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  2. This is true. He was also being compared to Ernie Harwell which is a really tough act to follow.
  3. I pictured more urban. In my days in Detroit, when someone got disrespected, they would often come back in a black Chrysler 300 and spray up the disrespectful chap's crib.
  4. Yeah, the sedan gives away that I’m a sophisticated gentleman
  5. too bad everyone else is playing baseball...
  6. imagine how low his confidence will be when he goes to toledo and gets beaten around by triple a hitters?
  7. I have peeved this before I am sure, but I just heard another commercial for it while listening to one of the comedy stations on Sirius. This one especially peeved me because of the way the guy was laughing. The "I have not paid my taxes in 5 years and contacted 'x' company and man am I glad I did!" Insert douchy laugh...almost a giggle. I, literally, go off in the truck when I hear these. Congratulations for being a db and not paying your taxes for 5 years - enjoy your hand out....that ends up getting passed down to honest tax payers.
  8. If it were Alabama he would be drinking Natty Lite and shooting from an F150 while jamming to some Travis Tritt.
  9. Except, this is a different owner who fired a GM only a half year removed from winning 11 games.
  10. Don't forget the Funk. He's there.
  11. I think he improved over time, but I'm not sure I'd trust 30 year old memories at this point.
  12. What if i told you that Daz Cameron's best case upside is Austin Jackson?
  13. It’s hard to do one handed while I’m drinking a gin and shooting stop signs with an AR from my sedan window.
  14. He might have been back then, too. Its just he (and anyone else) was set up for demise before he took the job because of circumstances outside of his control.
  15. yup, that has happened to me too and it's sad.
  16. Yes, he is. I heard him once and didn't know who he was until I look him up later.
  17. He came close for a year or two. He was a great CF and hit 16, His fielding skills declined fast and his bat was never good enough to carry him.
  18. try removing "mobile." from the URL next time and seeing what happens.
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  20. Kaline said he had the makings of a great CF with 20 HR power.
  21. Couple differences for me 2003 versus 2019: 2003: I knew who Dave Dombrowski was. I was living outside Ft. Lauderdale when he built, and then rebuilt the Marlins. I knew his history with the Expos, and the White Sox before that. I had already told my brother upon DD's hire that "We are GOING to the World Series!!!" I don't think he believed me. He was upset that DD was trading all of our HOF Superstars (Weaver, etc...). We had a barren farm, courtesy of Randy Smith. No Mize-Manning-Skubal-Faedo-Burrows in the pipeline. Not even a Funk or a Deatherage or a Quibble. I was alternating between wanting the Tigers to get the record for most losses ever, and not. I was confused. But I did see 2003 as an additional stepping stone to DD getting us to the World Series. And I was certain he would get us there. 2019: AA is less of a known factor to me; however, he's been DD's right hand man since.... forever. So now that he's on his own... I see his FA moves as hit or miss, trading skills subject to "market". And I see a pipeline of prospects that I can believe in. DD had traded almost everyone on the farm and left us close to barren, again. But I like how AA has filled the pipeline again. I've said this before: This feels much more like 1975 to me than 2003. I'm not as certain of getting back to the World Series as I was when DD took over. But I'm not confused. I feel we're going in the right direction. I love all the pitching stacked up in the farm... we just need a Rotation and a Bullpen to come out of all of those TINSTAAPP guys. AA just needs to find the right bats (and I think we're half way there...); I' pretty certain in my belief that AA will get us back to the World Series again.
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