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  2. worst case of something like that I've read of was a number of years ago - I think it was Indonesian Air, a co-pilot that had much more experience than his pilot let the airplane go down because he would not stop defering to his captain - even after suggesting to him somewhat mildly that they needed to be doing things differently.
  3. I love how Whitmer says "current president." She's probably talking to future president Joe Biden as well.
  4. it's awesome that I feel the need to lower the volume of the president talking when my kid is in the room. MAGA
  5. I wish some of the governors would just go off on him.... he sincerely thinks he's the boss talking to his direct reports.
  6. I mean he did that with his first 5 posts. Everything after that was gravy. He'd seen and known more baseball than all of us combined.
  7. Yeah, this is crazytownbannanapants
  8. the audio of the call to the governors is freaking hilarious. bleep this bunkerb****
  9. he's going to activate bill barr very strongly what is bill barr, the fa****ron3000 or something
  10. wow! How long until Barr fires him too?
  11. I would think the existing revenue sharing would kick in.
  12. i'm jealous of Castro in yours. In mine he has a sub .300 OBP in Toledo and only earned a cup of coffee during a Goodrum injury where he fell on his face.
  13. the 37% seems like the right number of bitter enders.
  14. As a thought exercise, I do wonder about all of the minor league players that aren’t on the 40 man roster and aren’t part of the union. If negotiations with MLB and the union break down, would MLB and MiLB work together to play developmental games for non union players. Would the union consider minor leaguers playing in minor league venues to be scabs? The current situation isn’t exactly a strike.
  15. Are you suggesting fans be allowed in? Otherwise how could independent leagues make it work financially? The independent league team that draws the most fans happens to be 4-5 blocks from my office. In Minnesota we aren't near allowing fans into events yet. Just saying
  16. Today
  17. My guess. They cut the lottery down to however many teams don't make the playoffs this year. They redistribute the odds with the top 3 still getting the larger odds and dropping for each spot down the list.
  18. They were 1500 great posts though. He schooled all of us in how baseball really works.
  19. Yep. It's obviously fine to be sympathetic to the fight that protestors (many of whom peaceful) are pursuing, but a lot of outside allies seem to be oblivious to the damage that they can do in their overzealousness.
  20. When you lay it out like that, does he deserve a hat tip for consistency?
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