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    My husband and I and two of our children work in healthcare. I see you. However bad you think it is, it's 100x worse than that. There aren't enough tests, not enough PPE, not enough people on the front lines. I have literally stopped talking to all the Trump supporters I know, including my own Father and siblings. They created this with their hatred, greed and stupidity. Trump and the Republicans ******* knew and lied about it to make a buck and score political points. I ******* hate them all.
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    Why is it that regular people are encouraged to hvae 3 months in emergency money saved up but corporations after a week are totally broke? We passed a huge tax cut so that people could get an extra $3 a week and corporations could get billions.... so then they buy back their stock.... now they need more? what a scam
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    Anyone who still supports the president or thinks he’s doing a good job is an idiot pro life my ***
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    That is fine if it only impacts you. But we employ over 200 people and we need to take into account their lives as well. If we stay open trying to squeeze out another buck or two and someone gets infected and goes home and infects their elderly parents/grandparents and they die. I would eat a gun knowing we did that. Me and my partner both agree we will lose everything we have before we hurt someone else.
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    Indeed. “We were very prepared,” the president said Thursday, during the daily coronavirus press briefing. He was replying to—if not responding to—a question about why the United States had been completely unprepared to test for the disease, even as other countries launched large-scale programs to track it and to try to control its spread. “The only thing we were not prepared for was the media,” he added. “The media has not treated it fairly.” The president was, fitting the seriousness of the occasion, so far opposite the truth that he accidentally came around to accuracy again. If the media were treating the outbreak fairly, Donald Trump would not be able to stand at the presidential lectern and talk about how prepared he’d made sure America was without someone shoving him aside to hold up a picture of a dying nursing home patient, or to read a plea from doctors who don’t have enough masks. The only questions to ask him are: Why are you still here? And how many more people are going to be dead before you leave?
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    I own three restaurants and we have always provided sick pay. We will also be paying employees if we have to shut down. It will only be about 25% of their normal pay and it might not last more than a month or so, but it's something.
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    This guy is without question a douche nozzle. He'd short the shoe sign kid. Steal tomatoes out of your garden. Just not an honorable guy at all. Time traveler. I mean, he's got his iphone in his hand. This is where the classic cup check pose was perfected. This went a bit too far. The douche nozzle guy is the father of these kids. He sold their shoes to pay for the woman of the night last week.
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    Sane response: In January delegate to people to contact those who produces ventilators and PPE. Find other production facilities that can be converted quickly. Reassure folks about patents. Reassure folks they will be reimbursed. In February activate the plans from January. Alternative response: In March say **** it and arbitrarily choose a company and say you do it.
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    This is great. I think even Trumpers would laugh at this one...maybe not.
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    My wife said they now have more patients who’ve been tested and waiting on results. the worst thing is it’s raining and all that. So I go outside in it and then I get a little congested. Something I wouldn’t think anything of. I feel guilty wanted to go to the store. My 19 year old son had been saving for a TV. He’s bored out of his mind. You can only play on your phone and laptop so much. So we went to Best Buy and I paid for it. (It’s a lot nicer than the one I bought 11 years ago and was 1/5 the price. He’s a lifeguard so he can’t work until this thing settles down. He did say the city will pay them based on a formula during this time. I just wanted him to have some excitement. I have work to distract me. He made a list of a bunch of movies he wants to watch. I went in his room and he’s watching a documentary. I think I did ok.
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    The problem is, our leaders haven't been focusing on the important matters themselves. We need new leadership--not in November--NOW.
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    Also, the fact flu kills more people isn't particularly useful information. Cancer kills even more. Or heart disease, or …. It is a classic red herring. Sounds compelling initially, doesn't bear scrutiny. The concern with the disease isn't how many it has killed thus far, the concern has to do with its potential and the actions being taken are an attempt to mitigate the risk. To the extent we can limit the spread of the disease, we should independent of how many die from the flu or cancer or whatever.
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    that is more a measure of your isolation from most of the world than the validity of your argument. AIDS has killed millions. But even as an epidemiological comparison it's apples and oranges.
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    From The Bullwerk The election in one screenshot https://thebulwark.com/this-is-the-entire-2020-election-in-one-screenshot/?utm_source=afternoon-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=The+Bulwark+Newsletter&utm_campaign=64aa8aa357-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_04_01_09_13&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f4bd64ac2e-64aa8aa357-72426773
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    Chatting with a friend yesterday made me realize how out of touch people really are with this. He asked me, regarding school closings, why they don't just wait 2 more weeks and re-evaluate. I was stunned. I told him about how you can't begin to think that way until the deaths and hospital admissions and testing #'s start to go down. And then I mentioned a 'second wave'. He didn't know what that was. So I explained even further about how we're probably going to be doing what we are now until June. There likely won't be a baseball season. Football is in doubt.... he was floored. This isn't an idiot or a Trumpie.... just a regular guy but they don't want the news like we do. Our church has a festival every year in mid May. We are heavily involved. We causally mentioned to another family member,via a video chat, that while it hasn't been officially cancelled (no meetings to do that) we're not going to have it. He was also surprised? There really are a lot of people out there who think this is going to just blow over and go away in a few weeks and by June we'll all be back together going to sporting events and concerts and mass gatherings. This is when a President sets the real timeline and doesn't give false hope. That's the worst thing you can do. dont string people along.
