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    Just got an appointment for my first shot - Sunday. Feeling very lucky
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    Second dose of Pfizer in my arm. Its such a relief.
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    Yup, I am the old white guy that loves bunting and steals and wishes they never let all these Mexicans into the game. Also, let's go back to batting average and RBI! Power hitters have always been paid more than scrappy guys that steal bases. It is not a new discovery that home runs produce runs. However, back in the 70s and 80s, the game's environment didn't allow everybody to be a home run hitter. It didn't matter how smart they were. Players were not capable because the parks were less home run friendly and the balls were not juiced. The reason why everybody hits home runs today is not that players are smarter. It's because MLB has created an environment where it is easy to hit home runs. They did it because home runs are sexy and TV wants home runs. My contention is that they may be killing the goose that laid the golden egg. I think they did something to the ball between 2010-2015 because they wanted to make it look like they were addressing the PED problem. Once they were satisfied that the controversy was behind them, home runs sky rocketed again almost overnight. They can change things if they want. I don't expect them to make changes to bring the game back to the 70s and 80s. They could if they wanted to though and I think it would make the game better.
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    who let carlos monarez have a mts account?
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    I'm not really finding "he talked a lot" to be a very good excuse for "he said terrible things"
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    The problem is our current staff could beat our current our players in a game
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    I'm now officially a part of the club. I bought a Fender acoustic today and completed lesson 1 of the Your Guitar Academy 30 Day Challenge on Youtube. I'll be rocking out in no time! LOL!!
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    You also cannot make this **** up...
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    Not sure if this was planned this way or someone in the control room pulling a fast one
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    Wife got round 1 today. She also put a Bill Gates poster on our bedroom ceiling afterwards. Seems weird, but, whatever.
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    He hit the hardest ball I've ever seen. I don't think it ever got more than 30 feet off the ground. There were two really loud bangs. The first was his bat on the ball and then - thousand and one, thousand and two, thousand and three - an even louder bang as the ball hit the back of an empty seat about 5 rows back at the Skydome.
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    One blood relative ****** another blood relative.
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    In seasons past, we were spoiled by @hueytaxi's spring training photography. It was a beacon light for those of us still in the winter climates.
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    it's interesting you defend the dude who chose to do nothing, and attack the dude doing stuff.
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    BTW, Ted Cruz votes against aid for blue states when they're in need. AOC raises money for red stated when they're in need. I could really use a both sides thinkpiece
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    If any of my senators bailed on my state in the middle of a state crisis (especially in the middle of a pandemic when most of us can’t go anywhere), with so many suffering, I would be absolutely livid. This isn’t me or you going to a hotel. This is egregiously shameful, and a “let them eat cake” moment.
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    Can't Texas just shoot guns at the cold air?
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    Just the fact he’s on Fox News talking about the future ramifications of Green New Deal while most of his state is without power and water is abhorrent. Then consider that he’s absolutely lying through his teeth by placing much of the blame for failures on solar and wind energy. It’s been reported by multiple sources that problems occurred everywhere with the majority being at traditional fossil fuel facilities.
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    I respect your take on it. My take is he was a racist scumbag that profited on spreading hate, chaos, and division. The world is a better place today now that he’s no longer in it.
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    Why do you keep asking everyone to explain themselves when you won't take the time to look up its history and make a reasonable defense of it? I see nothing wrong with the anthem, but I do think it's silly to play it before sporting events. It's annoying when I grab a beer or food before a game and can't go to my seat because everyone is pretending to be patriotic. I love the US but I don't feel the need to have to sing a song before a baseball game to show my enthusiasm. It's just silly.
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    I had to chuckle a bit this afternoon. Driving through the Southside Virginia backroads and found a Trump sign still standing. They had cut out the Pence portion however
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    It will come in a box with no written instructions
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    I Googled McVay's wife and share Goff's sentiment.
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    What I wanted them to do was build up their defense and the team in general and then when they need to take the next step, THEN they draft a QB - and put them onto a decent team instead of ruining them with a bad team. Now they can kind of focus on building the rest of the team and if Goff is really good, they have the QB and if not they can draft one in 2023 or 2024. We've got a long way to go. I mean Quinn and Patricia really really screwed up this team, they dug a huge hole for the next people to climb out. We're talking Millen-level ineptitude.
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    Cause I like Matt Stafford and I want to see him win a Super Bowl.
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    porn, video games, and also porn, maybe weed too depending on the kid
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    Not to be a dick, but if sports is the only motivation for keeping good grades, that door is gonna open eventually and the stuff that comes flying in will be a lot harsher. Might be time to find other motivations.
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    I postponed it until next fall. It was actually very easy.
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    I think @tiger337 got tired of you requesting A/S/L so he stopped responding.
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    Wily Peralta yesterday. Julio Teheran today. My goodness, should I put the Christmas tree back up?
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    I just fundamentally disagree with Melody on this one... if any of the 99 other Senators traveled out of their respective states and to Cancun in the middle of a disaster like this, the reaction would not have been pretty.
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    It's interesting to see Democrats holding Cuomo responsible for the whole stats reporting/nursing home thing, unlike what the GOP does with their pols. I could really use a longform thinkpiece about how the parties are actually basically the same. Like how acquiring 200m doses is basically the same as turning down 100m doses.
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    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
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    I'm a big, big fan of Stephanie Ruhle, especially when she dons the specs. Yowza!
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    come on, it ties the whole song together...
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    Nice! I watched the first video, and I liked his style and it seems like a valuable exercise as I move along. I also really like the Your Guitar Academy guy that does the series I'm going through. Baby steps the whole process, which I need in order to avoid burnout/frustration and to make sure I grasp the basics before moving on. Even with being "stuck" on lesson four, it's gotten incrementally better each time I practice it.
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    I have zero issues going to a clinic/pharmacy/hospital for my vaccination. I might think twice about letting some rando on the highway stick a needle in me.
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    I'll bet guys like this are furious when they travel by air and they pilot doesn't take the most direct route on their map.
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    Things were obviously a little rocky in LA.
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    another cornerback in the top 10? no thanks.
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    With their situation, for the longer term, it almost seems best to focus more on the defense with this draft... Quinn/Patricia left a pretty bare cupboard on that side of the ball. Go QB next year if needed
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