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    I usually don't venture into the political forum but I figured it was important enough to post my New York experience. I went back to the office in Manhattan for the first time since early March last Wednesday and encountered a sobering reality. People just don't give a ****. I'd say that about half weren't wearing masks and a portion of the mask wearers had it slid down under their chin (what's the point of wearing a mask in that case?). This is in a relatively sparsely populated Manhattan, what is going to happen once Phase 2 starts this week and thousands more flood into the city? This is in a democratic state, I can't imagine what it's like down south and in the midwest. This is the thing with 'Murica. Too many people care more about their personal freedoms than the greater good of the country. It sickens me how selfish this country is, a product of the "leadership" sadly. I mean, just look at that pathetic rally last night. I'm afraid that we'll see more lockdowns in the fall (when the virus will likely flare up again) because people are too damn stupid, selfish or just plain ignorant to practice very basic health guidelines for the betterment of our country, a minor inconvenience to put on a mask to protect your fellow humans. Funny enough, these are the same people who will complain when things get shut down again. I've never been more ashamed of our country to be quite honest.
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    Just got back from my first visit with my dad since March. Still can't enter the building since assisted living homes are still locked down. But they are allowing outdoor visits on the patio as long as you social distance and everyone has a mask on. Today is his birthday so it was nice to have a short visit.
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    My kids told me the part about him not understanding the "19 part" He is supposed to be the most informed individual on the planet due to a massive multi-pillar system of data gathering, assessment, and distribution from unofficial and official sources from World class experts. But, he's too ******* stupid to be briefed. As a result, thousands have and will die. Burn in ****, Donald Trump.
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    I just ordered one using the site found by lordstanley. THANK YOU ALL!!!
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    the cop kicked him after shooting him, in the back. Gonna be tough to convince a jury this wasn’t unnecessary force. the system doesn’t make sense, unless you designed it, then it makes perfect sense. People say the system is broken. No, the system is performing as designed. The design no longer fits America. I’m Native American, everyone would assume I’m white because I take ok my dads complexion, not my moms, but I grew up with simple observation of those who didn’t look white. Never trusted the system. Never trust cops. In my professional life, I’ve spent enough time around those with badges and guns, and their view on society is broken. I’ll spend my life fighting for the minority because the majority has rigged the system against us.
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    that is the Truth. Without the Senate enabling him he would a toothless dog. They have been every bit as unfaithful to their institution's responsibilities as Trump has been to his.
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    I've seen a bit of tension from the GOP who might be sympathetic to the goals of The Lincoln Project who worry that the efforts to remove GOP senators is going too far. Screw that. Everyone one of them who voted to keep Trump in the Senate impeachment trial and who voted not to impeach in the House are damned and deserve removal. Trumpism has to be removed.
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    One side of The Roosevelt Bridge in Florida is closed because a large crack was discovered. Imagine a bunch of people decide to drive past the road closed barriers citing their rights to freedom or some other Mel Gibson-like crap and drive on it anyway, you know, because it hasn't collapsed yet - so what's the problem? That's the mentality we're dealing with too much.
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    There’s a great Chicago style Italian beef place near me, and you order through a walk up window. It’s sad that they had to post this the other day.
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    If they had shot him in the struggle, sure. But the point is once he is clear of them and running away he is not a threat to anyone anymore. He's just drunk and probably high in the middle of the street and will probably fall over asleep again in a couple of hundred yards. Just a senseless killing. It seems to me that a lot of people operate under the theory that 'making the police mad" is or should be a capital crime and the punishment is summary execution. Sorry, I don't buy that.
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    This is the root of the problem. Bad cops who break laws almost never suffer the appropriate consequences. The main reason is that the supposed “good cops” choose to look the other way and protect their thin blue line. These “good cops” make the conscious decision to not do the right thing. They value their police brotherhood over the lives of the people they are paid to protect and serve. These are the supposed good guys.
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    As I've said here before, the first word in "police state" is "police." I have no more use for cops who abuse their authority and use excessive or wrongful force or engage in other misconduct than I do for, say, people who engage in looting, arson and other wanton destruction, assault and battery, murder, and aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. I expect the cops to act within the law just as I expect others to do so, and they should suffer the legal and other appropriate consequences when they do not.
