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  2. And therefore, fly in a jet airliner made by your pastor who believes that history started 6000 years ago.
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  4. it wasn't that hot here today, maybe mid 70s, but while I was parked outside the vet clinic, waiting to get my cat back, this guy walked by wearing a pea coat and gloves. the person he was with was wearing shorts like you'd expect.
  5. Zimm's gonna go out and pitch a dozen or so solid starts against players who aren't totally invested in the game and in turn the Tigers are going to resign him to a 3 year 60 million dollar extension cause they think that he is back and could be a good mentor to guys like Mize and Manning. Then like clockwork this time next year he's either gonna be on the DL or have an ERA north of 7.
  6. Hadn't thought about it, but will this end Zimm's tenure with Detroit? He signed a 5 yr deal, and this would make it 4.5.
  7. Twin-Cities is a pretty nice place most of the time, but this kind of stuff is there lurking in a segment of the population - maybe no more or less than other places but maybe more jarring because it's so deeply submerged below the normal patina of a more liberal culture there. Working as an engineer there in industrial environments where things tend to be less filtered, examples of unreconstructed racism were not uncommon - even among professionals, and it always seemed more jarring to me there than here where the history of unrest, riots, and overtly race based city-suburb political strife over the decades provide the context.
  8. It's just that if the point is experts aren't always right, well, there are so many better examples to illustrate it.
  9. camp pain shakeup. The name stepien might be familiar........ he was involved in Christi's bridgegate scandal.
  10. one of the best, I love it. I wish it arrived more often, it's less than once a month
  11. I can almost guarantee they'll do some sort of lottery, throw every team in it, and then televise it. Just to **** us.
  12. Yeah - beyond the non-sequitur regarding the Titanic, the other has just a bit of a flaw in the logic. One the great problems with Twitter is that you can get away with stupidity that wouldn't even pass at the break room water cooler without someone nearby laughing out loud at you. That's a valuable filter that's just missing.
  13. The have an Ark museum and everything in Kentucky. Must be real. Also God designed it, so He must not be an expert.
  14. Nothing has been said officially but one of the MLB pipeline guys got asked this yesterday and they said that they have heard that the likely scenario is either they just repeat the order or they may even do an aggregate win total over the previous 2 or 3 seasons. If it's 3 seasons we would still be number 1 but if they decide to do totals from just the previous 2 then we would be behind Baltimore. Of course they could be completely wrong and maybe it just ends up being some sorta lottery or something but I'm trying to think positive and just work under the assumption that we are going to get to pick 1st again if there is no season.
  15. so if there is no 2020 season do we get the top pick next year too?
  16. I got two applications. I fill out the one from the city online. We'll see in August if I filled out the right application.
  17. we're picking 4th, just get used to it. accept it.
  18. It is going to be so glorious. Every ******* ounce of it.
  19. This is a dirty trick. Yes, a lot of Trumpies and Magas will be yelping over the crap storm that is coming their way from the dirty tricksters angry at Russia's unpunished interference in 2016 and Trump's awfulness. All deserved. Suffer you punks.
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