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    The point is that pro-gun people often proudly claim that they believe in the constitution but many of them don't know what's in the constitution beyond 2A. My feeling on 2A is that it's vaguely written and not very applicable to today given our military strength and advanced technology. I think our gun culture is barbaric, but there is no way confiscating guns is going to work anymore than alcohol prohibition. I am in favor of stricter regulation and enforcement.
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    Hearing that people were "groveling" over broccoli casserole makes me question them as judges of food.
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    If he doesn't Handel his Bach better he'll be baroque.
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    One could make somewhat of a case for Tommy Bridges. He was a member of four World Series teams for the Tigers ('34, '35, '40, '45) and was 4-1 in World Series games (Verlander being 0-4 in World Series games). That being said, I think Verlander would be considered the Tigers' best pitcher in franchise history. Just a shame he couldn't win a World Series here.
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    As a general proposition I would say Snyder has almost nothing to do with the US national GOP. It was in no small part trying to buy back the cred he lacked with the GOP "kill the government beast" establishment after helping Detroit that got him into the trouble he landed in Flint. Schuette is more a rep of the GOP mainstream and he and Snyder had no use for each other. But you are still missing the main issue. The debate about what policies help who is always fair game, the denial that there is a difference as the result of policy and that it may impact some people a lot more than it impacts you is more the question. If you want to take SB's view, you can just deny 40 years of history and say that the US middle class is disappearing, US wealth is concentrating, and our children may be the first in the nations history to see their economic standing fall below their parents' because of unknowable, inscrutable, mysterious cosmic forces that can never be comprehended or controlled. Or can you take an empirical, historical, realist view that we are exactly where have put ourselves as the result of 40 years of deliberate policy decisions and try to reason out as citizens what if anything we can help do about it. Now of course, there is another view, which is that with the collapse of respect for the rule of law in the executive and decisions like Citizen's United and Rucho v Common Cause, we have succeeded in so tilting the playing field that there is now no way to ever climb back, and the republic is already lost - we are Rome after Caesar crossed the Rubicon, our Democracy is doomed to collapse and is just waiting for how ever many generations of demagoguery and dictatorship sputter slowly downhill until some version of Goths put our remaining empire out of its misery. On this last one, the view will be much clearer the November 4 after next.
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    MTUt's point is not about how butt-hurt he is by Trump, it's that by his and its conduct, this government being lead by Trump is attempting to do a lot more then just leave some of our neighbors a little butt-hurt. It's a lot more than being butt-hurt to see your voting rights abused, your healthcare degraded, your right to walk the streets in safety compromised, your protection against dirty air and water discarded, your rights as a citizen questioned, your path to even being a citizen of the only nation you have even lived in blocked. Most of those actions are not going to affect you and me or probably MTUt, but they are going to affect a lot of good people pretty seriously. That is the lack of privilege he is talking about - not the decision about how some upper middle class commenter *feels* about things, but how less "privileged" souls who live in this nation are going to have their real lives affected adversely every hour of every day by the war against its less privileged members that our current government is embarked on. So no, it's not difficult at all.
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    Lynn and I disagree on many, many things but I've found he's a fine fellow to have a civil conversation with and more than that he's very willing to do so with almost anyone.
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    Manhattan district attorney subpoenas 8 years of Trump tax returns https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/16/politics/trump-tax-returns-eight-years/index.html
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    loni over jan smithers any day. any. day. i guess i just like tits more than the rest of this board.
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    Imagine what the reaction would be if Obama... blah blah blah.... Exhibit One Million...
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    This whole thing is an embarrassment to the dignity of the game.
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    And there would be a good bullpen.....
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    Funny you say that; if you took the twitter stuff from this forum, many pages would be almost empty. Just sayin'...
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    I gotta good feeling about Parades. Like a get a good feeling about a cantelope. I'm gifted that way. Or as my ma used to say, "special."
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    I don't think the Orioles are trying to lose games on purpose. Just wanted to get that out there.
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    I think you are not understanding how mtu is using the word privileged. I don't particularly like the word privileged, but the point is if you are not the target of the often abusive rhetoric from the President. it easy for you to just laugh. If you are the target, you can't laugh because you feel intimidated.
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    I prefer WaPo as well...
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    Grayson Greiner looking like a different hitter since he came back.
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    Your not watching the play. He clearly was at the start of the process of giving himself up. To say otherwise is...well you must be blind. Now if you want to argue he didn't do enough soon enough, that's fine. If you want to argue real time, that's fine. But, he puts both hands on the ball and starts to head to the ground before anyone touches him.
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    Getting demoted to the National League has been good for him.
