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    I am tired of hearing about quid pro quo. In this country, we call it extortion.
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    The Fox headline implies the reason the tweet is being investigated is because it opposes Trump's impeachment, when in reality it is being investigated for its potential to incite violence. Alternately, opposing the impeachment proceedings is incidental to why it the tweet is being investigated, yet it is the central to the Fox lede.
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    I can't even believe that this is a point of debate. Thanks for clarifying.
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    Can't wait for him to take full credit.
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    The Dozen-Man March. White people haven't been this pissed since CBS dropped The Waltons.
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    Just for some context when I say what I'm about to say, I pitched in the minor leagues for 3 years, making it up to high A between stints with Boston and Cincinnati. Made some decent money, met some unbelievable guys/players and some of the biggest *** holes you'll ever encounter. If all of this is true, and when I say all of this I mean the cameras, ear pieces, I even heard body sensors or something like that? Someone was saying there was a computer/camera in the home dugout at Minute Maid? I heard there was a garbage can they would hit as a way to communicate the signals at home. If true, then his is the most egregious act of cheating I have ever seen in any sport. The wrath of God needs to be brought upon everyone that was complicit in this. There is absolutely no place in our game for using cameras to effectively spy on the other team's signals. Let alone to turn around and use them pitch by pitch by pitch. If they were doing it during the season, you know they were doing it in the playoffs. That is absolutely the most immoral, unethical behavior baseball has ever seen. I want people banned for life. Pete Rose betting on his own team earned a lifetime ban. These guys potentially doing what they did ruined seasons and postseasons. It tainted everything they ever accomplished. In short, screw everyone who was complicit in this. None of them should ever be allowed to manage/coach/play ever again. Set a precedent that this isn't acceptable. Forfeit salaries. Void contracts. This is THAT bad for me. I cannot imagine being a pitcher, logging 200+ innings, working my tail off all year/off-season to make the World Series. And have it come out that a scandal like that was going on. That a team would set up cameras in the outfield and relay the signals to the dugout. Who would then turn around and use a system of noises and maybe even earpieces and shocks? Again, it's al hearsay at this point, but I'm serious about this. People should be gone forever.
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    The Attorney General can go **** himself.
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    I can't wait for the evangelicans to tell us that we can't support the immorality of a gay man while pulling the lever for a guy with 5 kids by 3 wives who paid off a porn star to keep quiet about an affair he had while his youngest son was still a newborn..
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    I find that people take the Bible and make it fit whatever their worldview happens to be.
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    JUST today I was taking the refresher classification training. It says fairly clear that it is against the law to classify documents to: conceal violations of law prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency; https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/28/17.22 So, it appears that Eisenberg is going to lose his lucrative career as an NSC lawyer unless he rolls on the man who ordered him to do this.
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    No, 6Hop only follow the Lions for what he terms "comic relief." Unfortunately it can be a little annoying at times. But in this case it would have been really dumb for the Lions to have traded for anyone of consequence. They have a number of holes in the team which a key pickup might fill, but they also have an OL that can't run block worth crap, questions in the secondary due to a previous trade and Slay's injury, a DL which is underperforming, and truthfully questions at HC. All of this says that it seems unlikely that the Lions will make a serious push for a long playoff run this year. Given this, why in the world would they mortgage their future to push this year? Just to get to the playoffs? *Maybe* win one playoff game? (And yeah, I know that's something they haven't in decades, but the point is I don't want to give away future assets *just* for one playoff win.) This was a time to stand pat. If the right trade came along, sure... try it. But don't sell out for a piece or two that *might* help win 10 games instead of 9.
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    They are following the rules established by John Boehner (GOP), approved by a GOP controlled house to harass Obama and Clinton, and they are following precedent established from the Nixon and Clinton impeachment inquiries to start with closed doors hearings. In fact one of the GOP House members who led some of those closed hearings into Clinton was a young go-getter from South Carolina named (checks notes) Ms. Lindsey Graham
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    Let's all take a moment to remember the great Chris Farley.
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    i thought it was fine. i post that draws people's interests to an interesting theory and gets people talking. its not a journalism piece, its a blog post.
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    Republicans controlled both houses when Hunter Biden got that gig, then controlled those houses for three years after. If they thought there was something untoward, why wait until his dad is the Dem favorite to get all fired up about it. What else changed?
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    This Lions defense is exactly what Dwayne Haskins needed.
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    btw, it brings me great joy to see the bears lose and have to listen to all the local slappies who predicted them to be 13-3 this year eat their crow. as a lions fan, all i have to make me happy is other people's pain.
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    Jake Tapper talking to a republican who says that Schiff has been trying to impeach Trump for three years and is therefore obsessed. Trump was doing things during those three years worthy of impeachment, duh.
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    Its only meant to highlight Fiona's value as a witness to Putin's role in this.
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    I thought it was awesome when the GOP's lawyer clearly established that this all could have been more outlandish.
