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  2. OMG - we threw a runner out at home? unpossible.
  3. So if Casty to the Cubs what are we looking at in return ? Short or Valezquaez ? Something like that ?
  4. I used to worry when I saw a starting pitcher with a # in the 70s, now I'm encouraged it's not JZ or Soto.
  5. Tyler Alexander is playing Jacob Waguespack in an upcoming movie.
  6. LOL - the Nats offered him 7 million before they'd seen him pitch in a game. I can't imagine the Tigers matching any offers he might get once he starts getting batters out.
  7. which is why you have to be able to evaluate talent without relying on tanking to make it easier. It seems good teams have a steady supply of young talent and they aren't tanking to get it.
  8. The Rasmussen poll is just another part of the Republican political spin machine.
  9. No, I support listening to people's logic before labeling them. After hearing him and others talk about it, I agree with Paul- I don't support signing off on unending, unknown spending until 2092 with no cap until some sort of discussion about fiscal restraint happens. There's a way to pass this for a number of years and then revisit it again. That takes care of them without a never ending, out of control cost. That won't happen though- his amendment is going to get voted down anyway and the bill will pass as is.
  10. A 4th round pick, a #25 and a #23.
  11. He does it on every bill that comes forward, not just this one. You act like this is the only one he's ever raised the deficit issue on. He literally does it all the time.
  12. Rasmussen is the only poller of likely voters, which are really the only ones that matter. They have his job performance approval at 50%. If he's at 50% with likely voters now, there very well could be a destruction...but for the republicans.
  13. I want a flashy win. The only way to really beat the Trumpers is for Trump to get destroyed. I am not expecting it though.
  14. History suggests that we are straightening Rosenthal out so he can return to his previous All Star form on another team
  15. it is a terrible team, but you have to put someone on the field and that is who they got. They need power bats, and pitchers - both starters and relievers. Starting pitching is in the pipeline. You can trade Boyd for a bat, but it probably won't help net results wise until '21 when more of the pitching gets there. And the BP is really a mess. I don't see a lot of obvious BP arms in the system. If Rosenthal straightens out, he and Greene would be a good start, but they seem intent to trade Greene and Rosenthal is on a one year deal so they are as close to ground zero as not on the BP.
  16. Maybe Robson or Cameron are ready by next spring?
  17. Goodrum getting regular at bats makes no sense to me.
  18. Hillary lost Florida by 1%, Obama won it twice, Gore lost it by 500 votes, it's definitely in play. Michigan was won by only 10,000 votes. There were over 70,000 fewer votes from Wayne County in 2016 vs 2012. It's all about turnout.
  19. You're right...we need to get guys like Bellinger, Yelich and Trout on this team ASAP
  20. If the Tigers released Miggy, do you think he’d walk away with his remaining guaranteed contract or try and hang on with another team? This has to be embarrassing for him. Maybe he believes that if he was hitting in a lineup with better protection, he would be like his old self.
  21. So if that were your team, you would try to lose 100 games? Because that roster looks alot like a terrible team.
  22. Florida too. Be interesting to know what their intentions polling tells them.
  23. Today
  24. And Mike Trout. And Vlad, Jr. Avila has turned down every young star in baseball at one time or another.
  25. This is a wildly horrible take. The Dems need to spend a lot of time in the Rust Belt, no question, but Arizona is arguably as marginal as Wisconsin. And they need backup in case Wisconsin (which is probably the most tenuous of the Blue Wall states) keeps trending more Republican
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