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    President Kevorkian is his new moniker
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    It seems to me like some are lowering their standards for Trump because he is a moron. This is the biggest health crisis in a 100 years and he is too dumb to hold a coherent press conference about it, but he got part of it right even though he communicated it poorly. He's a moron though, so that's pretty good!
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    Is Barr there to shut down the investigation into the coronavirus?
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    Its uncool to talk about some other guy's wife, but here goes. Your wife's a saint.
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    This isn't even true. Public health professionals and epidemiologists and economic planners have deep playbooks on exactly how to deal with 'this'. It's been foreseen and strategized about for decades. More accurately, Trump, and the intellectual vacuum he surrounds himself with, have no handbook for how to function or even focus their intellects, such as they may be, in any arena beyond ther own self-interest.
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    I take back none of this. With the knowledge of how Trump has mishandled this from the very beginning and continues to mangle the oval office's response to it, I take back nothing that I said about Trump being on the receiving end of his failure to execute his technical responsibilities as leader properly.
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    I'm normally against any type of handout. But if the government is going to tell people to stay inside and not go to work, they need to step up and pay some bills for those people. I don't mean bail out the banks or big business. I'm talking about the little guy making $30K a year living paycheck to paycheck. That guy is going to get creamed in the next month or two if someone isn't there to help them out financially.
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    I have been in self-isolation for 12 days and I’m finally getting better. I haven’t been sick this long for many years. My body-wracking cough, chills, immense fatigue, and dizziness are not enough to qualify for a test even though I’m 68 because I don’t have a fever or shortness of breath or have been exposed to someone that’s tested positive. I’m still not supposed to go anywhere, however, and I’m to act as if I do have the virus. It’s really frustrating. If it’s not covid19 it is certainly an illness ill-timed with this event.
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    They don't care. These fake tough guys think it's all about them. 'Hey look at me... I'm a bad ***.... '. Then they go home and play with their women's underwear in front of the mirror and chat with 15 year old girls online.
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    That’s what she was trying to figure out. But...since I posted that, a positive development! ”Best update ever! I’ve made enough of a fuss that the cardiologist is coming in to assess him at 2pm. If he is stable they are discharging us under the conditions that we self isolate for an additional 24 hours. I could cry I’m so happy!”
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    Ryker update: They were going to test him for other things and if that tested positive, they were going to take them out of quarantine. The good news is that he tested positive for enterovirus/rhinovirus. Then bad news is that she was mentally prepared to get into a regular room, but they now want them to stay in isolation until they get the COVID test results. She’s depressed, mentally drained, and has barely slept at all in about 36 hours. I keep telling her to hang in there. His breathing has improved a little as well, so there’s progress. They’ve lowered his oxygen needed with his breathing tube.
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    Good visual for why the containment is so important...
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    For someone who likes to brag about money you sure seem pretty ignorant about the concept of growth.... somehow i think you are a fraud. We all know it. Nobody can be that stupid. Well they can....
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    Measures another President could try: 1. Not calling it a hoax. 2. Not putting Ben Carson into the response team 3. Not trying to fudge the numbers 4. An emergency funding bill to pay for sick leave 5. An emergency funding bill to handle quarantines 6. leadership pronouncements voluntarily prevent large public gatherings
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    If the best way to stop gun violence is by owning more guns, wouldn't logic dictate the best way to stop illegal immigrant is to hire more illegal immigrants?
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    People don't want excitement or passion... or put another way, they don't care about it. They want Donald Trump out of office and they also want to go back to not hearing what the President said every day. they want a speech not filled with anger, insults, petty lies, and big lies... which is what Trump does every single time he speaks. They want a boring presidency.
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    Not impressed... @Biff Mayhem has survived on metal for decades. \m/
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    I don't like bad shows about bad people doing bad things.
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    I live in a state that hasn't been slammed yet like Michigan, so I attempt, as much as possible, to read about each death. What I see is someone 80+ years old, who didn't have a chance to hug their grand kids, or their wife of 60 years, while dying alone gasping for air. I feel incredibly angry about that, but it's hard to be angry at a virus. Next in line is Trump.
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    I can blame him. Sorry, but that's just stupidity and when he says he's doesn't like what he says otherwise, he's lying. As if his business didn't do well under Obama. Well, I didn't like what Hitler did to the Jews, but hey, I made a few more bucks this year. Seriously?
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    I gather this is even with the fleeting bounce that Trump gets from "acting like a wartime president" which apparently includes attacking his political enemies and acting like a baby.
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    A data point for the idea that many if not most libertarians are simply dicks who want to do whatever they want any time they feel like it, without having to pay either taxes for the public good or attention to the effect their actions on have on others.
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    I'd vote for a dead man versus Trump.
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    This is misleading. It should read: A month ago, 3 in 4 Americans were confident in the US government’s response based on a poll conducted between February 3 - 16.
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    Prediction time: when everyone's reactions and precautions actually work, Stan will claim he was right that it was overblown.
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    I know it hurts to see your boy look bad handling a crisis. He's had a pretty easy presidency up to this point, but the luck had to run out some time. His only skills are BS and marketing and you can't BS a virus.
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    Just want to remind everybody this is the guy who pissed his pants when 80 people on France died.
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