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  2. The Mud Hens scored 7 runs in an inning tonight. The Tigers have scored 7 runs (or more) in a game twice this season in 19 games.
  3. You know who never wore army boots?
  4. Nope, it'll be Petry again over the weekend. Apparently Dirks is pretty busy with a bunch of young kids at home at the moment...
  5. This is one of the few videos I could find where Biden wasn't smelling someone's hair.
  6. Dare I say that Andy Dirks has the growth mindset that this kind of team needs in a broadcast booth.
  7. Numb skull? Get it? Brain fart, cold air? Ok, I’ll stop now.
  8. Candelario with a brain fart. maybe he is cold too.
  9. Mothers everywhere must be proud that you have mastered the 'your mother wears army boots' routine.
  10. Cabrera looks at 9 pitches - spoils a bunch, then takes a called 3rd.
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