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  2. gores with the depressing press conference afterwards. "stay the course. injuries. were competitive." blah blah blah. they want to establish a culture of winning. sure tom. if only you knew how to do that.
  3. Information none of you really want to know - as a youth I actually helped my grandpa dig 6-7 graves. All with a pick axe and shovels, he was the sexton at a small country cemetery.
  4. So,....., do you think anything was brought up about that when Kinsler and Sale were teammates last season?
  5. Its too bad there isn't any video of him sliding into 2nd base with the hot dogs in his jersey.
  6. Lost 4 games by a cumulative 95 points. 95 points! Milwaukee basically played an extra quarter on offense in every game. Shouldn't that be illegal?
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  8. Today's Tiger birthdays (4/23): Elam Vangilder (123, played for Tigers 1928-29, died 1977), Harry Coveleski (133, played for Tigers 1914-18, died 1950).
  9. Got to protect the kiddie rapers in Trump's America
  10. was checkyourheart's post really on the 16th? and then no one replies until today, at which point several people do? that confuses me more than anything.
  11. Down goes Nashville. 1st round upsets are a cheap thrill, but there's too many of them. I want to watch Ali, Frazier and Tyson in the later rounds. Not Leon Spinks and Buster Douglas.
  12. Reggie Sanders is a great baseball name.
  13. Matthew Boyd vs Chris Sale Keep them Binoculars ready!
  14. Tigers at Red Sox Game 21 (Take 2) 10-10 Remember him? Reggie Sanders Years with Detroit: 1974 Tigers highlights: 3 homers You may remember him from: Birmingham A's, Tampico Aljijadores Baseball Reference Link and Stats: 
  15. Spencer Turnbull vs Hector Velazquez We ain't scared of no monsters
  16. Tigers at Red Sox Game 22 1?-1? Remember him? Alex Gonzalez Years with Detroit: 2014 Tigers highlights: Opening Day walkoff in 2014 You may remember him from: Florida Marlins, Atlanta Braves, Traded for Steve Lombardozzi Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  17. It reminds me when it was discovered a few years back that struggling USC OC Tee Martin scored an 11 when he took it in college. Made for great message board fodder when his offense couldn’t do anything.
  18. Hear from the Unfrozen Caveman Owner himself.
  19. Not terribly sure Gores can credibly say this team is competitive after this playoffs series. They should had been in the draft lottery.
  20. especially if they went to michigan.
  21. I’d hope the guy running an agency that will be negotiating contracts and endorsements scored higher than a 9.
  22. The world wide inter facebook web nets.
  23. who gives a **** what a defensive lineman's wunderlic score is?
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