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    Papi likes to talk a lot about Detroit politics, but Trump has a lot in common with Kwame Kilpatrick. Both used the government to enrich the lives of themselves and their family, both enjoyed partying with women other than their wives, Kwame took all the credit for the accomplishments of Dennis Archer and put all the blame for the bankruptcy on Archer and never took responsibility, both of them were victims and under a witch hunt, or as Kwame described it, a lynching. Bernard even likened it to being a Jew during the Holocaust. Finally, both of their fixers are in jail. My family was a big supporter of Kwame in the beginning. He was young, intelligent, and charismatic. Soon after he took office, his malfeasance came to light. This is where Papi and I differ greatly. Even though Kwame is a member of my tribe, I quickly disowned him. I ended up voting for Hansen Clarke in the primary and then Freeman Hendrix in the general. I wasn't brainwashed into supporting Kwame since he was part of my tribe. Anyways, back to the development front. My mother is a former city employee who was last in the Detroit planning and development department. She still maintains contacts and keeps abreast of what is going on in Detroit. Papi is full of ****. There is no evidence that federal tax cuts have caused any increase in economic development in the city of Detroit. Let's not forget, Papi originally made the claim about Gilbert and Illitch which was easily debunked. Shinola had announced their plans and started on their hotel before Trump. Beaumont is opening urgent care centers in southeast Michigan (Thanks Obamacare) and not all in Detroit or Tliab's district. Comerica announced their mortgage program in 2017 before the Trump tax cuts. Flagstar and Chase announced similar programs before Trump took office. Those are just off the top of my head. I'm not researching your data for you. Papi is like an auto mechanic who thinks he's talking to a naive woman. He'll try to talk smart about technical terms about how a car operates thinking he has some sort of intellectual superiority all the while we can see through his bull****. Papi is like my court jester. I clap and he entertains me.
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    Rod Allen made me feel like changing the channel.
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    Completely off base to call him a mother ****er. If anything, he is a daughter ****er. She needs to get her facts straight.
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    The Wall would be like the Japanese Internment camps on America's historical narrative: A mark of shame you have to take as a scar on the body to remember that life isn't easy or cheap and goodwill is not a given.
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    The wall isn't even going to cut it 10%.
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    Most of us here live in border state. We are just a worse country than our border country which stems the inflow. Trump will get us to that point with all of our border countries soon enough.
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    It is one of those things where I don't understand why anyone would care enough to comment. Even if Sheppard is "wrong" for doing the broadcast, how is this anybody's concern other than his immediate family?
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    The job market sucked when I graduated college in the mid 90’s. While I was looking for a real job, I applied at a big box electronics retailer. I went and interviewed and they offered me the job and then mentioned that I needed to go take a drug test. Using perfect logic for a 22 year old, I decided that I wanted to continue being able to get high more than I wanted this 30 hour a week job (which by the way I really needed). Once again using those amazing 22 year old critical thinking skills, I didn’t actually tell them I wasn’t taking the job, I just never bothered to ever go take the drug test. Almost a week passes and I get a call from the General Manager of the local store and he wants to get my availability so he can put me on the weekly work schedule. I believe that I was very blazed at the time that he called and not only did I tell him that I didn’t take the drug test but Captain 22 popped up again and shared a few of the reasons why I felt it was silly to test for marijuana for a job like this. He paused for a bit and then said don’t worry about the drug test when can you start. It turned out only corporate HR cared about the test and most of the people there smoked heavily. I ended up working for 2 weeks before a full time job that I had wanted came through but I was able to meet a guy there that became a solid connect for some really nice indica that lasted for a couple of years.
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    you can not stop economic migrants from getting here any more than we could ever stop drug imports. Economic demand *always* finds a way. US employers are driving the economic migrant flow. The economic refugees would not come in such large numbers if it weren't so easy to work with false or no documentation. We can argue the morality of what we want immigration to look like, but at the practical level, whatever we decide, we will never stop economic migrants with border control techniques - it's a fool's errand.
