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    I’ve not read anything to say the 14th doesn’t mean what it says. Even people sympathetic to the idea say it’s ironclad. Further I’ve seen references to the actual debates at the time in the senate and it was very clear they meant babies born here, even to illegals, were natural citizens. They knew what they were doing and what their intention was. I await those who insist the 2nd can’t be touched going after the 14th
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    Once again the GOP shows why I am glad I left the party. They spread and endorse scientific illiteracy. They know they can only exist from making and keeping people stupid. They don’t know **** about business either
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    They tortured, killed, and cut someone up into pieces. A journalist. We need nuance?
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    I'll miss that guy. He was a legit weapon, and fun to watch after the catch. Gave us some productive years. But I agree with the move
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    I appreciate the simplicity of the video and the earnestness of her mood. But, how does she ever get back in her house, when she cannot find a key?
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    Let me add something to make this thread worth visiting.
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    A couple weeks ago, our shop held our first art exhibit. 50 artists participated and we each submitted one painting in the "blood and fire" theme. I've never sold a painting before but was lucky enough to sell this one the day before the show even opened! You should be able to click an arrow to scroll to some more detailed shots, and also a photo of the kind buyer.
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    The van is parked on a side street in key west. He left a note that said “hiking in DR. please don’t toe.” He knows how to spell “tow” but he thought it would be more effective if he made it look like he was a Florida resident.
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    The media reporting on trump would be greatly improved if they simply started each headline/tweet with “trump incorrectly states...” or “trump lies about...”
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    Having kids young enough to enjoy things like family trips to a farm for a hayride etc. Yesterday we carved pumpkins. I think we have one, maybe two, more years of this. [/img]
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    As if he was smart enough. That moron couldn't build a sandwich.
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    Agreed re: the drugs, but I believe that Lewicki concluded (correctly) that Toledo is just not big enough with Adduci back in town. I also seriously doubt that Lewicki's relocation represents an attempt to "go national." Adduci doesn't need the headaches. Sure, he'll work with Lewicki from time to time, but more out of convenience rather than to further a large scale, interstate conspiracy. Who wants to pay off the FBI AND the local Toledo cops? That adds up fast.
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    True story I worked for Gaffney for 2 days. My buddy and I were interning. We figured out what a nutter he was and left abruptly. The administrative assistant begged us to stay the rest of the day and I said: "Gotta run, I'm double parked"
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    This is an astute observation, and we very well could be in another situation like this, where he fails the test of leadership.
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    I'm going to try to check in a little more than once every three or four years from now on.
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    I was referring specifically to the forum titled, “Honk if Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted you”.
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    I was a libertarian for years, basically all through college and my 20's. I was in college from 2005-2010. It was a lonely crowd as almost no one on campus was a libertarian, they were almost all lefties for Obama. Most of the kids on campus were almost certainly further left than Obama actually was. I only started drifting leftward in 2013-2014 when my dad fessed up to me that he was losing his house to foreclosure because he had lost of all his retirement savings in the market during the last recession. Actually, he had lost his retirement savings over a number of recessions 2001, 2004, 2007-2008. How could I in good conscience watch my own father, a man who worked a good living for 30+ years in the white collar world, lose everything and only have social security and medicare to live off of and stand pat as some Milton Friedman loving guy? How could I still adopt libertarian principles of every-man for himself, wanting to restrain government and gut the very social safety nets that were keeping my dad subsisting. Keeping him from not living in an apartment with me or on my sister's couch? It took a couple of years of introspection and drifting slowly to the left, but my heart and my logic told me it was the right thing to do.
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    The people going for the job had to fill out a long questionnaire. Ausmus is the one who wrote it. Reminds me of a Timothy Leary story. Leary had been arrested for drug possession and filled out a psychological survey to see what level of security was right for his sentence. He got the lowest level of work detail (gardening) and then used a step ladder to climb a fence and escape. He was the one who wrote the survey a decade earlier and knew how to play it.
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    This is an unfortunate time for a big fat ignorant slob to be in charge of US foreign policy. Please do something about it. My friends and I have killed many unarmed single opponents in fist fights over the years, and every time we made sure to bring along a bone saw. It's credible. MBS sounds like a Master's degree from Trump University.
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    Machado would help them more since he will be just 26 next year. They aren't getting him, but when a 26 year old star is available, I am always in favor of my favorite team going after him re-building or not.
