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  2. A few of the things I really liked: Jon’s stab of Dany and how he pulled it off. Sansa refusing to join the six kingdoms. Bran as king of the six kingdoms didn’t actually feel that weird as it was happening. Tyrion made a pretty good case for him. I liked how it came about after a bit of a time jump and with no king in the interim I quite liked each of the final montage scenes for the various characters. I could not tell at certain points if ash or snow was falling during the early stages of the episode. When dany touched the throne, it certainly looked like snow.
  3. Today's Tiger birthdays (5/20): Luis Garcia (44), David Wells (56), Tom Morgan (89, played for Tigers 1958-60, died 1987), Earl Rapp (98, 1 game in 1949, died 1992), Hal Newhouser (98, played for Tigers 1939-53, died 1998), John Murphy (140, 5 games in 1903, died 1949).
  4. Closeted Republican attacks Amash on TV for speaking truth to power.
  5. Today
  6. Drogon melting the throne instead of Jon was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.
  7. A few things I liked, a few I didn't. But overall, I'm good with it. I like that it wasn't some dramatic, hollywood ending. I felt each of the characters got an ending they deserved. Jon finally got to do something important this season. Bran makes sense in hindsight, but I stopped caring about him back in season 3. If it was going to be him, they could have made his character more interesting. But again, that would have made it feel too Hollywood probably. Anti-climactic to say the least, but that tends to happen in real life as well. I think overall it was a fitting end to the show and what it was trying to be.
  8. among the doom and gloom (deserved) about the hitting, I will note that JaCoby Jones started May with an OBP 1t 217 but for the month of May so far has been at 304. And the enigma which is Cabrera continues. For May he has reduced his K rate to 20%, even with the mini-slump last week has an OBP for the month of 367, yet continues to slug at an utterly anemic 364 over the same period. He is walking at a decent rate, not striking out excessively, hitting for average, in fact is on pace for a 173 hit season, yet not one ball has carried over any fence this month. This is becoming epic.
  9. Pick the stick has always been dumb. As someone pointed out on Twitter. It's like someone talking about his fantasy team in a league you're not in. Who cares?
  10. Beckham's .851 OPS and 125 OPS+ show that he has turned the corner and has become too valuable to trade. In fact, he's the cornerstone of the rebuild.
  11. Mercedes should buy Ocon a car and win it next week.
  12. Well, McLaren has been a joke in F1 the past few years. So the idea they would overextend themselves with an Indy500 attempt is laughable. My uneducated guess is they wont buy him in. Any car with a legit shot probably wouldn't sell anyway. That leaves you buying a lesser teams car and what is the point buying in if you don't have much of a chance at winning. Been looking around at past examples of this happening. Andretti Motorsports bought Ryan Hunter-Rey a car in 2011 and funny enough, bought it from AJ Foyt and his team. Someone else I never heard of did it in 2009. Mario used to not be around for qualifying when he was running F1. His team would use another driver to qualify and then Mario would take his spot for the race. But that was all set up ahead of time because Mario couldn't be in two places at once.
  13. So your prediction for our Beckham haul is rather light?
  14. It took until the end of the series, but Sam became one of my favorite characters. Shame on all of them for laughing at his idea of Democracy.
  15. Wasn't allowing myself to get excited by Perez' return, but still disappointing. Hopefully, it's not serious.
  16. Well, I was 14% right: Sansa sits on a throne.
  17. In September, the roster will be loaded with the bunch of future All-Stars that we get when we flip Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer at the trade deadline.
  18. I’d like to see a healthy Fulmer back as well. I still think he’s a good rotation guy if he can find himself healthy again.
  19. Another good reason not to trade proven MLB pitchers - Boyd and if they pick it up a bit Norris and Turnbull.
  20. GAME 45 (Play stopped in the 7th inning due to rain. Finish suspended until next month) Singles - 1,676 (T126) - Passed <DEACON WHITE> at 1,675. James Laurie "Deacon" White was the best catcher in baseball during its infancy. He was also an excellent third baseman in the later half of his career. He won three batting titles and led six teams to national championships. Since baseball was primarily an urban sport and he was raised in rural New York State, he was likely exposed to the game by his older brother, who had learned it from his fellow Union soldiers during his time in the Civil War. He was recognized as one of the best hitters (for average, of course) as well as an excellent receiver. Catchers did not wear gloves at the time, and descriptions of his technique for controlling each pitch were almost zen-like. He was described as "agile in his movements as a cat, and as plucky withal as a bulldog," and his style of catching was more "yielding to the ball in catching it" by using a "spring-like movement." He played in Detroit for three years at the end of his career (1886-1888), but for the Detroit Wolverines. He won his last World Series with the 1887 Wolverine team. The Pre-Integration Era Committee of the Hall of Fame finally admitted him in 2012. His great-grandson accepted on his behalf.
  21. I wondered the same thing when I saw the date.
  22. So the Tigers will have 9 outs to score 2 runs to tie. I wonder who will be on the team in September. I think the only player on the 25 man roster that the Tigers want to build around is Stewart. Not too many other players on the team that could be on the team in a few years. Just a bunch of future trivia answer players.
  23. Hey now batting .333 gets you into the Hall of Fame
  24. When he qualified in the top 10 a couple of years ago, he was with Andretti. That matters; they know Indy. Alonso's people don't. It's that simple IMO. I've never heard of buying into the race (on a literal term; some say money put more people in the 500 than talent (especially in the last 20 plus years)), but at this point, as pathetic as it's become, I'm not surprised if that is possible. Only 36 cars to go after 33 spots. Sad. I remember when it really was the greatest spectacle in racing.
  25. Thank you that makes great sense. It also makes me very sad.
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