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  2. RR hits one over the monster - 3-2 Tigers.
  3. The sub .850 OPS is the most depressing. Must. Pound. Sale.
  4. So you're thinking he's the Bill Walton of baseball?
  5. Casti hitting .254 with 0 homers and 4 rbi. Shep sez that the most glaring number there is his zero homers. No, Shep. The most glaring thing there is 4 RBI. C'mon Shep. Then Morris says Sale's pitch count at 90 in the bottom of the 5th is "kind of high". I think Morris is "kind of high".
  6. Wow, that was a crappy called 3rd. 2-2 Middle 5
  7. Jake had singled after the HR - Clark holds Jake at 3rd on a double by Miggy, probably the right move. 2nd & 3rd 2 out, Niko up.
  8. He has 2 more homers than either Miggy or Nicholas separately or combined.
  9. I think I saw that Monaco is the first race we see the C5 tires.
  10. Mr Grayson Greiner with the dinger over the monster. 2-2 tie.
  11. He has a track record and he’s a defensive wizard. They will stay the course.
  12. Josh Harrison is basically Jacque Jones circa 2008. Jacque was released on May 13th that year. Does he last that long?
  13. It’s like Dr. Strange in Infinity Wars running millions of simulations in his head and finding only one with a positive outcome within the limits of this lineup. “Positive” is a relative term in this case.
  14. Right, it's more his actions than his words.
  15. I don’t think avila’s comments about that have anything to do with attendance.
  16. RR with the 2 out double to score Niko. 2-1 Sox.
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