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  2. This went right up against GOT so I only caught a few minutes of this. Chris Matthews also had a show on Saturday that was pretty good.
  3. I believe the organization feels Crosby is capable of RT.
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  5. I'd really like to see us put up a 10 spot on Chris Sale. Yeah, boyyyy...
  6. This is a real BS charge. They were just having a little fun and Gardenhire was the instigator. Cabrera only tested positive for club soda with a squeeze of lemon in it. Gardenhire was roaring drunk, however, but Miggy still made sure they used a water-based paint that can be easily cleaned off and you can see that they even spread out a large blue drop cloth so they didn’t mess up the grass or the warning track. This is pretty much the same thing as T P-ing somebody’s house with a biodegradable toilet paper on a rainy day. By the time the game starts you will never know it even happened. I can’t believe they’re making a federal case out of it.
  7. Hackosky says they were arrested and are in Federal custody because Fenway is on the National Register of Historic Places so it’s a Federal crime in addition to being a felony.
  8. 5-21. and he's probably the most upset because he didnt get a triple double. have to go yell at some teammates for stealing his boards.
  9. ah russ. loses his man on defense and portland gets an easy dunk. then dribbles the air out of the ball until he finds himself launching a fallaway three pointer over a 7 footer in the corner. and thats the ball game. never change russ.
  10. that would not surprise me in the least. williams or someone like jawaan taylor from florida who could also start at guard immediately and then take wagner's spot next year.
  11. I'm going to go back to a Republican mantra on this one - in a self-governing nation of citizens, each citizen must take up his own responsibilities. It is the GOP that is not taking responsibility for their President running amok with the government. Of course the Dems would co-operate with his removal if it were possible for them to do it, but it is not. Thus the responsibility for Trump is the GOP's. Since the Dems know that the GOP is not going to help to remove him, then *all* they can reasonably be expected to do and indeed exactly what they should be expected to do is everything they can to win the next election, and since it is rather unlikely that a Quixotic impeachment exercise would to anything but reduce their chances in the next election, they would be not only foolish but irresponsible to go that route. What I would do is give Judiciary and Oversight all the latitude they want to run hearings on everything. Keep peeling the onion, exposing the stench, force the worms to crawl in the sunlight. There is all kinds of ethics and election management legal reform legislation for these committees to talk about as the result and justification without ever getting to the "I" word.
  12. I said as much in the impeachment thread, but I think the situation is hard because while the situation warrants some form of formal censure, I think attempting impeachment when you know don't have the votes seems like a suicide mission to me. Then again, maybe the public won't care that much if he's impeached. But its risky
  13. I dont know if I agree with the idea that the Dems have no dog in this fight, but clearly Republicans (especially the elected ones who privately fume at him and publicly kiss his ***) are the ones who would be necessary to make impeachment possible. And there is zero sign that crowd is abandoning him. I honestly dont know what the House should do on this. On one hand, there should be a formal censure for the kind of behavior detailed in the report. Yet I think that attempting to remove him when the votes are not (and will likely never be) there seems dumb as well.
  14. Matthew Boyd vs Chris Sale Get them Binoculars ready!
  15. Tigers at Red Sox Game 21 10-10 Remember him? Stan Papi Years with Detroit: 1980-81 Tigers highlights: Only four errors at 3rd base You may remember him from: No, not that Red Sox Papi Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  16. Sharks and Knights are in double overtime. Knights have never clinched a series on home ice in their history. Score the next goal and they'll give their long-suffering fans something to cheer about. EDIT: Nope, MAF lets in a short-handed softie, Hertl fooling him on the short side. Game 7 will be in San Jose.
  17. Ish is the guy I bring in if I had a young team. Someone to mentor my kids and provide a good veteran presence for them. Teach them about the game on and off the court.
  18. Ghost was back. Sam cracks me up when he is listing off the reasons he is a baddass. First to kill a Whitewalker. Killed a Thenn. Stole many books from the Citadel.
  19. Ford did the right thing, and got a raw deal over it. But I think he expected that, and was the type of leader who did the hard things (even accepting the role of VP) knowing that it was best for our country, even while knowing it was political suicide.
  20. Jonah Williams should also be on the list. Not sexy but checks all the boxes that Quinn seems to like. Would slot in as starting RG day one and take over at RT when they move on from Wagner.
  21. Not to mention that as hard as it is to believe, Derek Hill is only 13mo older than Daz Cameron.
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