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    So instead, George Floyd must become America's scum of the earth who deserved every second of the knee on his neck by an officer with 18 complaints filed against him, while peaceful protesters being tear-gassed, beaten, pushed to the pavement to bleed out the ears, and shot with "less-lethal" rubber bullets are only getting what they deserve for having the gall to speak up for the right of people to not be terrorized on a regular basis by racial-profiling police officers. Plus an avalanche of one of the worst features of modern American life, calls by fascist politicians and their boot-licking lackeys in the right-wing Russia-adjacent media for the military to shut the down protesting American citizens for offending the lily-livered sensibilities of America-firsting MAGAts.
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    In other words, we lied but got caught
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    Driving away protesters for a photo-op should be a jail sentence but it won't be. 18 US Code 242: Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death. The above basically means your can't be deprived of your Constitutional rights. In the protesters case the 1st Amendment rights of freedom of speech, the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
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    Look. Stop waiting for this President to express an answer that displays either an empathetic understanding of what people feel, or an understanding of the issue. Don’t you get it yet? He has neither. What is even more disturbing is that nearly 40% of your fellow citizens have, in essence, shut off those two qualities they may have previously owned, and gone full throttle into a very dark place.
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    correct. It was not dissent, it was obnoxiousness that got you banned. That is the difference between moderated fora and twitter/facebook. If one is not prepared to accept that modicum of decorum, don't come to moderated fora. A place like MTS doesn't owe anyone an apology for having community standards.
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    actually the problem with this thread - and every thread in the political forum - are posts where people engage others in bad faith, or just to be a smart ***. they only make other people mad. if you dont like a post, you can just not respond. it would make the forum a much better place rather than adding a smart *** comment.
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    I wonder if "Free Hong Kong" will be acceptable. How about "Stop Nike slave labor" written on a jersey. No?
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    This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don't know that I care much about the 2020 season after all of the back and forth between management and the union. And with all of the COVID crap that has gone on and still not knowing exactly where that's headed, I wonder if a season should be attempted at this point in time anyway. I can't lie and say I'll turn it off completely. I suppose if the season does happen, I'll pay attention to it to some degree. But I doubt I will be "scheduling my days around trying to follow the games" as much as I normally do.
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    I do sometimes. That's what the bottle says.
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    Seriously. Use common sense. Just because ******* Florida says it's ok to go party at a ******* bar does not mean its ******* ok to go part at a ******* bar you ******* idiots. STOP!
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    And...? What? You’re saying that they were going to die anyway? I’m thinking my father may have had another year, or maybe even only a few months. Are we (families of those that died and were in LTC) not to be taken seriously because “so what”? 57% of. 120,000 deaths is about 68,000. Is this the only group of deaths that should “count”? That we should mourn? Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but that statement pretty much infuriates me. Every time I see or hear it. And I hear it an unbelievable amount of times. People don’t have expiration dates.
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    Hello, Doctor, my husband is very sick, he's been coughing and wheezing and he's got a fever of 101 and he's very weak. We've come to get the COVID test. I'm sorry ma'am but we aren't able to test him. You don't have the test? Well, we do have the tests, we have plenty of the tests, but we had to slow down our testing because the President might look bad But my husband he's so sick, he might be dying, he needs help. Well, if your husband was a real American he would suck it up and die so there will be more resources for the rest of us - the ones who aren't weak like him. But my husband is a veteran, he was in World War II Yeah, but he can't help us now, so he just needs to be a team player and get out of the way. I'm sorry. We can't help you. The President's job is at stake and if he tests positive then it makes the number go up. If we don't test him then he probably died from something else. This is all Obama's fault anyway - if he didn't hire a Pandemic Team then Dear Lead.........I mean President Trump wouldn't have had to fire them to erase Obama. So it's Obama's fault.............and the protesters too..............
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    Biden wouldn't hold a rally in this environment.
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    The Death Star was defeated by the inevitable social forces driven by technological change caused by engineers who were merely riding the course of plodding advancements in their knowledge. Luke, Jyn Erso, Han Solo, Leia were not relevant to that change and their statues should be torn down.
