intact fetus prior to procedure, then deliver it intact. I am not an expert, but nowhere was it demonstrated delivering an intact fetus was the intent of the person doing the procedure despite the outcome or even if doing so is beneficial for PP. I took the PP VP testimony to mean despite intending to deliver the fetus a certain way, it does not always happen as such. Did I read that the wrong way or is there background I should better understand because I read the article cold? The point being whether this outcome was due to intent as opposed to the consequence unforeseen challenges / complications was not established in my opinion, ergo it isn't clear whether laws were skirted or not as opposed to a procedure not going as intended. Maybe they were or are being skirted, but it isn't clear from her response. Just like the insistence there is profit being made. I know you believe that fervently, but where has this been established as fact? Honest question. The fact there is, or appears to be, a different procedure used for an abortion where specimen are taken as opposed to disposed of is not terribly surprising to me. I don't claim to know the law or medicine (I don't), but what is that supposed to be evidence of? It seems plausible to me, at least, that they would do a procedure that best supports collecting specimen if one of the goals of the procedure is to collect specimen. Call me crazy. That's my take on the article. 'You guys ganging up on me and is why I don't post here' shtick is passive aggressive and does not lend any credibility to your argument / claims. If you truly want to sway people, you need to have a convincing argument and whinging detracts from that. JMO.
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    I apologize if someone already posted this and I just didn’t see it, but this encapsulates perfectly this particular problem, and short enough for a tweet.
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    This contributes absolutely nothing to the conversation. But I can't wait to hear our new public health expert, the My Pillow Guy, speak at next weeks RNC Convention.
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    I'm thinking of Alex Jones supporters who harass Sandy Hook families.
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    I'm thinking of anti abortion protesters who yell at women and girls going into a clinic.
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    Not much difference between 1957 and 1984 at this point. Both are pathetic.
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    "Boyd with a very solid 4.00 ERA. Wait, being told that that is his WHIP"
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    Anyone know what we got from the NK meeting?
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    I don’t recall the protestors in that DC park throwing anything at police before they were tear gassed to make way for that Fat Orange ****. Please don’t lump protestors with looters.
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    I love Biggs. He’s always been so welcoming to the 12 year-old middle school girls he meets on this site.
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    Glad I didn't see these games. Even with this downer I'm still gonna eat 2 helpings of baklava. And maybe buy a new pair of shoes. Or an Atari system. Or both. Or neither. But definitely the baklava.
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    I only joined up in 2004 so I am a mere pup. This is the only place where my addiction issues regarding this team are honored has an expression of authenticity instead of hilarity. Having never lived in Detroit the only time I have ever been around other Tiger fans is when I lived in Tucson and out of pure serendipity had a cluster of friends from Detroit and Ann Arbor. Total diehards. Patriots. Men of the cloth. Other than that, I’m the only one I know. Aside from people here. I’m grateful for this place.
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    I still enjoy reading here, I just don't have quite as much time as I did as a twelve year old middle school student in 2004. Good memories!
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    Things never change. A message board fails, some refugees show up here, and immediately tell us how much better their old board was. It happened again about 2 years ago.
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    Out in plenty of time as a stocking stuffer for your favorite uncle, neighbor, or boss.
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    So will Adduci...whereever he is
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    There's been some interesting pretzel logic on social media regarding the upcoming CV19 vax. Originally if one refused to be injected with a fast tracked CV19, that individual was more or less put into the "anti-vax" category. Now that Trump has put his weight behind the fast tracked CV19 vax and having it released before Election Day, those would categorize people with legitimate concerns as "anti-vaxxers" are now saying they won't get vax'd because of Trump. To me it's yet another example of how the national obsession with Trump is keeping people from thinking and analyzing with an independent and rational mindset. It's both a fascinating and disappointing observation.
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    Took a pic of myself and the cat, but I couldn't get it to look good in color, so I tried it out like this.
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    The Tigers need a veteran presence in right field and I know just the person.
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    I swear he made me a Blizzard at DQ the other day
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    Oblong is suggesting that a big part, perhaps the biggest part, of the reason all the dirty laundry of the deceased is hung out for all to see is to make the victim less sympathetic. I also believe he was making a general statement about how these events are covered and information disseminated, as opposed to trying to draw a direct comparison with any specific case. I don't think he was trying to equate this tragedy with the one in Wisconsin, for example. And I guess I don't get the relevance of sexual assault being worse than a driving violation as it pertains to being killed. Did the sexual assault history influence what the cops did any more than some hypothetical guy with driving violations? Before you answer that, what if the driving violation is fleeing the scene and evading arrest at high speed? Maybe a cop with that information would think that guy has to be stopped before he starts driving because he has already demonstrated himself to be a danger to society when he fears arrest. Setting all that aside, unless the transgressions are germane to how the police acted in **the execution of their duty that day**, they should not be made public **and are red herrings**. That was Oblong's point. Not that driving infractions were somehow analogous to abuse and assault. I honestly don't even begin to know how you arrived at that. If the transgressions appear germane, I'd advise anyone / everyone to take anything the police department discloses with a boulder-sized grain of salt because they have a massive incentive to paint the incident in as favorable a light as possible.
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    Somehow not even close to Mario's level.
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    The candidates should be hooked to electric shock probes and the fact checker can shock them whenever they get something wrong.
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    Looks like they needed every single one of those hits as well. Coming into the season, from 1904 through 2019, there were 979 games in which the home team collected 18 hits while batting only eight innings (i.e., won the game in the top of the ninth as the home team.) Of those, only 46, or about 4.7%, resulted in the team scoring seven or fewer runs. So, yeah, that's unusual. Even more unusual because the Tigers have done such a good job of plating their runners who get on base this year, among the best in baseball, actually.
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    I thought the kids were in the back seat and he was getting into the drivers seat? If so he was not directly threatening them. The argument about him driving away with them is maybe better, but could they just have blocked the car or shot out the tires? I think in a lot of these cases it's not like there is NO argument to made for the application of force, it's the immediate choice to use lethal gun fire in lieu of all other options when the perp is a POC. For instance in immediate comparison to cops of the same department letting a white person with a hot firearm walk away from the scene of a multiple shooting. That later aspect is what had even Valenti carrying on instead of talking sports this afternoon. Even if in your (your in the generic sense) universe the cops had to kill Blake without the option, then they sure should have had to kill Rittenhouse as well. Instead Rittenhouse was obviously given the benefit of the assumption that he was with the local vigilantes who the cops were pretty clearly simpatico with.
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    RNC Drinking Game.... take a shot every time the Hatch Act is violated
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    This is random, but I thought of you guys when it happened. I have been working in the same department as Anita Hill for 16 years, but met her for the first time today when I was placed into a Zoom breakout room with her and three others. Anyway, she wanted to know why I wasn't saying anything in the meeting about policy. I told her that I was a stat guy and didn't know much about policy. She said she didn't know anything about stats.
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    It was a somber day in the Adduci household. Jim had just explained that he had put his entire signing bonus into a Disney movie about a future world. His new wife wanted to be supportive, but she could not see how they would afford to have a family now.
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    Ozzie didn't sign here because he knew that the Tigers would jerk him around on his service time.
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    John Durham, wasn't he the guy who was suppose to flip the script on Obama? Originally it was suppose to be Jeff Sessions but he got fired even though threats of firing were all a smokescreen.
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    Kasich's speech will frustrate the left, but the central message of it is to give people in suburban Columbus or Pittsburgh or Milwaukee a slip to pull the lever for the D. These people exist.... the left wing of the party may not realize it, but these voters do exist.
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    If his tax returns were finally made public and they were 100% legit and legal.

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