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    We did it! As of 1:30AM this morning welcome Austyn Madelynn. Healthy and everyone doing great.
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    What an incredible honor. Thank you, Bert. That’s some beautiful artwork. I can only imagine this photo represents one of the many pro-Shelton rallies to come. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, the deuce, they will all be there to gather under the Chevrolet fountain to enjoy some free wi-fi and reminisce about that time I posted that Ajax sucks.
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    Somewhere, Jim Price is talking about the art of choking...
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    I’ll toot my own horn here.
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    He's a con man and you are a mark.
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    Speaking of deaths being politicized... the Tibbets family wants the hijacking of their daughters death to end.
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    Basically we needed an adult to help oversee this group!
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    Bert, this thread only proves why you are one of my favorite internets people ever.
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    I have commandeered this thread. I think it is essential that IdahoBert himself be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The artwork has been a highlight, as has been the quality of the literature that he has submitted. Who else could quote Kant and Hegel during a game thread? Who else could recite some Whitman during a discussion about prospects? Who, I ask. Well, no one else. You will know that I did not do the artwork myself. I have an internet friend, I only know him as Sergei, and I asked him if he could duplicate Bert's style if I gave him a sample. As it turned out he didn't need it, he just went right into Bert's computer and got dozens of them.
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    Ok. I’m going to break my rule and post a second HoF honoree today. The one to whom we owe everything in ways too countless to mention. The man behind the curtain, the captain of this vessel that keeps it afloat because he wants to, not because he has to: Scoot!
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    Is this site going to survive the rebuild? You know the answer. I have only been here 14 years, three months, and two days. So I haven’t been here since Adam and Eve but I’ve been here a pretty long time. And just as Tiger337 once gave “rookie of the year“ awards — of which I was a worthy recipient — I am going to honor the people who have made this place what it is. I am going to honor the people who were here and are still here or who have since left, for whatever reason, and who have made this place worthy of the time and attention to which many of us devote so many of our waking hours. I am hoping to honor a new person every day until it is too boring or repetitive to continue. PM me about whom you think should be added. I already have quite a few people in mind for either rational or sentimental reasons but I am bound leave some people out. Make sure I don’t do that. There are a lot of people who haven’t been here in a long time who also need and deserve to be recalled fondly. Even the villains. I am honoring Lee first because he is the first person I thought of. One of the most astute observers of this game anywhere. He is one of only three MTS posters that I have ever met face-to-face. Without him this place would be much less than it has been these past many years. Feel free to add your own comments about each days honored recipient or whatever else strikes you as pertinent.
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    Dan Dickerson has a credible claim to being the best radio PxP guy in the game right now.
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    My initial reaction to this, beyond the chuckle...was that I wanted to ask Mario if Rod was 'country strong'? Seriously, this has been one of the worst announcing teams for quite a while. It's stunning they've let them continue this long. There are plenty of professional people FSD could hire, so they should just get on with it. I think, no matter who was at fault, whether there was a chokehold or not, they should use this as a fine excuse to just let both of them walk. It's time for someone new. This whole incident reminded me of something Paul Carey said about Ernie Harwell after he died. Carey smoked for 17 years. He always had a cigarette going in the booth, and he said he felt bad, because Ernie didn't smoke, and those booths were so tight with no ventilation. In 1989, Carey and his wife both quit smoking. He called Ernie and said "Ernie, I want to let you know that I've quit smoking". Ernie told him that was the nicest Christmas gift anyone could have ever given him. But Ernie never said a word about his smoking or complained one time about it for all 17 years. Those two were the gold standard, both as announcers and men. They don't make them like that anymore.
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    Can't wait for the ESPN segment discussing how this incident transcends sports and is symbolic of the racial tensions in the country.
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    What you’re describing is a dictator.
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    This a pretty ironic argument coming from the side of the party that has put the Justices on the SCOTUS that have made control of corporate influence in politics impossible.
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    $145 for steak and wine? It's difficult to think of a bigger waste of money.
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    First off, he is the POTUS. Getting criticized comes with the territory. It just does, right or wrong. ****, taking criticism *with dignity* was something that was *expected* out of the POTUS up until this presidency. (Side note: ever notice how dignity and Trump never appear in the same sentence unless the word 'no' or 'not' is part of it?) I don't recall you worrying about how Obama was criticized when he was president. Partially because you hated the man, partially because you know it comes with the territory. Honestly, rather than whining, you should embrace it because it means your guy is in the catbird seat and the focus of attention. But birds of a feather and all of that. Second, sacred event my ***. That's just a made up thing to get the base riled. Maybe - *maybe* - if the individual's decorum were largely beyond reproach (GHW Bush, maybe?), I could possibly get behind the idea that eulogies should not be used to attack a man because he has no means to defend himself in that setting. But Donald? He never has cared how something would sound or look, nor has he seemingly taken the event into account when he speaks. He is exactly the sort of person who would use a eulogy to politicize something. In fact, I'd suggest he is incapable of not making it about himself because he is an insecure narcissist. So, no, I am not going to criticize the daughter of a man who was tortured for 5+ years and made sacrifices that few of us could fathom, let alone bear, for being dismissive of this presidency after the president was dismissive of her father's service.
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    Sorry, a draft dodger doesn't get to tell a Veteran that he's not a hero because he got captured and then cry because the veteran doesn't support him. He just doesn't. That whole chain of events encapsulates what an awful human being Trump is.
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    Charles Liston is the best.
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    Very nice. RIP. Brian was such a great poster here. He knew so much about everything. The thread asking him to check in on that day is haunting. The thing that seems to stand out the most about him is that he would engage with anyone, and he always did so in a respectful manner, even if he was telling you how wrong you were.