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  2. Yeah - I would hope that by now they are using more fine grained measurements than IP.
  3. I have the rest of the Tigers Burger King set as well.
  4. Wow that's a great card! I've always wanted that card and Seaver's rookie
  5. on the defensive side also. Has to be the 1st guy we have played at 3rd whose fielding isn't below average since Inge.
  6. Mahtook? Laugh if you will, but he'd be cheap filler to plug into RF and allow Goodrum to roam around the field. Same with Robson. Reyes might have the inside track on RF anyway? You're missing Boyd in the rotation. He ain't going anywhere yet. And you offed Buck Farmer?!
  7. Hmmm, next year's roster.......... 1b - (player acquired) 2b - Harold Castro SS - Willi Castro 3b - Jeimer Candelario dh - Miguel Cabrera c - Jake Rogers, Grayson Griener rf - Niko Goodrum (or player traded for) cf - JaCoby Jones lf - Christin Stewart Bench - Brandon Dixon, Victor Reyes, Dawell Lugo Rotation Turnbull Norris Burroughs Carpenter Warm Body Fulmer (mid season, maybe) Pen Jimenez Cisnero Hardy V. Alcantara DeCaster Ramirez Stumpf YUCK
  8. But Tim would rather her see 'em. Edit: and a bunch of guys clamoring for prospects who are clearly not ready are likely going to be the first to turn on them and declare the aren't good prospects and want them dumped.
  9. Today
  10. Yes, because if there is anything that should be done, it is to promote prospects that are still working on their game. Cameron, still below a .700 OPS in AAA and we're banging down the door to promote him the the big leagues? Completely thoughtless.
  11. Could we be any worse if we just brought all the kids up? Turn the whole roster. Cut em, trade em. I would rather see Castro, Cameron, Rogers....than this group of back ups.
  12. Candelario has been putting up some nice numerals since his vacation in Toledo.
  13. This year in Cooperstown I bought my dream card...a Nolan Ryan rookie
  14. Trent Thornton vs Daniel Norris Hey it could be worse, we could all be Lions fans
  15. Blue Jays vs Tigers  Game 94 29-64 Remember him? Gary Thurman Years with Detroit: 1993 Tigers highlights: 7 stolen bases You may remember him from: Kansas City Royals, Seattle Mariners, coordinating Washington Nationals outfilders Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  16. That's a good one & two. Bruce Rondon is top three.
  17. They're eating it and getting a few innings out of him right now. Who is going to replace him right now? The pitching sucks so much right now that they have 13 active pitchers every game, but with the way they are shuffling Soto / Carpenter / etc, its essentially 14. It stinks right now, but what are their other options?
  18. I thought it was around 25-30? And obviously age and pitch counts and health factor in as well....
  19. So, the suggestions above that Boyd is gone..... This deadline or in the future? Because I don't see anyone blowing Avila for him at this deadline, and there is no need to move him now.
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