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  2. This is how you rebuild. What the Clippers turned Blake Griffin into. Add $50M in cap space this summer too.
  3. Well, that projection was interesting. Tories, without Scotland yet, are on 3, Greens on 7 (looks like the Tories will gain one of the Scottish seats with the SNP gaining three - a bit of a shame as that might have kicked the Tories into 6th place overall...) The share of the vote is more interesting with Remain parties clearly out polling Leave parties - assuming that Labour and the Tories are sitting on a fence.
  4. Boyd should get at least a top 50, maybe more. I don't think Greene will get a top 100 though.
  5. Hronek was named the top defenseman of the IIHF world championships which wrapped up Sunday. Finland upset Canada 3-1 in the gold medal game.
  6. Not at all a peeve but relevant to my family's home remodeling dramas, I am so thankful for small business professionals who not only have helped us for a fair price but also have been so willing to offer their expertise to my brother and me so that we can do what needs to be done properly to prepare the house for them to do what we are hiring them for. Small businessmen seem to care more about their customers, in this case a super cool 81 year old wanting to move closer to her family.
  7. Also since we will be having it leveled, I don't have to go and fill the pits created by removing the carpet tack strips. Got two more rooms done today. Three more to go. My brother suggested putting down the leveling stuff ourselves (all but kitchen and den require the normal self leveling product) but I suggested that he and I pay for it ourselves to have it done and not tell mom. He decided that was a great idea. Not the first time in over a half century we've fibbed to her. LOL
  8. Daniel Norris vs Gabriel Ynoa More losses to the bad teams!
  9. Tigers at Orioles  Game 51 19-31 Remember him?  Bun Troy Years with Detroit: 1912 Tigers highlights: 1 Game You may remember him from: One of 12 MLB players killed in war. Died in the Meuse-Argonne offensive of WWI Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
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  11. GAME 50 Games Played - 2,314 (110) - Passed B.J. Surhoff at 2,313. WAR Position Players - 69.8 (69) - Passed Carlos Beltran at 69.6 and <Ed Delahanty> at 69.7.
  12. Line has moved a lot. GSW is now the dog at +1.
  13. Just saw this article. I am assuming this is the gentleman that called Casey Mize’s games at Auburn. Tragic. Auburn radio announcer, wife die after car crash ReutersMay 26, 2019, 11:10 AM EDT Auburn radio announcer Rod Bramblett and his wife, Paula, died from injuries sustained in a car crash Saturday night near the campus. The Lee County Coroner's Office confirmed Sunday morning that Rod Bramblett died from a severe closed head injury at Birmingham's UAB Hospital, where he had been airlifted. Paula Bramblett, who was 53, died of internal injuries at the East Alabama Medical Center. Rod Bramblett, who was 52, had been the announcer for the Auburn baseball team since 1993 and for the football and basketball teams since 2003.
  14. Well, that makes a little more sense explained that way.
  15. Eventually Putin will get a list of Judges and prosecutors for Trump trending.
  16. Saw that. I think that was from a fantasy writer who doesn't write good. I believe he meant Mize in the bigs this year would be like Grienke this year. But, others questioned that tweet (thinking he meant Greinke and his career are the comp and that's a bad thing) and he had to get all defensive.
  17. JoCoby has had a couple of good weeks. ~850 OPS in his last 15 games. He's had hot streaks before however so we'll see how much of this is a better approach and how much is just stochastic noise.
  18. If Mize doesn't post a sub 1 ERA and .5 WHIP in the majors, he's a bust
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