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    But is it fair to expect some people to have to wait for hours, while other areas have a 10 minute wait? is that supposed to be some freaking test about “how much you LOVE your country”? How patriotic you are? Why only ONE day, for on average 12 hrs. I’m sick of this bull****. It’s voter suppression. Plain and simple. Find a damn way to make mail or online voting secure. It’s 2020, for god sakes.
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    Not every message or decision was perfect, because we're dealing with something that's never happened in our lifetime, but fantastic job by Gretchen Whitmer. Made tough decisions that could cost her votes and stood up to the bullies. Acted like a leader. And also kudos to Mike DeWine in Ohio - who handled this well...........though he didn't have the bullies showing up at his door with guns. His FEMALE medical adviser came under attack, though.
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    Tony Clark has the talent be the best union leader ever, but he has no fire. When it comes to negotiating Spring training meal money, he can talk circles around management, but he just doesn't come through when all the money is on the line. He's too soft. They should make Kirk Gibson the union leader. If the owners don't give him what he wants, he'll yell and scream and if they still don't listen he'll punch Manfred in the face. That's how you win negotiations.
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    The "advantage", for lack of a better term, that Michigan had was being hit so hard immediately. We had no choice to deal with it. We shut down, we developed good habits, etc. It was real. To the people in the south and southwest it wasn't a problem. "It's just NYC..... we're good down here. It's all a hoax, teh CDC and WHO are idiots....". They were put in a position like a frog in water that's going to start boiling. We were put in boiling water and jumped out. By the time those states realized it was "real" its' too late. This is just a problem that's going to have to be dealt with on a local and state level. Nothing we can do for Brazil or other countries except offer equipment and supplies as we can afford. Each governor and leader in other countries will have to make their own decisions. MI doesn't need to shut down if there's problems in Texas or Peru.
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    yep.... and some of the doctors I follow for COVID signed it. Disappointed me. The medical necessity of our precautions that we are told to take doesn't change because of a political cause. Basically the statement "You shouldn't be doing THAT protest because it's medically unsafe and risky but you can do THIS protest" is not something a medical professional who wishes to speak with authority on spread of virus should ever say. The risk doesn't change because of a political issue. No, it's not changing my vote. But I spent a lot of time arguing with people that htey need to listen to the scientists and doctors and now I can't say that anymore to convince them because many of the scientists and doctors contradicted themselves. I'm not an expert so I like to follow them
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    That's the shirt he wears for vegetable gardening.
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    Come on what? Whitmer told the Trump protesters they were spreading COVID and then she goes and walks with protesters because it's a liberal cause and now when round two hits, how does she have any credibility now to tell people stay home? We always point out double standards and hypocrisy with Republicans and Trumpers but it's "Oh, come on" when the Democrats do it?
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    I’m going back to work June 15. I work for a chiropractor who normally sees four or five patients per hour using three treatment rooms. We are seeing one patient every 30 minutes. I will make the appointments, take the payments, call and verify insurance, pull the cards for the day, make reminder calls, but the doctor offered that he would clean the rooms after each patient, and I’m taking him up on that one. We will wear masks, the patients will wear mask, in one door, out another. Hand sanitizer and of course soap&water aplenty. 😷 I’m going to determine if I can be comfortable with this for now (I think I will be), but when his workload goes back to “normal”, Or if/when NJ’s numbers significantly spike, I’ll reassess. My boss understands my reasoning, and I appreciate that very much.
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    Grassley refuses to allow any more appointee hearings until Trump resolves questions about firings of IGs at 5 agencies.
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    Self-quarantining and masks work. It doesn’t make you a liberal, or a wimp, or anything - other than a person who wants to protect themselves and their loved ones from a virus that is NOT “like the flu”. Thise two measures work, if you’re fortunate enough to be able to do them. I understand wanting to get back to work or school or other “normal” life activities, but a measured approach to “reopen” is what can keep the numbers of infected, and the fatalities on a downward trend, until such time that we have a better course of treatment, and eventually a preventative vaccine. It is not an “us vs. them” proposition, and tragic that it’s become one. Stay safe, everyone.
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    .... and here’s Barr giving his “Rule Of Law” dog whistle to his master and the minions. May you someday rot in **** for the absolute treasonous tenure of your “Service”. You suck, you mealy mouth maggot.
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    You danced on the grave of a moderator's father.
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