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    To your point, I found this recent article about Jim Price interesting. ——————————————————- DETROIT - The contrast couldn't be starker between then and now. When Jim Price moved to Detroit to join the Tigers as a catcher, it was mere months before the riots of 1967 when parts of the city were turned into war zones as decades of racial anger finally boiled over. And while the city was filled with joy the following year when Price and his Tiger teammates brought home a World Series title, that happiness receded as Detroit's struggles with crime and economic downtown steadily worsened in the ensuing years. Fifty years after that historic baseball championship, Price now watches as those vacant lots turn into five story buildings and abandoned properties get torn down to make room for future developments. The fact that he is even alive to see it is an amazing story in and of itself. It was nearly 10 years ago that Price was diagnosed with cancer. A life-saving surgery cost him a kidney but spared his life. A year later, cancer cost him both of his adrenal glands, resulting in problems with his body's ability to produce a variety of hormones including adrenaline. Now 76, Price has not let his ailments keep him from his love of baseball. A former backup catcher behind Bill Freehan for the 1968 Detroit Tigers World Series team, Price spent five years as a player only to return 26 years ago as a broadcaster for the team. After a short stint as a television color commentator for Tigers broadcasts on PASS, Price has called games on radio since 1998 -- spicing up games with terms like buggy whip and yellow hammer, as well as his ever-popular "art of pitching." "Still being here at the park, talking to the (ball players) and all of that stuff, knowing they respect me because I've played the game, that really helps me keep going along," Price said. "You need a reason to get up every day. And yeah, the travel gets to you, wears you down a little bit, but I wouldn't trade this for anything." Still, it's anything but easy. After his morning pills, his alarm goes off at noon - yes, even when he's already in the booth at noon on a Sunday prepping for first pitch at 1 p.m. - reminding him to take more pills, before two more rounds by day's end. "A lot of people say 'how do you do what you do, with all the (sickness) you have?' because I'm still on chemo and take it every day because you have to make sure (cancer) stays away, but it's something I very rarely talk about," Price said. "But I always say it's because it's a great job, a great position, and there's a lot of people (who are sick) like me but you have to just fight and never give up." Price gets much of his inspiration from the team and the rush he still gets while being at a big league ballpark, but the rest comes from his youngest son, Jackson, who is 22-years-old and was born with autism. In 2002, Price and his wife, Lisa, formed the "Jack's Place for Autism Foundation," a non-profit organization with the focus of raising awareness for autism and money for more research. Price says he's extremely thankful to the Tigers for letting him use his platform to spread his message. "I'm lucky because we and the Ilitch's have been friends for a long time," Price said. "They've been great to the foundation and that's one reason I want to go ten more years here. "I love (the job) but also I can talk about Jack's Place on the air and talk about this horrible thing of autism...because you can never raise enough money." With Price at the ball park or on the road with the team 162 days per year -- not to mention spring training -- that's left Lisa in charge of the day-to-day operation of the foundation. In addition to traveling across the state to put on events, she maintains the house as well as taking care of both Price and Jackson. "I'm a tough guy and my (sickness), it's not going to get me down and my wife always says 'I don't know how you do it,' but really I don't know how she does what she does," Price said. It's true, Price has been known for being tough his whole life. He was a Joe Paterno quarterback recruit who bypassed a football career to play baseball, but his professional playing career didn't pan out the way he'd hoped - he retired at 29 after a series of injuries plagued his career including playing through a broken ankle. After getting drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1960, Price broke into the big leagues with the Tigers in 1967. He played in 44 games that year and a career-high 64 games in the 1968 World Series season. Price still enjoys telling stories of the 1968 championship team. He speaks of the depth on the team, the great pride they got in playing in games at Tigers Stadium and the memories and bonds it has given him for a lifetime. Price finished his career with a .214 lifetime average, hitting 18 home runs and 71 RBI in five seasons in Detroit from 1967-71. He says he learned a lot about life from his time on the field as well as from his son Jackson, but it was the message from mentor and Tigers radio legend Ernie Harwell which has stuck with him throughout his career. "Ernie taught me a great thing, he taught me 'when you get to the ball park and people see you, remember to have a smile on your face," Price said. "No matter how you feel; maybe you're sick, but you just keep smiling and that's been a great lesson. "Because some days I get here and don't feel good at all, sometimes the pills sometimes react differently or it's just day's you're not feeling the best...but I'm not going to let anybody know that."
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    Honestly, if you vote for any Republican this election cycle, don’t bother coming here to tell us how much you don’t like Trump... but...
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    I giggled a lot at this one.... props on the gif.