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  2. Wasn't even always a truism here. When TV news started out, it was considered a public service obligation for the networks, and of course in those days broadcast licences had a public service requirement. Those early news divisions at CBS/NBC/ABC were quasi independent from the profit making part of the business. The quality and profit drive at newspapers has always varied from era to era but when all you are selling was the news, good journalism and good sales were good bedfellows. Once news moved to a pure entertainment medium like video, the subsuming of news (in that medium) into entertainment (and thus profit motive) was probably inevitable. Along the same line I just saw a story about Joe Rogan's huge new contract at Spotify (NYT) that spent a lot of time ruminating that the podcast format was becoming a major news media force, especially for working people who don't have the time luxury to just plop in front of the Network or Cable news. You can be doing something else productive while listening to a podcast. Plus the attraction that Podcasts tend to go to long format and are less 'panel' oriented so presenters get to talk instead of just argue or sound bite each other. I suppose that is almost a throw back to clear channel AM radio in that interregnum between when FM had taken the music market but before the right wing schlock politicos took over. Call it the J.P. McCarthy era if you like.
  3. Its a truism in this country. Its not a truism everywhere.
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  5. The news is a business enterprise. We shouldn't be surprised when they give the public what it wishes to consume.
  6. Tigers Bullpen Blows Save, Defense Blows Game
  7. It was in an emailed newsletter I get from the Austin American Statesman, the newspaper in our capital. I've already deleted it. But this article from our local news talks about it a bit. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/coronavirus/texas-changes-the-way-it-reports-covid-19-cases/2374284/
  8. August 23. It was weird. They did the show from Indy. Nobody but a few people. On Memorial day and not 300,000 people there was kinds weird to see. They had Rossi, Pagenaud, and the host. Can't remember his name. Rossi put on a **** of a show in that race (2019).
  9. I will go out on a limb as far as a prediction that Biden will not pick anyone with better progressive bona fides than Warren. If more progressive than Warren is the bar, some folks will surely be disappointed.
  10. If I'm Milwaukee I'm pretty upset about 1-16 seeding. They were pretty safe in the east while the western teams beat up on themselves. Now instead of Boston/Toronto/Philly in the 3rd round they are looking at the Clippers most likely, followed by the Lakers. Much tougher road for them IMO.
  11. I found myself missing the race yesterday. Glad to see they are running it later this year.
  12. I searched for incorrect case numbers in Texas but I couldn't find it. Is it from Twitter or FaceBook? Either way, Texas isn't the only state that made mistakes. Even entire countries. Look at the cute singing from the balconies in Italy. They "think" many cases were spread that way. Good meaning by good people, just a tragic outcome.
  13. These dissident Republican operatives are right to appeal to the heart. If you want to sway middle America to buy your product you have to get them to make the reactive purchase based on the emotional envelopment. They don't have to sell Biden with this. They just need to make the distinction to middle of the road Joe sixpack that Trump is a coward and a thief man-baby. Anyone else is preferable. Leave it to Biden's folks to sell him.
  14. Right. G2 mentioned it earlier...her best demo, primary after primary, was with college educated voters. And even after she dropped out of the primary, in state after state, Biden drew roughly equal of her supporters than Sanders did. And after the drama of the campaign, I'm not sure I would make the assumption that Warren would be a successful bridge to the part of Sanders base that needs motivation to vote for a ticket led by Joe Biden
  15. I don't either. I think Warren took votes from Klobuchar more than she did Sanders. I wonder if the Bernie Bros are still pissy that she endorsed Clinton?
  16. Bump. I'm just not sure I buy that she brings along the progressive wing.
  17. Here's what I like.When Klobuchar and Buttigieg dropped out, did the Bernie Bro progressives reach out to their voters to try to get them over to their side? No, they doubled down and whined it was rigged and did nothing to bring those voters in and instead made it into an us vs the establishment. Now they are demanding Biden extend an olive branch and appease these same people, who don't vote, with a progressive candidate of their choosing?
  18. Several states, mine included, were conflating virus tests and antibody tests in their reports. Plus repeated positives for multiple tests of a single patient were each treated as a new case in the numbers for some period of time. Supposedly Texas has now sorted that out, but OMG! How is such an error made?
  19. Klobuchar who actually performed better than Warren in her own turf.
  20. What's really insufferable about these Bernie Bro/Progressives is they just tell everyone what they want because they are too dumb to realize it themselves despite these progressive candidates never performing where it really matters.
  21. The ironic thing is that this will be played against her as a negative. Happens all the time to women who are confidently competent.
  22. So what's the serious alternative to Warren? Kamala Harris? Someone who couldn't even make it to Iowa.
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