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  2. apropos to this - Give Trump the electoral college votes of the states where his approval is above water, plus Georgia (dead even) in the Morning Consult state tracker and he totals 170. To win re-election he needs to win 100 EC votes in states where he is presently underwater.
  3. No. The microcomputers that fly (or can be carried on) drones are powerful enough to program with image processing capability sufficient to pick out a red shirt or blond hair or a warm body of a certain size. It can all be programmed to run autonomously, reduced to a single click "RunProgram".
  4. You still have to pull the trigger. Though I wouldn't doubt if a gun you can fire via iphone already exists.
  5. JR Smith was waived today. I hope this Casanova can catch on somewhere.
  6. I wonder if anyone would even be interested. It appears the license to own a team is difficult to get. So if that is transferable then I imagine people would be interested. But a lot of the Haas stuff is integrated with their NASCAR team in North Carolina. I know their wind tunnel is there and I think their fab shop. So that might make people lose interest.
  7. Drafting Ellenson wasn't a big deal to me. How they tried to develop him was. It was obvious from day one he belonged in the G-League for a year or two. Now the Nets are sending him there and it would be hilarious if they salvaged his career by doing so.
  8. Gary Gates made the final table in the main event. He was at that concert a few years ago where that mass shooting happened in Vegas.
  9. We were busy complaining about Epstein and Screwball forgot to pass out the hats.
  10. Someone downloaded the hand history and converted it to a Poker Tracker file. I no longer have PT but he did post some numbers and some are sort of interesting. First, it was only 10K hands which doesn't tell us much. 50K or even 100K would give us a much better read. Pluribus actually was a losing player in this session. He (Is a computer masculine?) actually lost over 7BB/100 which is a massive losing rate. They declared him a winner by running some variance adjustment algo on all the hands. Neat trick and I need to try that next time I lose a $5,000 pot at the tables. Some stats: VPIP: 27% which is low in 6-max. Mine was always around 40%. But again, you can get cold cards and do 27% over 10K hands real easy. PFR: 17.96% which again is very low. That is about the number you want for a full ring game. My 6-max was always >35%. Interesting the only 3 hands he raised pre flop with 100% of the time are AKs, AA, KK. Cant say I understand calling with QQ or JJ but he did. CC 2Bet PF: 7.48% which isn't bad. But it's interesting to see the hands he is cold calling with. AJo KQo which are two hands usually dominated by a PFR. He also calls a lot with low suited connectors, which isn't awful. But usually you want to raise those to mix your ranges since higher suited connectors are usually just flatted. WTSD: 30% touch low but not out of line. W$SD (Won when going to showdown): This number is cut off on his graphic. But it looks like 48%. CBet: Again cut off but looks like 63% which my first thought was that is alarmingly low. Playing at low stakes I play at you want it almost 100% because people are so weak. But the computer is playing pro's so this percentage is probably fairly good. My initial thoughts are it's easy to see why he lost so much with those numbers. 6-max is often about brutal aggression. But being honest I can't tell much without digging into individual hands, which I can't do without PT. I consider myself to be a very average player and I have had plenty of 10K blocks where I lost 7BB/100...or more. I would say he was a bit passive pre flop, bit of a calling station too. My HUD would have labeled him as tight-passive probably. I think if a human is going to beat a computer it will have to be in a short session like this. As it gathers more and more data on the players it will just start to dominate. It would be fascinating to compare these 10K hand numbers against say, 100K hands. Or better yet, a million hands. I bet those numbers would look a lot different and a lot better.
  11. FIFY Yes, I really don’t care. But the fact the Tigers have Miggy Mondays and act like he is some pillar of the community is laughable. With his inflated salary and last a I checked .02 WAR, well people are going to make jokes. 30 million, this year alone. He can afford to take the bad humor.
  12. The Tigers are 7-28 since June for a .200 PCT. Depending upon who is gone by the end of the month, this pattern could worsen. If they they maintain this rate they end at 43-119. Let’s say they get only a little worse and go .180. Then they end up at 41-121. This is a staggering feat. We are witnesses to a failure of historic dimension. And we have company.
  13. "Period of nothingness" - good phrase - I like it. -and- We don't.
  14. Find some new material Stan. You aren't even entertaining anymore.
  15. It was totally racist and you know it. Take your gaslight back to where you came from. Nobody here wants to play your game anymore.
  16. Like others have said I think the rebuild officially got on its way with the Verlander trade with that said I do think if Mr. I didn't get involved that it would have started with the deadline deals of 2015. I think Avila was committed to rebuilding from the start and if he had his way we wouldn't have signed Zimm, Upton and went for it in 2016 and 17. On top of not signing those players I think more of our guys would have been dealt sooner namely Kinsler and JD. Not sure about Verlander cause if I recall people were really down on his contract between 15-16 so he might not have gotten much(even less than what we ended up getting) so he may not have been traded then.
  17. What hateful things did Omar say about this country?
  18. forever known as the Higgy years. and as forgettable as he has become to the Tiger's organization.
  19. thanks for posting--Burrows might be getting called soon. Robson has been on a tear and has put together a nice little season. Lugo continues to rake. on the downside, though, Greene goes 0-3, after he went 3-3. maybe the honeymoon is over?
  20. He's also got a -1.1 career War despite a 10 year career
  21. We are going back to the days of McCarthyism as a way to pwn the libs. How does this game of nine-dimensional chess work again?
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