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    How can we get Victor Martinez to say "monkey"?
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    Sheldon Kennedy was a good junior hockey player in the 1980's, when junior hockey was a goon show that equalled or exceeded the NHL for unprovoked violence. He has to have been a tough kid as well as skilled, and yet starting at the age of 17 he was controlled and sexually abused by his coach Graham James. Like Lee said, predators know how to target the vulnerable and the fact that Sheldon Kennedy could have beaten the living crap out of Graham James is irrelevant. And no, silence is not consent.
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    I read this thread and was thinking how it turned out very intelligent and then....
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    The chutzpah of being lectured by a defacto Trump supporter about the death of civility in America is... something else.
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    Why would other networks cover Klan rallies anyway?
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    God, what a mess. This incredible cruelty as government policy, justified by legal means (like the latter days of Weimar), has arrived in less than 2 years. I think that everybody knew that these 4 years were going to be a **** show but it was initially thought that somehow they would be survivable. But now the past 2 weeks, with Kim and the 2,000 child hostages (they will get released if you agree to the wall) have been so far beyond the pale that there does not seem to be an easy path to recovery for your country. It no longer appears to be survivable for you, at least not within the first decade after it is finally over. Nikki Haley chose a pretty ironic day yesterday, to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Commission, with the United States now in the top 10 of human rights violators. Upon reflection the most interesting thing, to me, about the past 2 or 3 years has been this: before then, we probably would have agreed that there was a misogynistic, xenophobic, white-supremacist, Bible-thumping toe jam scum that made up the bottom 15% of the population in your country and in mine. However what the past 2 or 3 years have proven is that it is not 15%, it is 30%. That is sobering. That is the line below which Trump's support will not fall. They've never had political power before but now somehow now it is acceptable for them to crawl out from under their rocks. Fortunately for me, in Canada they aren't a political force except in provincial politics in Alberta. 30% should not get you elected but it will if another 17% just refuse to vote for the most ridiculously entitled candidate, the most viscerally hated candidate and rightly so, in the history of your country. So again, let's get busy, in Michigan, finding a useful Democratic candidate or a Republican who will challenge for the nomination. Tomorrow would be a good day to start although tomorrow is beginning to feel like late in the game. The hostages have not been released yet, you know, those brown 2-year-olds. They are still being held hostage for The Wall. Yes the weakling coward has promised not to imprison 2-year-olds anymore by signing an executive order to reverse the policy that he created. But he's still holding the 2-year-old brown bargaining chips. Just imagine Putin, Kim, Erdogan and Xi laughing their butts off right now, laughing hysterically at this clown who had to wimp out on the catastrophe that he created for himself. He has no clue about how to behave as a despot. They do, but he doesn't. That is exactly what they are doing, they are laughing hysterically at this fool. The African warlords passed out from laughing so hard hours ago.
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    Nothing symbolizes it any better.... no answers. Just rehashing the talking points. I hear this same stuff all the time. Just minor anectdotes that they "heard".
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    No, it wouldn't. The best kind of game is a balanced game with all different types of players excelling - sluggers, on-base guys, contact guys, speedsters, defensive specialists, etc. I like that better than every player trying to be a home run hitter.
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    Willie Horton bobble head day! Walked in at 2:40 and got one. They should have done more of the 1968 Tigers than just 4 (Kaline, Freehan, Horton. And Lolich.
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    See, this is the thing I wish voters would think about. It doesn't matter if you like one party's policies more if that party is doing their damnedest to destroy the underlying system. For so many years I've heard the right rail on about totalitarian and Islamist movements on the basis that their program was "One man, one vote, one time". Well what the heII else do you call the GOPs current electoral policies? Their ideological and functional rejection of the basic principles of representative government just make them unfit for any elective office no matter how much rebated tax money they try to buy votes with. I will never vote for another GOP candidate no matter what their other positions (and I have voted in the past for many) until the party reaffirms its basic commitment to democracy by ceasing its efforts to disenfranchise voters.
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    Is my point made WRT some opinions?
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    If Flynn wasn't cooperating, having his lawyers sign documents continuing his cooperation with the Special Counsel is an odd way to show it
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    I was at a Super Bowl party several years ago and made a "short bus" comment in front of family of a special needs child. I immediately realized what I said and just wanted to crawl into a hole. We can lament PC all we want and say sticks and stones and all of that, but sometimes words can be pretty hurtful.
