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  2. That Stefanski presser was depressing but at least he's honest about the situation in hand. They just have to play this out for another year and hope somehow that the team overachieves then make bigger changes next offseason when the cap crunch eases. In the meantime, there's not much they can do.
  3. That Karlsson deal is going to bite the Sharks in the ***. I am guessing they will want out of it by year 5.
  4. Out of curiosity, I visited the tea party website that was linked in one of those tweet. I saw exactly what I expected.
  5. They could probably ave picked someone at random out of the stands in Lakeland, paid him or her the minimum, and gotten at least as much production as they're getting out of Harrison. I mean, he's no Jordy Mercer.
  6. I'm fascinated by how Steve will manipulate the draft board. I expect some movement up and down to get assets.
  7. philly? youve been ripping philly for years now.
  8. I think for Ross and Moore they were hoping to go the Fiers route. Bide some time early in the season if not the whole season while the young arms were developing in the minors. Maybe Ross and Moore could get flipped for lottery tickets. Probably the same with Mercer. Didn't want to peg Goodrum down to one position. Clearly Rodriguez isn't a SS. Beckham doesn't quite have the arm to do it everyday. Neither Castro was ready. I mean, you can say none of them should have been offered $2M, but then Ross, Moore, and Mercer become more attractive / palatable to other teams at $2M.
  9. How does this work? Does Putin mail her a check, money gram, or direct deposit in her bank account? Does he have phone contact to tell her what to do, or do they have a super secret decoder ring? Honest question. And how could this happen anyway? Wouldn't the congressional ethics (or one of those oversight type groups) committee be all over this since it's so widely known?
  10. Facebook launches a new cryptocurrency called Libra - CNBC
  11. Sonny was right, nobody cares...........the working man is a sucker. It's better to be feared than loved - fear lasts longer. If she doesn't lean over and unlock that door for you, dump her.
  12. Maybe not truly an overpay but an organization focused solely on $$ would have used a MLB minimum player.
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  14. Today's Tiger birthdays (6/18): Matt Moore (30).
  15. Simmons was the guy to draft there, but the bottom line is he is the only guy in that range of the draft that is a highly effective MLB player. Bonus is they would not have acquired Iglesias if Simmons is in their system -> probably retain Suarez and move him to 3B.
  16. Nick will blame his "situation" and the Tigers of course.
  17. Big fan of Primanti Bros but I can get that in Novi. That said, I forgot they put one there and have not been yet. Maybe tonight.
  18. I'm not sure how Harrison was an overpay. $2M to be a place holder on a rebuilding team? Honestly, I understand none of the 4 signed this offseason were awe inspiring, but I think they were deals that had merit at the time.
  19. I-75 hasn't been the same since big butter Jesus died.
  20. I like Cincinatti because when we drive to TN it means we're done with Ohio. Although coming back it sucks donkey balls...
  21. The only civic rivals Detroit has are the two bigger cities of Chicago and Toronto and the megalopolis of New York. Because Detroit is all about punching up out of hate at the places which think they are better than us. Washington, DC is too much of a weird place to fit any such model.
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