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    You do realize that both CastroW and Rogers were not the best options at their respective positions last season, right? And you do realize that, comparisons to other positional options aside, they were both clearly overmatched at the plate, and Rogers had some rough outings behind the plate as well, right? They don't really looked developed. And you do realize that "sacrificing the present for an unknown future" for a team that went 47-114 is about an absurd comment as could ever be written, right? I mean, I understand at some point they have to win 50 games, 60 games, 70 games, etc, etc in order to get to the playoffs. But this team won 47 games. I'll blindly take the future over the present unless that 47 wins is going to suddenly be placed within an 80 game schedule. Other than that, I think I agree with you.
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    They need to do what Verlander suggested and let the pitcher/catcher communicate with an earpiece. You can have the pitcher tell the catcher a number before each pitch, like two, to signal the second number the catcher says is the signal. Then the catcher can just say a bunch of random numbers to signal the pitch/location. The batter will hear the numbers but wouldn't be able to know which one is the actual call.
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    Yes, it was the heavy wet stuff. Sounds like you need some snow to keep the leaves in place. What is you mailing address, we'll see if we can send some over to you ASAP.
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    Lions will get another chance to punt from the bears 40.
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    We all know bevells play calling led to staffords injury.
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    People are addicted to the dopamine hits from "pwning" each other.
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    Why, oh why, are you letting Stan play you? His responses are more ridiculous and other-worldly each time. He’s not going to acknowledge that a previous statement of his proved wrong. Let em pass. Silly.
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    the US economy is 20T per year. They say healthcare is ~20% of the economy - that would be be 4T per year. Most places with universal coverage end up spending a smaller proportion than the US, more in the range of 10% of GDP. So just on general principal you could expect single paying to start out at near 20% of GDP and trend downward toward 10% over the following 20yrs or so. Projections based on the current US system are almost pointless because the whole object is to change the US system. Looking at actual experience other G-7s is probably a better predictor.
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    I am expecting the Tigers to add about five players we have heard of before this off-season: catcher who has a good defensive rep and had a decent batting average a couple if times. first baseman who hit 20+ home runs a couple of years ago scrappy middle infielder (or maybe just sign Mercer again) Pitcher who used to be good before surgery. Pitcher who once appeared in top 100 prospect lists, but has never been good in majors.
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    I don't get why anyone feels we shouldn't sign any free agents yet? Do any of you really feel that we have that many position prospects who could be blocked? This past season was sobering--we really only have two players that I have any confidence will be contributors to the major league team: Paredes and Greene, and neither have an established position yet, so it's highly unlikely they'll be blocked. Guys like Clemens, Packard and Cameron might be average major leaguers, but that is their upside and nothing indicates it will happen. We are completely devoid of any shortstops in the entire organization--why not try and get Didi Gregorius to a 3-4 year deal? He would automatically be the best position player in the org. And Ozuna? Again, not blocking anyone. We have no tradable assets, or at least none that wouldn't create a hole somewhere else (i.e., Boyd, Mize, Manning) if moved to get offense. This turnaround should start now--our major league roster has zero players that should start on a good team. Hopefully Rogers and Stewart pan out, but they have serious flaws in their game. Castro might emerge into an Omar Infante type player, but he could also easily be a Ramon Santiago and not someone you bet on. Goodrum and Reyes should be utility guys and nothing more. Start chipping away--this will still take a few offseasons and drafts to get back to respectability, but why not start to address it now? It's not like we're going to be able to acquire an entire lineup in one winter once the young pitchers start to contribute. And this is not about the fans--it's BS to think you'll "lose" them. They'll come running back as soon as you give them something to be excited about. The reason to start to improve your team is because it is a process that will take time.
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    I'd like to see that too. I've had mlb tv for a decade and this past year was the first I started passing on some games. If diehards get bored with the team then most other fans are already there. If they start out terrible Illitch will have to tolerate much worse of a hit at the gate. They can continue the rebuild, not block anyone, and field a team that isn't an historically bad team. I'm probably just being impatient. The Tigers have been a huge part of my life for nearly 50 years. I just can't get excited to watch Brandon Dixon bat, and Shep get all demonstrative when he does.
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    The tigers need to add more players that could play for a different team.
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    I was a Martin fan, but he sure could ruin a pitching staff
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    It seems like, from Dump's perspective, that it would be troubling that > 170 congresspersons from the Republic party DID NOT storm the SCIF in defense of Dump.
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    I know some of you live near the mothership. Funding for my position in Minneapolis will be ending in June. My son is done with high school so we likely will be leaving the frozen tundra next Spring. Grew up in Grand Rapids and spent the 90s in Seattle. Been in Minneapolis nearly 20 years. That's enough. Thinking about Detroit. Been a mental health professional for 30+ years, predominantly helping homeless and formerly homeless individuals and families struggling with mental health and substance use. Does anyone have knowledge of mental health employment opps in that area? I'll start doing some research. Thought I'd ask first. Danka
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