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  2. I also don’t think it will happen. But I don’t think it is impossible. As I mentioned before and you reiterated, in almost every case of a team is willing to pay 2 million by claiming a guy like nick, they will likely put in a claim. But situations and needs change. Plus, after he is DFA’d teams know he’s going to end up releases and become a FA. So they might not claim him simply because they think they can get him for the minimum. But what if Nick is put on waivers early in August and clears, but a week later some other guy gets injured and there is suddenly a need for him? Sure, he could just take a minimum deal and end up paid the same. But there is little to lose by holding out for a raise I don’t agree that he has no leverage. He is already guaranteed his entire salary. He doesn’t have to accept any offers and he still gets paid. Again, I agree that it’s unlikely to happen. But I do think there are a couple specific scenarios where it could.
  3. Interesting reveal here as this tea party member comes to realize that the GOP opposition to spending under Obama was actually just - wait for it - partisan politics, and not based on a core value. Looking forward to her 10,000 word essay when she realizes that the GOP is actually not the party of family values.
  4. On the positive side, he has a nice bb% (10.6) this year. This may be a product of the lineup as it's been around 5 or 6% the last couple seasons.
  5. I don't think this will ever happen. Before a team releases a player, they put him on waivers, which means any team can pick him up and take on his remaining contract. If a player clears waivers, then the team can release them and is a free agent. If a team wouldn't take on his remaining contract by putting in a waiver claim, they sure as **** wouldn't pay more to sign him. The player has no leverage.
  6. If Beto is a top six, then maybe the field is practically smaller than I thought, because I haven’t heard boo about him for months.
  7. Jeimer Candelario recalled with Lugo demoted.
  8. I knew that the injury wouldn't hold teams back. They want to get the jump on signing him now rather than wait. Personally, I think it's a big risk. An achilles rupture at this age could very well be a career altering injury.
  9. His BABIP is high. K% is high as well. FWIW
  10. Judging by the reactions whenever it happens, whenever Donald Trump is involved, apparently.
  11. You’re underestimating this organization’s drive and purpose.
  12. Agreed. Out of all the participants deemed to a chance of nomination at the moment, Buttigieg has the most to lose...and gain....at the first town hall / debate.
  13. In terms of standings, the Tigers are 6.5 games ahead of the Orioles. But the Os are a whopping nine games worse in the Loss column. Even as bad as the Tigers would be with three more minor leaguers in place of Boyd, Green, and the Gold Glove right fielder, that's a lot to make up. But I wouldn't bet a ton of money against their doing it.
  14. Today
  15. I think the DNC rules for qualification for the September debates means there is going to be a lot of pressure on the 2>% crowd to make some waves. As well as some candidates who have underperformed expectations so far (such as O'Rourke or Klobuchar). That's a lot of what I'm looking at so far... the folks paying attention thus far are mostly focused on the current top six candidates (ie. Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Harris, O'Rourke), and I'm curious to see if any of the others are able to make a good case or have a viral moment to break out of the bottom. Of the big dogs, I think Buttigieg has the biggest challenge ahead of him, given the issues he has had in South Bend in recent days. A bad performance could really hurt him.
  16. I play the odds. And the odds tell us Durant will never fully recover and be the player he was.
  17. #Tank4Tork If Nick would play a little 1st...you could sell him as a guy who can play some OF, 1st and 3B. I would think an NL team would find value in that.
  18. She was also the fourth wife and didn't give a **** about the Pistons. $300M in her pocket is all she cared about.
  19. Exactly. How many hundreds of millions does one need to enjoy their last few decades on Earth? She did alright.
  20. you know this is true, so why are you surprised some team would give durant a max deal? especially since the knicks have so much money... i'd take an injured durant over giving a max deal to deangelo freaking russell. or 4 years for al horford.
  21. They have a real shot of catching Baltimore; if Boyd and Greene and Nick are traded, it is probably better than 50/50.
  22. Nonetheless...he's a 22 year old switch hitter doing very well at the AAA level. We should be all about Willi Castro
  23. I have a buddy who will tell sophomoric jokes, and I can just picture him saying, "gay" in a flat monotone voice if this comes up in a conversation he is part of.
  24. Karen was in her 60s when she sold to Gores. Perhaps she wanted the money before she got to be too old to enjoy it.
  25. At any point in time, before, during, or after...were there any lubricants distributed to the STH’ers?
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