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  2. As a general proposition I would say Snyder has almost nothing to do with the US national GOP. It was in no small part trying to buy back the cred he lacked with the GOP "kill the government beast" establishment after helping Detroit that got him into the trouble he landed in Flint. Schuette is more a rep of the GOP mainstream and he and Snyder had no use for each other. But you are still missing the main issue. The debate about what policies help who is always fair game, the denial that there is a difference as the result of policy and that it may impact some people a lot more than it impacts you is more the question. If you want to take SB's view, you can just deny 40 years of history and say that the US middle class is disappearing, US wealth is concentrating, and our children may be the first in the nations history to see their economic standing fall below their parents' because of unknowable, inscrutable, mysterious cosmic forces that can never be comprehended or controlled. Or can you take an empirical, historical, realist view that we are exactly where have put ourselves as the result of 40 years of deliberate policy decisions and try to reason out as citizens what if anything we can help do about it. Now of course, there is another view, which is that with the collapse of respect for the rule of law in the executive and decisions like Citizen's United and Rucho v Common Cause, we have succeeded in so tilting the playing field that there will be no way to ever climb back, and the republic is lost - we are already Rome after Caesar crossed the Rubicon, our Democracy is doomed to collapse and is just waiting for how ever many generations of demagoguery and dictatorship sputter slowly downhill until some version of Goths put our remaining empire out of its misery. On this last one, the view will be much clearer the November 4 after next.
  3. First, you really think voting for a dem is going to help a less "privileged" sole? Ha, take a look at Flint. You can say Snyder was a racist that wanted all blacks to die of lead poisoning. But, it's clear he didn't think about that as he helped Detroit more than any other democrat in the last 50 years, but hey, i'm not going to fight you as I already know you don't agree. Kwame brought more attention to Detroit so i'll concede he contributed much more to the city.
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  5. GAME 150 Games Played - 2,393 (89) - Passed <Jake Beckley> at 2,392. Plate Appearances - 10,212 (74) - Passed <Roberto Clemente> at 10,211.
  6. Spencer Turnbull vs Aaron Civale Only two more games with the Nintendo coin sound
  7. Tigers at Indians  Game 151 45-105 Remember him? Gorge Moriarity Years with Detroit: 1927-28 Tigers highlights: 150 wins You may remember him from: New York Highlanders, Chicago Cubs, stealing home 11 times Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  8. Why so soon? Because the future is the only thing worth talking about.
  9. You mean the guy that wasn't legally allowed to question him under house rules? Fat Jerry wants it both ways. He wants to act like it's an impeachment inquiry but doesn't have the balls to actually bring an impeachment inquiry.
  10. Martinez Philips Staub Cash Heath Cabrera Ordonez Whitaker Rodriguez Kinsler Bergman Lemon Bruton Trammell Kaline Very enlightening. Thanks for the effort.
  11. This is true. He is one of the more accessible sportswriters (before and during retirement).
  12. *Sigh* Nobodies life is consumed by anything. It's just that different people have different life experiences than you. And maybe are affected by this administration in ways that you are not. This isn't difficult. Put yourself is someone else's shoes... This is exactly right. This isn't about me or anyone else on this board... I just think the "sit back, shut up and be entertained" approach denies that there are folks who see negative impacts from the administration and their actions and general thrust.
  13. That was a cruel post Obs - I am never going be able to un-listen to that......
  14. Yeah - pretty basic arithmetic that when the Federal Government runs a trillion dollar deficit that sooner or later the Fed is going to have to print the money to cover it. Econ 101. Government borrowing will suck money out of the system and drive up interest rates. If the Fed doesn't want rates to go up, it must print the money to supply the government's borrowing. In a normal world this can't go on long because it will produce inflation, but in our greying, low demand, poorly wealth distributing economy who knows how long they may be able to get away with it.
  15. The Orioles give up 4 in the 9th to blow the game. They aren't giving up the number 1 pick without a fight. I'm 90 percent sure we have this but in the back of my mind Im worried that we're gonna go all 2003 Tigers the last week of the season and blow it.
  16. When will the money dry up for the bottom 3 plus Beto?
  17. MTUt's point is not about how butt-hurt he is by Trump, it's that by his and its conduct, this government being lead by Trump is attempting to do a lot more then just leave some of our neighbors a little butt-hurt. It's a lot more than being butt-hurt to see your voting rights abused, your healthcare degraded, your right to walk the streets in safety compromised, your protection against dirty air and water discarded, your rights as a citizen questioned, your path to even being a citizen of the only nation you have even lived in blocked. Most of those actions are not going to affect you and me or probably MTUt, but they are going to affect a lot of good people pretty seriously. That is the lack of privilege he is talking about - not the decision about how some upper middle class commenter *feels* about things, but how less "privileged" souls who live in this nation are going to have their real lives affected adversely every hour of every day by the war against its less privileged members that our current government is embarked on. So no, it's not difficult at all.
  18. That was very interesting...just watched the highlights.
  19. This isn't difficult; you can yap all you want about the Orange Menace - that is a privilege. To what extent your life is consumed by him as president, and your reaction to it, is what you make of it. That is not a privilege, but a choice. I see this as business as usual. So I'm not butt hurt, nor have the will, to spew Trump sucks 24/7/365. That's my thoughts. Save the 911 call; no cops needed.
  20. Svechnikov with an assist in his 1st pre-season game. Wings beat Hawks 5-3 Utterly ridiculous moment of the broadcast is John Keating asking a Wing to put a win in the 1st game of the PRE-SEASON "in perspective"
  21. why would you let a guy pretty much conditioned to short relief like Soto throw 48 pitches in a meaningless game?
  22. I don't know why you'd expect that. I see much of the same and I don't think any of the pitching blue chips are going to pitch here until the All Star Break next year.
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