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    I'm under no compulsion to tolerate Trump's bull****.
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    So we have a sports owner that the fans are persuaded knows nothing about being one, despite being probably the only sports owner in the country that grew up in the middle of franchises in two major sports, who has engineered everyone in the world's dream hire to run one of his franchises, (brooming K Holland despite the Ilitch org being paralyzed by its misplaced loyalty) who has already seen a number of the team's biggest past organizational failures (most of which have been cited here) being addressed, but he is still a Moran and is slammed based on what people speculate he will or won't do in 3 or 4 yrs. OK. I get it, Avila doesn't look like the sharpest tool in the shed when he gives interviews, and I could care less because that criterion has zero to do with how good he really is at his job. Something much harder for any of us to see than his TV skills. I have no idea if this org is going to succeed with this management cast, but aside from not having any players - which is 95% a legacy issue, I don't see much In the way of criticisms based on any objective, discernible facts. The franchise has made the moves to join the 21st century, things hinge on present and future draft picks and trade acquisitions who are still in the minors.
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    I am thankful Tebow is not in the Tigers organization.
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    UL has no tooth pick. Fake card. 😉
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    Funny how screwball seemingly hates everything in life but gets so defensive when people hate on Trump.
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    I have one son, he is 6.
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    ....Lebanon, Charles de Gaulle, California baseball Starkweather, homicide, children of thalidomide....
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    Life was much simpler when you thought a player was good because he could hit 20 homers and drive in 84 runs. When walking only 29 times a year was something you didn’t even think about. When the low number of errors a player made was more important than making vastly more plays than others yet more errors. I lost my virginity about baseball when I discovered this site 15 years ago, and I’m glad I did but sometimes I miss the innocence of that earlier time.
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    Avila is Schrodinger's GM: Simultaneously asking far too much and accepting far too little in trade.
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    Jake Rogers grand slam...Toledo up 6-0.
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    if Mize doesn't have an injury relapse, I think it's ok for him to face some adversity and re-adjust to things.
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    And a lineup of strikeouts to help with the breeze.
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    Law of Averages? More like the Gambler's Fallacy.
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    I think you are focusing too much on his response to her specific words rather than her overall point... she was conflating "Muslim/Arab/Terrorist/Bad Guys" all into one thing. He had his response ready to go regardless of her word choice, especially when you consider the guy before him. We all knew what they were talking about. He was in no way trying to infer that he was a good man because he wasn't an arab. To say that is you just trying to say something bad about McCain. That's chicken **** stuff.
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    My new mayor doesnt mince words: https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/453430-philadelphia-mayor-says-trump-would-go-to-****-if-he-had-to-go
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    Well Trump is right. Those Reps do "come from" a country whose government is a complete and total catastrophe.
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    Mudhens lose at Louisville 7-6. Funkhouser(L1-5) roughed up again. 3IP, 7H 5ER 1BB 3K. Adleman with a nice appearance. 4.1 IP 2H 5K. Robson 1/3 2BB. Lugo consistently tearing it up against AAA pitching but do we care? At Erie, Wolves shut out 1-0. Waste a great performance by Skubal (as noted above). Gibson 2/3 2B, Paredes 1/4 At. West MI: Cap lose 6-2. Lipcius 2/3 BB. McMillan 2/4 Conn Tigers fall 7-5. Liniak 2/3, 2BB. King 1/3 BB. Riley Greene held out after NY-Penn league pitchers appeal for his promotion directly to the Midwest league.
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    In Cedar Rapids Iowa now on the way to KC for the game. Went to Field of Dreams and a MWL Kernels game today.
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    yeah, this is basic. Euro hist 101.
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    You're blaming the effect instead of the cause imo MLB intentionally focused the game on strikeouts and homers, you're at a disadvantage not playing that way, especially with the influx of defensive shifts. A team would have to be stupid or the Tigers or something to not play the smartest and most likely to win style. It's up to the league to make changes.
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    It's like you guys would rather win a semantic argument than make a valid point relevant to the direction of the team. Am I wrong about that?
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    The home run derby bores me. Besides, I can watch Zimmermann pitch like that every 5th day during the regular season.
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    We don't have anything to lose b/c Trump already gave it away
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    My son will be entering high school this fall, so he just completed his final year of "youth" sports. He played basketball, football and baseball. I would not call him a stellar athlete, but he enjoys sports and the team camaraderie and he's generally a "solid" contributor. Throughout his grade school years, his teams have ranged from terrible to OK. Finally this year, his baseball team was really good. They went 18-2 in the regular season and then won the league tourney last week (Rec baseball, not travel). I was so happy for him that he got to end on such a good note. He even made a really nice catch in the OF early in the championship game. (Yes, his team is called the Tribe. I understand if you take offense. Took me awhile to get used to it myself.) Then he got blown up on the next play... LOL Don't worry, he was OK, though he came out of the game defensively to get checked out. He then delivered a solid hit up the middle in the next inning. I didn't make a gif of that though... I'm not on facebook anymore, so I figured I would let MTS be my dad-brag zone...
