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    Little over a week into covid and I feel better. Still have a fever and a massive headache all the damn time, but overall doing better.
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    a bunch of white dudes who think women should stay home are being overshadowed by a strong woman and they don't like that. It's a macho thing. She made tough decisions, got a lot of favorable press over it, and left them holding their dicks.
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    The Trumpies are doing you a favour though. I am going to duck after I say this, of course. But, the biggest favour that Trump has done for you is to demonstrate what a hopelessly flawed document your constitution is, probably the weakest, more full of holes than any other foundational document anywhere in the western developed democratic economies. One proof is simply that you've never stopped arguing about it, not for 1 day, since the day that the ink dried 230 years ago. But most importantly, that for the last four years your president has proven that he can just completely ignore it, and there's nothing that you can do about it. Nothing. But that's just me, leaning over your back fence, what do I know. But of course there's nothing that you can do about that. Not with a Republican majority in the Senate. So, the Trumpies are pointing the way for you - you can end your misery by focusing all of your short-term attention going forward on re-taking the Senate. You can't end the madness, and especially you can't end the international abject contempt and scorn, without removing all of the ludicrous "theoretical" levers (like "Faithless Electors", JHC, those are real possibilities) that an incumbent president can pull in order to stay in power, like in Belarus or Venezuela, those are your comps right now. And you just can't make those amendments as long as you have a Republican Senate. But that's just me, leaning over your back fence, justifiably comparing you to Belarus and Venezuela. After 2 Scotches.
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    Whitmer is glorified here very much less than Trump is demonized. We don't even have a Whitmer Governorship thread, let alone one with 1000 pages of glorifying her, nor do we have a don't impeach Whitmer thread with a thousand pages glorifying her. No threads about removing term limits b/c she's so mentally fit. No threads about her not having giggolos or prostitutes. Your statement can be quantified rather easily and it clearly demonstrates you're not accurate. Whitmer hasn't acted unilaterally - she acted within a framework of laws that the state legislature passed. Then, the supreme court took her powers that the legislature had granted her (the court did that unilaterally, I might add), and now it's not even her acting unilaterally - it's the director of the state health department who is putting on the restrictions, which are also a legally granted power to him. I would urge you to practice accuracy in your posting. I personally have tolerance for valid criticism, however I will call out lies with the text of her EO when repeated lies about her EO are posted here. I'm not at all sorry for it either. If you want a forum where lies run rampant, join 8kun. If you don't want the forum to be "all Ds good, all Rs bad", then come and post opposite of that. If republicans don't want to come here and defend the indefensible, don't expect democrats to pick up that slack - that's nonsensical. This isn't socialism of saying nice things about Republicans, no matter how much you'd prefer that.
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    After voting strictly for Republicans all my life, I voted for Biden. I am a moderate Republican, and I want my party back, away from the extreme right and Trump. I enjoyed most of Saturday, albeit from my work stations.
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    Thats ok because they are male and “boys will be boys”. That’s just how you do things. But I will wait for another lecture about how easy we are on that woman and now mean we are to the GOP and Trump because doing that can only mean we are being “tribal” about it rather than simple honest political discussion and criticism when warranted.
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    and it's not like Whitmer did anything out of the ordinary.... people act like she's the only governor doing this. The state GOP was caught flat footed between public health and loyalty to Trump and his method of managing this as a financial crisis rather than a health crisis. She acted swiftly as the GOP leaders here were still waiting to get the direction from Washington, less they **** off Bubba and his AR-15.
