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  2. They fired four assistants. One of them was Hardens personal trainer.
  3. Sanders is that unpopular? A more centrist-led Labour party might be able to do a deal with the Lib-Dems. Plaid Cymru and the Green might also come on board over some things, but that's minimal seats so might not be much use. The problem is that I'm not sure the current leadership can do that deal very easily - they really are struggling to keep opinions within their own party in line - Jess Phillips, who comes across as an utterly sensible person, was very critical last night on a satirical TV programme about the leadership for example. But then Corbyn, because of the ideas, seems to appeal to younger voters, which is obviously a large chunk. The elephant in the room is the SNP - the most obvious candidate for any coalition with Labour in lots of ways. But that'd be almost impossible because of the way in which the Scottish parliament works which pits the two parties traditionally against each other and Labour would really, really like to win back the Scottish seats they lost tot he SNP in the landslide of 2015. I suspect that's unlikely to happen for a generation at least anyway. Ding a deal with the SNP pretty much involves backing a second referendum on Scottish independence which I doubt Labour would ever do. Which is a bit daft on the grounds it's going to happen at some point, especially if Brexit needs up going tits up. I rather hope early enough that I can get my Scottish EU passport and sail through customs queues... But it's possible. Even as a natural Labour voter (on the grounds I live in England and there's no chance of a Green being elected in my constituency) I have my doubts however. Of course, not being in power during Brexit is a sensible enough strategy.
  4. Ryan Carpenter vs Jason Vargas What just happened
  5. Tigers at Mets  Game 49 19-29 Remember him? Al Cicotte Years with Detroit: 1958 Tigers highlights: 2 games started, 3 games finished You may remember him from: Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees, great-nephew of one of the Black Sox Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  6. Yes, lots of heat. And it'll be utterly impossible for Corbyn to shake that off, but it won't make that much a difference *in itself* - it's just another stick that the part sf the media which dislike him will use to beat him with. That's not to say that there isn't a problem within some parts of the Labour party with anti-semitism. I do think it's overblown at times and people will conflate a political question about Israel's occupation policies with anti-semitism, but there is certainly a strain that runs through some of the people who might back Corbyn which is unpleasantly anti-Semitic (and, in my view, quite unpleasant in general at times - the way they react to valid critical opinions of him for example). Having said that, the Islamophobia running through the Tories is at least as bad - and, in truth, probably much worse. Some of the things Johnson has said for example are horrendous. But that doesn't get anywhere near as much reporting. Tbh Corbin has more of a problem trying to keep his own party together and trying to deal with sitting on the fence a bit too much - Brexit being the case in point. They're about to get slaughtered in the european elections as a result.
  7. Stat of the day: Miguel Cabrera has gone 23 PA without a K, has 2 in his last 42 PA. I knew he had been picking up his average but wouldn't have guessed that....
  8. You're going to drop a grand on a tv and save 3 cents on gas. The latter seems a little unnecessary.
  9. Willi is hitting ground balls over 50% of his plate appearances. Willi has been very lucky.
  10. yeah we'll go through the drive thru then the costco gas station
  11. GAME 48 Games Played - 2,312 (111) - Passed <Frankie Frisch> at 2,311. Runs Scored - 1,402 (96) - Passed Todd Helton at 1,401. Singles - 1,681 (125) - Passed Dick Groat at 1,680. Sacrifice Flies - 81 (T90) - Passed BUDDY BELL, Julio Franco and Tino Martinez at 80. Dick Groat is the great uncle of PGA winner Brooks Koepka, and was the first man to be inducted into both the college basketball and baseball Hall of Fame. He was also a multi-sport player at the pro level, having played for the Pirates and the Fort Wayne Pistons in 1952.
  12. This is exciting. McDonald’s breakfast beforehand?
  13. Much appreciated. These days I use it as a personal reminder of the reality of slow progress.
  14. Yep Most ppl aren't going to believe a bunch of proven liars
  15. I am still waiting for Trump to subdue Kim.
  16. Again, I never said anything about the Russian stuff in all that time. I never thought anything would come out of it, just like I never thought anything would ever come out of Benghazi and the e-mails. Why would I expect something to come out of a new investigation spearheaded by people I don't trust? As for Trump, I have said all along, keep an eye on the financial stuff. The results could make you sad.
  17. Hopefully W. Castro as well. It won't be too much longer before it will be time for the Ronnie Rodriguez 15 minutes of MLB fame to come to a close. He can still run into one once in a while, but the K rate is much too high and the last couple of weeks his OPS has slumped down under 600. If he doesn't turn that around soon it just won't be enough bat to justify that glove.
  18. Still waiting on Flynn to rescind, bud.
  19. Oh, I come here and believe absolutely everything you guys tell me. That's why I've been so right about everything for the last 2.5 years. Sorry, scratch that....reverse it.
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