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    manning getting knocked around. thats it. rebuild is a failure. fire avila.
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    It would only be a mistake if the President had a D next to his name.
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    This tanking thing is a perverse version of the Protestant work ethic. It’s a philosophy of deferred gratification applied to the Nth degree and achieving a zenith of no gratification. It’s worse than Mickey Mouse in Fantasia destroying the castle. He was stupid. It’s more like throwing the fight in On the Waterfront. It’s on purpose. It’s a conscious misuse and abuse of the way the draft system works. Teams should be punished for doing stuff like this instead of rewarded.
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    Is it too late to appreciate this one?
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    Interesting. I've decided I'm not much of a Matt Shepherd fan, plus the team is too bad so give as much 'sit in front of a screen" time to as opposed to "have on in the background while doing something else" so I've been hearing a lot of Dan and Jim. Dickerson can't stop talking about the changes in the ways the team approaches player development, the increase in instrumentation, the detailed analysis by player, the use of real time quantitative feed back data, to break down swings and throws, and that they have pushed it all the way to the lowest levels of the org. He is, IOW, a HUGE fan of the approaches this org is taking. FWIW that certainly does not square with a conclusion that this FO is just Dombrowski V2.0
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    Waiting for some more news or videos on Campos but evidently he's been locked in Avila's basement and cut off from society the past few years.
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    The Tigers should hire that hitting coach
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    Acquaintance: Del, any tips for betting summer league? Me: Gamblers Anonymous?
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    In all seriousness, and I ask this with 100% intellectual honesty because I fundamentally cannot square it in my mind based on my upbringing: How can anyone who makes Christianity a major part of their life and decision making processes support Donald Trump the man -> the president? Seriously, his quality of character is so abhorrent, I would have thought it immediately disqualifying. I know I am a fairly outspoken anti-religion and anti-conservative individual. For the record, I was raised in a pretty religious (Catholic), pretty conservative household and did not even begin to deviate from the Republican party until well into the W presidency (my early 30's), when it became clear to me he either lied, or was mislead, about weapons of mass destruction to justify war in Iraq. The party's actions since that time have driven me further away. Donald Trump literally is the living embodiment of the person we were raised and taught not to be. In my home and at church. He is as far away from Jesus' teachings / philosophy as one can get. What is the appeal of this man? Would you want your daughter to marry him or your son to emulate him? Perhaps more to the point, do you think Jesus would choose him to lead, and if so, why?
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    The sad part is, every word of this is totally true
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    There is no need to get someone closer to the big leagues.
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    So do the capitalists, banksters, and war profiteers. We are a shopping mall with a flag.
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    I think the questions that dogged Hillary's electability and Warren's are different. So this narrative that Warren cannot win because America may not vote for a female candidate does not apply to Warren. Unlike Hillary, Warren actually means what she says and says what she means. I don't get the sense (other than with the bungled DNA test) that Warren is out there asking her consultants how an issue and is polling and what her response should be to questions related to that issue. She is authentic and just speaks her mind, whether it wins or losses her votes. Hillary could never be transparent about who she really was, what her world view was, where she stood on the issues. Hillary couldn't go to an ice creme shop and decide on a flavor without looking at polling data and trends first. And even then, she'd flip-flop at the counter. Warren also doesn't have some of the other baggage and bogus claims that came along with Hillary (whether true or Republican BS from the past 30 years). Other than a bungled DNA test there isn't a ton of baggage with Warren. There are no cooky conspiracy theories like a Vince Foster, last minute FBI investigations or Benghazi was all Clinton's fault. There are no Whitewater land deals, cattle source future trades or Chinese donors illegally funneling money into a campaign. Warren's husband is not alleged to have raped and or sexually assaulted multiple woman, only to have Warren defend him. Her husband doesn't have a history in politics with an atrocious record of signing legislation that hurts the poor, costs manufacturing jobs, deregulates the financial sector, increases incarceration rates, blocks LGBTQA people from marriage equality, etc. Right or wrong, Hillary had to go out there and answer for her husbands record as President. I think Warren is plenty electable and her slow and steady rise in the polls is beginning to bear fruit and show proof. I don't think her coming across as "too professorial" will be some big negative she cannot overcome in the end. What sank Hillary will not sink Warren.
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    Robson's 15 game streak captivated America and gave us all a renewed sense of hope for a better future
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