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    Pistons wheeling and dealing tonight! 1) They took Killian Hayes and therefore the draft is a success. 2) I have no problem in dealing oft injured, unathletic Luke Kennard. Really good shooter, underrated playmaker, but a sieve on defense and about to get really expensive. Too bad it didn't work out, but I'm not going to pay him to try and find out whether his elite shooting ability pans out. 3) I'm fine taking Isaiah Stewart (even if he spells Isiah wrong... Piston joke). A top 5 bball recruit who, while only 6'9, has a huge wingspan and a big time motor. A guy who can dive to the rim on offense and protect the rim on defense and - unlike a former 7'0 player we might remember with limited on ball offensive ability - shouldn't sulk and pout his way out of the game if he doesn't get post ups and will instead recognize his role and do what he is good at rather than focus on his numbers and touches. Do I sound bitter for Andre? I am a little bitter for Andre... Anyway, I think the NBA is evolving for guys who are 6'9 with 7/4 wingspans to be "centers". The scouting on Stewart says he'll have trouble guarding perimeter guys on switches, which could be an issue. An issue that the next guy probably won't have... 4) Like I said, trading Kennard for Bey is fine with me. Kennard was about to get expensive and the Pistons are going nowhere fast soon. No point in paying Kennard just because you drafted him, and he's been hurt so many times, it is a good gamble to let someone else take the chance he might be healthy and then pay him for that chance. As for Bey, he appears to be the most celebrated Piston pick of the night. He shares some of the traits all the Weaver picks have had so far: long, tough, competitive. Arms are longer than his height and he should be able to be the lengthy wing player that is in vogue these days in the NBA. Can switch for days. 5) Saben Lee. Uber athletic guard who should be able to guard anyone on the floor. His issue is he can't shoot straight and the Pistons will have to work on his mechanics. Good second round flyer that could develop if they can fix his shot. He's athletic enough to play in the NBA and, like the other Weaver picks, he's long. 6) See #1. Our French Connection has grown and therefore the draft deserves an A grade. Vive la France! Nous allons enfants de la patrie, la jour de la gloire est arrive! Contre nous de la tyrannie...you get the idea.
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    Not at all like 2016. They literally hacked and released a trove of emails from the DNC. They participated directly with Bannon's digital targeting efforts. Manafort was providing a back channel to Putin.
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    **** Donald trump and all who stand with him
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    No tectonic plates meet there
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    "Defund the police" was a stupid catch phrase.
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    I would never blame her. She took the heat and didn't pass her responsibility to someone else. And what she was doing was trying to save lives. All the GOP in Michigan did was fight every step she made. The GOP doesn't care about our lives, they crave power. It's pretty obvious if you look at the situation with your eyes and mind open.
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    i dont disagree with a lot of your points, but the reason why there are tighter knit family units among populations other than poor black and white americans are important. i think hispanics are largely immigrants. asians too. and that the immigrant experience in this country is vastly different than the black american experience. black americans have 300 years of being racially oppressed that has affected them generationally in ways asians and hispanics have not been. nigerian americans who come here with educations and means do as well or better than any other ethnic group. having the means and the support in america means more because there is such a weak safety net (compared to other western countries). i understand your point: people make choices and those choices have consequences. but people are more likely to make certain choices based on the environment they are raised in. and that is important considering the apartheid environment black americans have been living in for most of their existence.
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    I’m betting that your wife and her colleague are super vigilant because they get to see just how horrible this virus is - up close - daily. A few nurse friends of mine who were involved in the first months here are still scared ****less. In the beginning, there were really no effective therapies, adding to the despair. And exhaustion. (Did I mention exhaustion?) God bless all these healthcare workers, who are STILL working their asses off, while the rest of us debate about how awful it is to not be able to sit at their local bar again.
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    Debt relief to the middle class theoretically could boost the economy because then they would be able to buy stuff. Trickle up.
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    it was always and remains a grift
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    People from red states are very sensitive.
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    You know who else has been terminated?
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    In 1991 I made a committment to attempting to live my life aligned with the beattitudes. I've been a mental health professional since, working mostly with homeless mentally ill. I currently work for Catholic Charities in the Twin Cities doing just that. Our mission is aligned with Christian left beliefs. I couldn't be vocationally more at peace. Which helps to ease the pain of being a diehard Detroit sports fan right now.
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    "I'm leaving, and I'm taking Barron with me." "Who?"
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    The Tigers know they're never gonna have a guy on 1st and 3rd at the same time so Ramon can do both.
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    Will never forgive you if your sheep what?
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    I can say with 100% certainty that if Biden supporters did this, Joe Biden would condemn it and not encourage his supporters to do it.