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    Insofar as the Wall is now a symbol of fear and racism and the forces of a little America which doesn't believe in freedom or collective security among the democracies ... nope, it should not happen.
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    His tax plan was ill advised. His actions on trade have been misguided and counterproductive. His foreign policy is a disaster. Leaving Syria strengthens our enemies and threatens our allies, and you can't twist it any other way. His efforts in healthcare have been largely destructive. His record on immigration is basically xenophobia and inhumane treatment. As far as the comportment one would hope for from a leader, he's been petulant, childish, erratic, hostile, narcissistic, devisive and one of the most prolific liars in history. We shall see if we can add corrupt and treasonous to this, but given his history, if you look at it objectively, it would not be a stretch.
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    Trump didn't get his money's worth out of the Supreme Court here... Supreme Court rules against mystery corporation from ‘Country A’ fighting subpoena in Mueller investigation
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    I saw a list in Politico this morning of the networks that will run the thing, assuming it still goes on: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, Fox News, and Fox Business. Missing from this list: MSNBC. It's airing in Maddow's regular slot. Here's what I think MSNBC should do: sit Maddow, Chris Hayes, Ari Melber, Chris Matthews, Joy Reid and Melissa Harris-Perry around a table with Trump on a monitor live behind them, and they can go after his speech in real time, MST3K-style, and promote that in advance of the speech. I would bet they would pull huge numbers, at least in cable terms.
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    The six are encounters, not arrests. I can totally believe it having worked in this field. Dearborn and Minneapolis are located on the Canadian border. If they were coming across a land frontier it would be Western NY, Windsor/Detroit or the Vancouver area as well because of proximity to major airports from Europe and other airports. Also, the six might well have been encounters of the Teddy Kennedy, Cat Stevens or MIA (the Tamil hip hopper) type.
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    Thank you. Anyway, last I checked, Ben Roethlisberger was picked 11th, four slots after the Lions picked Roy Williams. Aaron Donald (and OBJ and Taylor Lewan and DeMarcus Lawrence) were picked after the Lions selected Eric Ebron. Drew Brees was picked in Round 2, Russell Wilson in Round 3, and Tom Brady in Round 6. You can find good players throughout the draft. Lions fans in particular should know that having high picks does not necessarily equate to draft success. If anything, Lions fans should root for “high ceiling” players with no track record or other red flags (like Ansah or Charles Rogers or Big Mike Williams) to be off the board when they pick. Finally, I think it says something about those fans “fans” ***** at NFL players for not going out and laying eggs on purpose. Every single one of those players on that field - even Teez Tabor - is at the top of the game and has accomplished more in his profession than anyone posting on any of these message boards. Their competitiveness and pride, even when “it doesn’t matter” is why they are there. Hats off to them.
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    The logic of deferred gratification is boring. It is something the master tells his servants to do but never does himself. Only guys in tweed jackets, bow ties, and Coke-bottle glasses want to lose in hopes of winning later.
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    Well, I guess if they're going to win, win big. Might as well stomp the snot out of Green Bay in front of their fans
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    This video is about the best distillation I have seen as to why the border wall idea sucks so bad....
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    Agreed. I've actually liked most of his moves but ultimately, the blame falls on the GM if the team fails and it's been 3 years now with no improvements so results have to start showing and soon. I've always thought that Year 4 is make or break for a GM. Usually it takes a year or two to flush out the old regime and it takes 2-3 years to properly evaluate a draft so next year should be a playoffs or bust year for the Lions. If they miss the playoffs, this regime needs to be flushed. It will be the 2nd year of Patricia's system (so no excuses about adjusting to new schemes etc.), they're going to have a high pick to bring in an immediate impact player and money to spend to fill needs. This needs to be a roster going into the season that's ready to contend and the expectations should come with that.
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    This is why he complains about it.