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    Just got back from a pretty fantastic vacation. I grew up in the Kalamazoo/St. Joseph area. St. Joseph is only 1.5 hours from Chicago, so I used to go there all the time, but hadn't been back since I left Michigan in '03. On the 16th, my girl and I left LAX at midnight and flew into O'Hare at around 6am Chicago time. Neither of us got a minute of sleep, but we were so excited to explore that we went to the AirBnB, showered, and headed back out. We walked to the Field Museum and explored, then to Shed's Aquarium, whose line was too long, then to the planetarium for an amazing view of the skyline. THEN, we walked all the way to the north end of the park to see the fountain and the bean. We then Uber'd to the Lincoln Park area to have lunch with her childhood friend. We walked to the lake, down to the zoo, and then Uber'd back. In total, we walked something like 19,000 steps (9 miles) on 0 hours of sleep, and her in sandals. We ordered a Giordino's pizza to the room (23rd floor condo overlooking the field museum, really cool place) and we both passed out by 7pm. Longest. Day. Ever. We did this trip this date because Olivia works for the school so she had this week off between the school year and summer school. So we planned the trip. It somehow line up that on Sunday, the Tigers were playing at the White Sox. I invited my dad to come meet up with us for the game and realized it was also Fathers Day. Couldn't have worked out better. It was 97 but the Tigers won and we had a great day. It was her first time meeting my parents and my first time seeing them in like 7 years. We then drove back to their place in Michigan and crashed for the night. The next morning, we both made our first trip ever up to Mackinac Island. I'd never even seen the bridge (or been north of Muskegon, for that matter). Wow, was that thing big. But when we got there we were greeted by a wall of fog. Couldn't even see the top of the bridge. Beautiful, none the less. We parked in St. Ignace and ferry'd over to the Island. That place was beautiful. We drove back to SW Michigan the next day and spent the next few days visiting family and long-time friends of mine. I just started flying last year so I hadn't been back in like 8 years. I really missed home so this was one of my favorite trips of my life.
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    Continue contributing money to candidates who can effectively counteract. Continue to contribute to groups like Human Rights Foundation and the ACLU, continue to focus on local elections and make change locally. "Lol nothing matters" is how we got this ****ty government in the first place. And it's how we'll keep it.
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    This is exactly the sort of ignorance that we have to fight. People equivocating and allowing this extremism and racism to fester. Go burn a ******* cross.
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    Troll admits to trolling.
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    The country would be safer if we replaced gun owners with immigrants.
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    The US is a brutal regime now. Sorry, it's me leaning over your back fence again with observations that you didn't ask for, but the US is a brutal regime. Right there with Duterte, Erdogan, Assad, Kim and all of the others. If you like it, you should vote for it again in 2020. If you don't like it, you shouldn't sit back and let someone else come up with a solution (SMR this isn't directed at you personally, it is directed at every US citizen who reads this). You should decide what you are going to do about it individually, and start doing it tomorrow. Republican or Democrat, it doesn't matter. Come up with a way to end this. The rest of us are counting on you. Get involved. Otherwise it's early 1930's Weimar 2.0 and all of you will have voluntarily submitted to it. Someone said earlier that "Obama came out of nowhere in 2008". That's totally false. Obama burst onto the scene in 2004 with a keynote at the convention, and everyone knew that he was a heavyweight from then on, and that he was perhaps the only one to stop the Hillary coronation in 2008, thank goodness. So now it's only 2 years to 2020, and who are the Democratic or Republican candidates who can prevent a recession for your economy, and who can restore some dignity to your country and return it to a position where it is respected by other nations? I don't see even one, for either party. Here's what you know now: 30% of the voters are disgraceful, objectionable people. You might have thought that it was 15%, but in fact it is 30%. That's been proven. So you have to forget about them and focus your attention on the other 70%. Start tomorrow, and tell the rest of us what you did that day. I'd like to see a thread started in here with the heading "What I Did Personally Today to Defeat Trump in 2020". I'd love to see a thread like that with 1,000 posts.
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    Poor Sarah, Having to live by the standards that she herself backed. If she was denied for being Christian then hallelujah because remember denying people service based on religious beliefs is A-OK. Was the restaurant owner wrong? Yes. But I agree with her because it is the standards the conservatives have put forward and have backed and now they must live by it too. And it stings, don't it? Sarah has only had to deal with it once. There are people that have had to deal with it their whole damn lives and people like her tell them to stop whining. Sometimes you have to throw it back at them and they still won't learn anything. Sarah can always order take out and use a fake name. She can even use Uber Eats to pick it up for her. It's so tough being White, Christian, Upper Middle Class and Politically Connected in this country. The struggle is real. Let me join you, Sarah, in a chorus of We Shall Overcome. Dr. King would be so moved.
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    Do you want to know why ne never seems to stay with a team for very long? It's because of his feet, his feet smell like vinegar and Asiago cheese. When he first joins a team, the rest of the players already know about the smell of his feet, word gets around, but they all say to themselves, "really, it can't be that bad. If he can help us win, that's the main thing." But then after a few weeks the smell of his feet starts to get into their street clothes hanging in their lockers, and it gets into their hair even after they've showered. And they are bringing that smell home with them and it really takes a toll on their marital relationships. It also reduces their appetites considerably, and disrupts their sleep patterns. Eventually the leadership group approaches the general manager and emphatically makes the point that although Edwin is a good pitcher and the nicest guy in the world, his feet smell so bad that he needs to be shipped out right now. And so that has already happened 12 times during his Major League career,
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    Since 2007 Trout leads all position players in WAR with 61.1. Miguel Cabrera is second with 55.9. Mike Trout was a sophomore in HS in 2007.