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  2. 2 HBP?!? The kid must be turning into Mr Creosote!
  3. The 1970s were an anomaly, the only decade since the 1940s when 0 or 1 loss prior to the bowl game was the norm. Starting with Lloyd Carr's hiring, the Wolverines have lost 3 or more games (including bowl games) 21 of the past 25 seasons. Harbaugh's 10-3, 10-3, 8-5, 10-3, 2-1 hasnt returned them to glory but has returned them to what they have been for most of the 70 year stretch between 1949-2019.
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  5. Paredes went 1-2 with a HR and 2 HBP. Azocar 1-3 with a 2B and a BB.
  6. Reynaldo Lopez vs Matthew Boyd Hindsight is always 20/20
  7. White Sox vs Tigers  Game 155 45-109 Remember him? Boots Poffenberger Years with Detroit: 1937-38 Tigers highlights: 16 wins You may remember him from: Brooklyn Dodgers, Nashville Volunteers. known as the Duke of Duckout Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  8. Smart money coming in on the Lions at +6.5. Philly is really beat up. Lions have a chance to steal this game. If the Lions win here and lose to the Chiefs, coming out of the first four games at 2-1-1 would be a real accomplishment. But first thing's first, have to beat the Iggles.
  9. Seems justified, considering his apparent desire to put out Uranium One 2: Electric Boogaloo
  10. boy, the Left hates Ken Vogel...(from the twitter hits on his name)
  11. If he hit .240 with power, that would be a lot better than I would have guessed. And that would be pretty good.
  12. I think he's going to be OK. By OK I mean hit .240 with 20 home runs and good defense.
  13. 1933 Greenburg and Gehringer had 12 home runs. Unless Dixon can get to 17, it will be the lowest amount for a Tigers team leader since 1933. Lloyd's men getting ready to accomplish something that hasn't been done since the depression era.
  14. Nah. There isn’t much parallel in the lions and wolverines this season. Lions have an identity: strong armed QB who will sling it to win games (and can) and a D that has been average with a DL that can’t elevate their game. It will be another close game.
  15. Ronny G is not trying to win. He's trying to get the season over with. A bunt might have extended the inning.
  16. Didn't ask Castro to bunt, hit it hard into a DP. Reyes up with one man one, out left, 2 runs down.
  17. When television went to 16:9 I though it would be really fantastic for Hockey, and it has been, but I still wish they would show more of the ice more often than they do for just that reason.
  18. When the top guy has 15 home runs, that's pretty bad, especially with the juiced ball. I wonder how long it has been where a guy led a team in home runs with less than the 2019 Tigers leader. I can't imagine it will be over 16 this year.
  19. Philly is going to do to the Lions what Wisconsin did to Michigan today.
  20. That is really shocking. That’s a lot worse than I was expecting. That’s a combination of the hitters being bad and our pitchers being bad.
  21. I think it is pretty hard to judge a defenseman on TV because positioning / pace / reading the play are so important and much of the time that is off screen.
  22. By Ken Vogel and Maggie Haberman
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