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  2. Hey speaking of Madoff, I hear that he wants out because he is in failing health. My thoughts? I hope you die on a cement floor, you little p****. The misery and deaths that you caused cannot even be measured.
  3. I'm curious about something. You know those douchebags that Trump pardoned this week...has anyone checked their history of campaign contributions?
  4. I would be elated if Bergman became a Tiger. I'd welcome Altuve too, but not as much due to his age.
  5. I think it was a former tiger minor leaguer, and Astros minor leaguer at the time, that he lit into. Danrys Vasquez right?
  6. I agree with this 100%. While I've never been too concerned with marginal financial inefficiency, I have always been opppsed to blatant overspending. You should maximize your spend, and leveraging an insane contract to get prospect talent is self-contradictory.
  7. Finally, Biden brings up single payer being a failure in Vermont but not in the debate.
  8. Thanks everyone. 10 bucks is 10 bucks. Per game no less.
  9. Really gotta kill these guys. Get ahead about 17-0 and then start a brawl.
  10. I do feel Bloomberg got a little better as it went on but it didn't go well.
  11. Who wants to bet the Biden hecklers are Bernie Bros?
  12. Because with one of them you lose cheap talent? Very few teams in baseball can consistently do both. Maybe only one. We can't all be the Dodgers. It's a lot harder than typing "hey do everything that makes us good" on a message board.
  13. Cool. Now, why don't you drum up some grammar?
  14. Does this include not clearing snow off your car the first time?
  15. I'm slow on the uptake but saw it right away. That would be a nice job, even if it it the Os
  16. I was a toddler in '68. First Tigers memories are from '72. I'm ready for baseball
  17. Yeah because New York City is known as a tax haven.
  18. Which tax haven is your home in? LOL!
  19. I don't think vilifying Bloomberg as a billionaire is going to work.
  20. The only thing I would say about this is: Sanders, or any Dem nominee, only has to state that he will shore up Social Security and Medicare, will make certain it is NOT touched ("unlike my opponent Trump who wants to strip $1 Trillion out of it so he can fill his pockets with tax cuts & the like"), will strengthen COLA, and the future health of these programs... etc. And he steals gobs of Trump's senior citizen supporters. And loses none of senior Dem voters. Just my 2 cents.
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