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    I was backstage for the Dearborn homecoming. I didn't meet him but I saw how he interacted with fans and he was really nice with everyone, really seemed to enjoy meeting people. 30 years in radio and I can tell when an artist is being genuine and he seemed pretty genuine. And his show was great - he was entertaining and the crowd loved it. Eddie Money had no business making it to 40 , much less 70. Shows how tough he was.
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    First Putin, now Kim. Next thing you know the Taliban will want to set up a meeting around 9/11
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    From my security camera (not sure this will work); Kittycam-134703-134716.mp4
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    I don't think people are saying DD was a bad GM, but rather his method appears to be outdated. DD was fired twice in the last 4 years now. Beane and DD were operating under different guidelines and rules imposed by their employers. Success is determined by your employer and Beane has kept his employer satisfied for over 20 years now. DD is looking for his 4th employer during that time.
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    I don't think the Lions necessarily played prevent defensive coverage but their pass rushers were tired and didn't touch Murray in the 4th quarter. They also faced 82 plays and the way Arizona played you know they were always going to be in hurry up offense. Knowing that, you have to be aggressive and not just settle for killing the clock and punting. You're the Lions, not the Eagles or Patriots. You can't play it safe.
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    See also Hockenson, Amendola, Bevell, etc.
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    ballmich and Rooster... who's next? Tigercap? OMF? Qsilv? I'm all over the map on DD. I don't think he's a genius but I also don't blame him entirely for where the team is now. Remember after the trade deadline he was using the term 'reboot', which I took to mean, let's let things flesh out, we're not restaging the PC, but clearing out the memory, and we'll go forward with what we have and not overload things. Then he gets canned and the Avila increases payroll $50 which amounted to a productive 1/2 season of J Upton before the **** hit the fan in 2017 and we had to have a firesale. But I do blame him for the team's lack of analytics. That's the kind of thing he should have been able to do.
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    I'm shocked. One year after a WS. Wow.
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    I'm not saying go all in. I'm saying add a couple pieces. I'd rather they have some pieces in place when the kids get there.
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    Better an already dead horse than newly dead people.
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    Kinney would later star in commercials for Lincoln and coin the catchphrase "alright alright alright"
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    Aaron Paul in particular really improved as BB went on. By seasons 4 and 5, he was one of the best actors on the show. I thought he was pretty awful at the beginning. Maybe it was the ridiculous dialogue they gave him.
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    Not every 1st round pick becomes a good or even decent player. After the first few picks it's a huge crapshoot. At best you can hope that 1 of those 3 picks becomes a good player. SIgning picks is not the reason DD didn't develop from within. When you look at each year's class it's like a dozen players total amount to much.
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    And it's just getting worse because, unlike during the old three network days, each side has cultivated its own media ecosystem, both in news and entertainment. There is very little that culturally binds the entire nation anymore.
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    Matthew Boyd vs Glenn Sparkman Rock you like a hurricane
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    Tip of the cap to the KC Royals organization for paying tribute to Chace Numata tonight. Class move.
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    Shane Greene ladies and gentlemen!
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    His xBA was only .064, so judging by the quality of contact he was only expected to give up between 1 and 2 hits. I don't know if any no hitter was better than that.
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    Besides the no hitter JV hit the elusive 100 game score. Only the 15th time it has ever been done in a 9 inning game.
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    So the choice is between paying him to do nothing and paying him to suck. On the bright side, we have a mere four more seasons of this to endure.
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    well gosh, its a good thing we didnt trade our 28 year old starter with a 4.50 era. he's a total building block for the future. i mean, the yankees were nuts not to give up gleybar torres for him.
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    The last thing you wanna do is dick around a team called the Erie Seawolves whose mascot is a ******* pirate. The Mudhens, on the other hand, go for it.
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    Willi Castro called up...I am guessing that Niko is going on the IL.
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    I like Harmon Killebrew because he’s from Idaho. He’s from Payette, Idaho and at the high school they have an auditorium with a geodesic dome reminiscent of a baseball. As a child, Killebrew played baseball at Walter Johnson Memorial Field, named after the Hall of Fame pitcher who spent part of his childhood in Idaho. He worked as a farmworker in his youth, where he lifted ten-gallon milk cans, each weighing about 95 pounds. He was an All American high school quarterback and was offered an athletic scholarship by the University of Oregon, but declined the offer. In the early 1950s, Senator Herman Welker of Idaho told Washington Senators owner Clark Griffith about Killebrew, who was hitting for an .847 batting average for a semi-professional baseball team at the time and signed him to a $50,000 ($466,481 today) contract on June 19, 1954.
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    The '60's Twins also had that rarest of creatures, the black catcher - Earl Battey. John Roseboro and Elston Howard were frontline players in the same era and Roy Campanella preceded them.
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    Remember when papi got self righteous about demeaning a whole class of people? Good times
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