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  2. Very cool. I have a couple Kaline bat cards
  3. That one is a reprint. All autographs are authentic, though—certified by Topps.
  4. Love the Frank "Hondo" Howard card. We sure could use him !
  5. He must have pardoned Hunter Biden because they aren’t talking about it anymore.
  6. I’m not sure. I think Manafort is next.
  7. Maybe Trump will flip the script and pardon Obama for Obamagate.
  8. ... or, did he just commute his sentence?
  9. I don’t think Flynn will get called to testify. People just want to put anything regarding Trump behind us.
  10. Wow. Mumia. There’s a name I haven’t heard since maybe 1997.
  11. Roger Stone has already been pardoned. Back in July, wasn’t it?
  12. Posthumous pardon for Jeffrey Epstein.
  13. My Hand To God I thought he was older than that. Sad news
  14. Yesterday
  15. Roger Stone and Paulie Manafort are next
  16. So who's in the pardon trifecta? Happens in three's just like death's right? Off hand we know Kwame's name has been slipped to him, but watch it be something that doesn't make sense from Trump, like Mumia Abu Jamal because Kim Kardashian mentioned it to him and I think Assange is a given.
  17. I thought Trump was only pardoning turkeys on Tuesday. There is still Roger Stone to receive his Donnie award
  18. Haha. Big shocker that Donny didn’t think this one through very well. This is what happens when you surround yourself with inexperienced yes men.
  19. I don't know...............that injured list. Sorry to be this cynical, but I believe half of those guys could play and they are being held out as the excuse for Ex Pats to give to Sheila why they are losing.
  20. Pretty gross, but ultimately within his right
  21. I think you’re mis-characterizing Trump’s mind on this. In his universe, there’s no admission of guilt... it’s just freeing the oppressed and maligned.
  22. Look who just admitted that Mike Flynn was guilty of everything he pled to? I guess Mike Flynn and Donald Trump are human garbage. I guess Donald Trump now knows he's lost.
  23. He's not even #1 in his own family if you go by Instagram likes - Paulina has him beat, probably Dustin Johnson too.
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