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  2. I would think the existing revenue sharing would kick in.
  3. i'm jealous of Castro in yours. In mine he has a sub .300 OBP in Toledo and only earned a cup of coffee during a Goodrum injury where he fell on his face.
  4. the 37% seems like the right number of bitter enders.
  5. As a thought exercise, I do wonder about all of the minor league players that aren’t on the 40 man roster and aren’t part of the union. If negotiations with MLB and the union break down, would MLB and MiLB work together to play developmental games for non union players. Would the union consider minor leaguers playing in minor league venues to be scabs? The current situation isn’t exactly a strike.
  6. Are you suggesting fans be allowed in? Otherwise how could independent leagues make it work financially? The independent league team that draws the most fans happens to be 4-5 blocks from my office. In Minnesota we aren't near allowing fans into events yet. Just saying
  7. My guess. They cut the lottery down to however many teams don't make the playoffs this year. They redistribute the odds with the top 3 still getting the larger odds and dropping for each spot down the list.
  8. They were 1500 great posts though. He schooled all of us in how baseball really works.
  9. Yep. It's obviously fine to be sympathetic to the fight that protestors (many of whom peaceful) are pursuing, but a lot of outside allies seem to be oblivious to the damage that they can do in their overzealousness.
  10. Today
  11. When you lay it out like that, does he deserve a hat tip for consistency?
  12. It would be interesting if some league would toss a revenue % offer out there and then let the union hold all contracts and set all the wages.
  13. That's exactly it. On one hand are the words that we would like to hear from a sitting president. On the other hand (attached to a different body of a different species on a different continent in a different hemisphere) is the language that Trump speaks. Its probably best if he doesn't speak.
  14. exactly - if the league doesn't get a ticket revenue sharing deal it seems the owners would all be at each others throats about this.
  15. Where the **** has Giuliani been? Why not activate that cockwomble or is he in Ukraine?
  16. I’m not impressed with the owners either. I just didn’t agree with the interpretation that the owners had already agreed to give to give players full pro-rated no matter what. I agree that the owners should just pay the salary and put baseball back on the field. The 50-50 thing is interesting. Baseball players have been so scared of a salary cap, that you wonder whether something like the 50-50 thing would be better as the status quo going forward. Like you said, the owners didn’t share those profits before. But why would they? The players wanted the big money teams to be able to keep spending, but that can lead to less parity and less incentive to spend when you are on the bottom half of the competitive spectrum. The last owner proposal is actually something similar to what I suggested privately to a friend. Obviously it affects the highest paid players more, but I admit I didn’t really consider that it would create a tension within the union. That’s valid. It just seemed like the typical marginal tax rate type adjustment. If adjustments are a valid ask when there are no fans (and to me it seems like this was something they acknowledged they would discuss), then I don’t think it’s unreasonable to try to help out the lowest paid players more than the highest paid players. I don’t remember what I suggested. It was something like 100% pay to pre-arb and minimum salary players, a modest cut to arb salaries, and then a few different levels of cuts to players playing on free agent contracts. It was just an idea. The owner proposal of just using salary to define your pay bracket is simpler. I’m not convinced that Boras wasn’t being a bit of agitator here. Trevor Bauer didn’t seem pleased with the way Boras was acting. It doesn’t help that Tony Clark got the players such a ****ty deal in the last CBA. The owners are used to destroying the union at this point.
  17. i wonder if some teams will come.back with fans? texas is allowing sporting events, right? georgia and florida too? so do the tigers have to play without fans and the rangers have fans?
  18. He sure hit the nail on the head. We had a fairly minor incident as the sun set yesterday as the main protest downtown was winding down for the evening. A small breakout group decided to march across the bridge to the Arts and Entertainment district. Police blocked them and told them to leave the bridge and return downtown where the organizers had permits to be in the roadway. Some of the protest organizers came down and asked the group to return downtown. And a few did, but the group that remained got belligerent and started throwing bottles and so forth at the officers. Ended up getting tear gassed. And today we have a curfew. Looking at the photo of the small crowd that caused the problems, it is half or more white. My daughter's comment was, "Leave it to the hipsters here to jump on the bandwagon late then not even execute right."
  19. https://nypost.com/2020/05/19/mlb-thinks-email-is-smoking-gun-in-salary-fight-with-players/ The Post, however, has obtained a March 26 email from an MLB lawyer to top league officials that documents the substance of talks between two MLB officials and two MLBPA officials from earlier that morning. The email covers seven points, including that MLB explained to the union officials that MLB would need a second negotiation if games were not played in front of fans to determine pay and claims that union officials understood that concept.
  20. as others have pointed out, Cotton is not dumb but like all MAGAT wannabes, he needs to pretend he is ignorant of law and logic, or else he risks turning off Trump's base
  21. I wouldn't want to be a cop in prison. It's probably more to segregate him from the general population.
  22. Wouldn't surprise me, either. In Michigan, the prosecution has the right to a jury trial even if the defendant doesn't want one. I just read the corresponding Minnesota rule, and it appears that in that state a defendant can force a bench trial even if the prosecutor wants a jury, as long as the judge is satisfied that the defendant's decision is knowing and voluntary. And the Minnesota rule also expressly includes pretrial publicity and the pretrial public disclosure of potential evidence as particularly strong bases for a defendant to want a bench trial.
  23. Anyone in that position will be on suicide watch. Pretty standard.
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