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  2. Soooooo we are supposed to be OK with a racist POTUS because the economy is good. Try spinning harder next time.
  3. I mean, the board has been full of whinny little childish comments these days. It's unfortunate none of you can enjoy a wonderful economy, chock full of awesome economic impact for minorities and women to boot. As for the dems, they are completely lost. They don't have the stones to impeach him because they know their candidate pool for 2020 is a cesspool and it would be a complete bloodbath. So they have to continually make **** up in a weak attempt to drum up interest. And then even when they try to pass a moronic resolution based on nothing close to a racist comment, they can't even do it without fracturing their own party all afternoon.
  4. Yeah - I don't know what point CNN was trying to make. They spent a couple of minutes in the story slamming Trump, then put this nut on who only made him look better by saying Trump was only an "all-talk" racist. If the editorial point was supposed to be "Trump is so bad even this guy doesn't like him", the actual insert completely blew up the premise.
  5. Trump whines more than any person I have ever seen. I cleaned up during the Obama administration. Too bad you missed out and put all your money in gold and guns.
  6. He was probably watching c span where the dumb-ocrats couldn't get out of their own way all afternoon....
  7. You forgot to mention the fact that while the lush was intoxicated during one of his sh!t faced adventures he raged at someone, “Do you know who I am!” What a pr!ck!!!
  8. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/trump-economy-smashes-expectations-2/ Whining takes an awful lot of energy. If you all didn't use so much energy on that, maybe you could take advantage of the booming Trump economy.
  9. I was going guess that his IQ is 20. He has also been accused of rape by 20 women (or something like that).
  10. What TV show was your moronic president watching all afternoon? Gorilla TV maybe?
  11. Trumpers say he was not mocking a disabled person there. They claim he acts that way all the time.
  12. What an absolute garbage move from an absolute garbage network. I wish a producer would have flown across the screen and punched him right in the face, or at least hit him with a "concrete milkshake"
  13. Good news that should be celebrated. I hope this ****er's face gets caved in a lot. https://www.npr.org/2019/07/15/741756615/virginia-court-sentences-neo-nazi-james-fields-jr-to-life-in-prison
  14. actually this is going to be delayed in a few minutes. Moderate sized cell bearing down on Cleveland right now.
  15. Maybe this will be rained out and all forgotten.
  16. I think they're planning to flip Carpy to the Orioles at the deadline.
  17. the plan must be to be so bad they get way behind the Orioles so when they start calling guys up and they win a little bit they still won't pass them. Yeah - that *has* to be the plan.......
  18. I can see no reason to ever pitch Carpenter in the big leagues again. Barring a miraculous turnaround. This is going to be an ugly end to an already ugly season
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  20. under on golden state. over on chicago.
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