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  2. I think the DNC rules for qualification for the September debates means there is going to be a lot of pressure on the 2>% crowd to make some waves. As well as some candidates who have underperformed expectations so far (such as O'Rourke or Klobuchar). That's a lot of what I'm looking at so far... the folks paying attention thus far are mostly focused on the current top six candidates (ie. Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Harris, O'Rourke), and I'm curious to see if any of the others are able to make a good case or have a viral moment to break out of the bottom. Of the big dogs, I think Buttigieg has the biggest challenge ahead of him, given the issues he has had in South Bend in recent days. A bad performance could really hurt him.
  3. I play the odds. And the odds tell us Durant will never fully recover and be the player he was.
  4. #Tank4Tork If Nick would play a little 1st...you could sell him as a guy who can play some OF, 1st and 3B. I would think an NL team would find value in that.
  5. She was also the fourth wife and didn't give a **** about the Pistons. $300M in her pocket is all she cared about.
  6. Exactly. How many hundreds of millions does one need to enjoy their last few decades on Earth? She did alright.
  7. you know this is true, so why are you surprised some team would give durant a max deal? especially since the knicks have so much money... i'd take an injured durant over giving a max deal to deangelo freaking russell. or 4 years for al horford.
  8. They have a real shot of catching Baltimore; if Boyd and Greene and Nick are traded, it is probably better than 50/50.
  9. Nonetheless...he's a 22 year old switch hitter doing very well at the AAA level. We should be all about Willi Castro
  10. I have a buddy who will tell sophomoric jokes, and I can just picture him saying, "gay" in a flat monotone voice if this comes up in a conversation he is part of.
  11. Karen was in her 60s when she sold to Gores. Perhaps she wanted the money before she got to be too old to enjoy it.
  12. At any point in time, before, during, or after...were there any lubricants distributed to the STH’ers?
  13. I'm going to watch, wait, and see what happens. Odds are the political landscape will have a significantly different outlook a year from now.
  14. I fear you're right, but then again, November 2020 is light years away in the current political climate, so who knows by then.
  15. I think the late August waiver placement could be one of these wrinkles. A team can DFA a guy a few days before August 31. If he clears waivers, the team then has the opportunity to attempt to outright the player to the minor leagues. The player could then decline it (assuming they have earned the right, which a player like Nick has). But this stuff isn’t automatic. There is a period of time after he clears waivers before the tigers have to outright him or release him. It could possibly be manipulated such that the player clears waivers on August 31. But the team could then sit on it before being forced to release him at some point after September 1.
  16. Leyland says he's not a SS. Maybe a 2b.
  17. I still can't believe Karen Davidson sold the team for what she did instead of hanging onto it a few more seasons to get more buyers interested.
  18. Teams are always losing money yet are always increasing in value
  19. I do not think many women are vile enough to make up a rape story and broadcast it publicly. It can happen, but I don't think it's as common as people think.
  20. Might as well rename the NRA the "Wayne LaPierre Memorial Slush Fund"
  21. As a fan, I don't really care whether the sport increases it's marketability. From a business standpoint, I understand what they are doing.
  22. Pocahontas seems like the one candidate with a vision beyond "we must beat the douchebag". Beating the douchebag is the number one goal, but they can't campaign that way. She has a plan and I agree with her on most issues. I still think she wouldn't do well in a national election though.
  23. I'll start: I don't know who I want to be president yet. I know I stumped for Elizabeth Warren eight years ago, but that was before the presidency was a twinkle in her eye. (Or maybe it was, I don't know.) I still like where she is coming from on things, and that she has a plan in mind to get there, but I just wonder what the level of cooperation would be if she actually won, even in her own party. Plus, there are way too many D candidates right now. I know some of the current crop don't stand a snowball's chance, but I'm not sure in practical terms, of those who remain, I'd want to throw my support behind yet. Gun to head, probably Pocahontas still.
  24. The debate tonight is the first official election event, basically kicking off the 2020 presidential race, so this thread has been created to focus discussion on it here.
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