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  2. I may vote for Weld as well. However, I can't in good conscious request a Republican ballot and let the poll worker think I'm voting for Trump.
  3. Hockenson is being compared to Witten. Witten had a few seasons of 80 catches and 1,000 yards. If Hockenson had WR next to his name instead of TE, and was projected to be an 80 catch 1,000 yard receiver, more people would be on board with this pick.
  4. The argument is we needed to draft Oliver because the Lions neglected their pass rush. I brought up Flowers but it was then stated that he doesn't generate a lot of sacks. Using that logic, neither does Oliver. Passing on Oliver has been compared to passing on Donald when Donald was a much more productive sacker in college. Also, a lot of scouting reports don't have Oliver as a pure rusher. He seems to be more like what the Lions already have.
  5. There's also Lez Zeppelin, a cover band of all lesbians. No, that's not a joke.
  6. Hockenson was Redshirted his freshman year when Kittle was in his last year.
  7. I hope he plays basketball like his dad and looks like his mom.
  8. Yes it can. Barr did nothing legally. But since he's in charge of the justice department they won't act on it. But a new AG can. The report is just a report. It's not a legal or prosecutorial finding. Nothing is closed.
  9. My guess is OG in the 2nd... But is there an OG worth a 2nd? Or do they wait. IMO its the next biggest hole to fill.
  10. Today
  11. Today's Tiger birthdays (4/26): Felipe Lira (47), Virgil Trucks (102, played for Tigers 1941-43, 1945-52, & 1956, died 2013), Dale Alexander (116, played for Tigers 1929-32, died 1979).
  12. the report is littered with "Harm to ongoing matter" Those ongoing matters are ongoing
  13. I'm talking about 2021. Can this report still be used by prosecutors or did Barr's squashing doom that?
  14. Once we get rid of constitutional restraints Trump will be able to murder any political opponent he chooses.
  15. It looks like Weld is going to run. He might even be able to make a race of it in the Massachusetts primary. I will be voting for him if he's on the ballot.
  16. I know Trump is obese, but I am surprised to see you describe your boy as a mack truck. I would have said blimp.
  17. Haus Frau loves this guy Nice thread. I'm voting in the GOP primary for the not Trump plate of shrimp at this point. I'll vote for anyone who can beat him in the general election after that.
  18. Both Michael Fulmer and Matt Moore are already on the IL and Jordan Zimmerman may soon be joining them. At this time, former Baltimore Orioles starter, Chris Tillman, may be a possible free agent option for the Tigers.
  19. serious question. Did you read it?
  20. It looks like he's no longer going to pitch for the Detroit Tigers
  21. Somebody finally thought about the children
  22. This was a real surprise to me, because he came into Spring Training in the best shape of his life.
  23. More bad news for the Leafs: a torn Hyman
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