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    It is absolutely a moving violation to intentionally block and interfere with another vehicle. That’s is beyond dispute.
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    Exaclty, from what I gather 95% who post here are way left of center. Repubs have issues for sure but the left is **** bent on Socialism....
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    This is a form of rights absolutism that is just wrong. Granting that churches do have the right for their members as consenting adults to engage in behavior that is dangerous to their own life (refusal of a blood transfusion) they have also NEVER had the right to kill 3rd parties by their practices - e.g. minor children of Christian Scientists or Jehovah's witnesses. My response would be that any religious practitioner should be free to exercise in a way that is dangerous to the public health of others as long as they are required to do it in complete isolation from the rest of society. The Hasidim and Catholics or Evangelicals that don't want to comply with public health rules should be required to quarantine themselves in return. The first and fundamental of ALL RIGHTS secured by the system is LIFE. Like EVERY other right, the bound on religious liberty sits exactly where it impinges on someone else's right to exercise LIFE. This is absolutely no different than the speech right being properly limited by the crying 'fire' in a theatre logic. 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃
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    at age 9 campos walked into a lumber yard and saw a group of trees yet to be felled. he approached the largest tree and chopped it down with his bare hands. as stunned long time lumbermen looked on in disbelief, he whittled the huge piece of wood into a baseball bat, burning his initials into its staff with the heat created from his own fingers moving so quickly.
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    They misspelled the first "your" in #2.
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    That blast about "telling me how Republicans want old people to die" is quite rich from the dude that comes here and misrepresents her nursing home EOs repeatedly.
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    I hope @Mr. Bigglesworth and @IdahoBert are doing well. Both seem to have been missing.
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    Rich real estate developer gets bailed out by banks because foreclosing on the property would leave them stuck with losing even more money. (725 5th Ave, NY NY)
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    If you live your life constantly worrying about the fact that someone somewhere benefited from something you didn't, you are going to be an unhappy person. If you made that choice you had the security of not worrying about it for 15 yrs. Or take some joy that someone who wanted to do the best he could for his wife and children when they were young got a break. jeez - people with cramped souls hurt my head. We'd all still be running around in loincloths hunter/gathering if no-one ever got a break the guy before him didn't.
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    Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel for the win . . .
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    Recently leaked tape from the bunker on election night
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    Thread resuscitation, because this made me laugh. You have to listen all the way through I'm afraid.
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    Biden now up in GA by 917!
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    I'm unemployed and on the west coast, so I haven't been to bed yet. like yesterday, today is just another Saturday.
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    And Puerto Rican women.
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    Her retirement home/the state of Michigan. She has a functioning senior-friendly tablet that we have been calling her on for... oh... 8 months now. And we got her a 100th birthday shoutout on the Today Show.
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    He is so far beyond 'high crimes and misdemeanors" in his incitements to crime and mayhem that we might as well burn the rest of the Constitution anyway. The document is quite demonstrably meaningless to Trump's GOP.
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    You are seeing some pearl clutching that I am not, so go ahead and point it out if you would like to. There are 3 or 4 people who are disappointed in the hire, that's all. They don't give a crap about the punishment that he received or whether or not it was adequate. Literally not one person has even mentioned it even in passing. So this whole bull**** narrative about "forgiveness" and "pearl clutching" has nothing at all to do with the objections of the people who are less than enthused about the hire. The people who object to the hire don't give a **** about the punishment that he received, or "forgiveness", or anything related to that. The people who are less than enthused about the hire are less than enthused because they believe that a manager has 2 functions: (a) manage the pitching staff, and (b) control the clubhouse. There is no objective data that he can do (a), and there is a lot of objective data to suggest that he can't do (b). So those 2 very simple factors suggest that he isn't worth the distraction that will accompany him. That's it. So, where all of this nonsense about "forgiveness" and "pearl clutching" came from, I have no idea. But it has nothing whatsoever to do with the objections of the 3 or 4 people who are disappointed.
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    I don't remember anyone asking Canada to talk.

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