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  2. if you took the pats stickers off their helmets and just looked at the players, you might find they are not really the most talented bunch. they just have a great hc and a great qb and a couple differencemakers. thats it. the lions will come down to whether patricia can implement that here and how well stafford plays. as usual, the national media guys dont really know that much about individual teams. they have to follow everybody and cant really know every team. that said, if ever there was a franchise that didnt deserve the benefit of the doubt, its the lions.
  3. As someone who is full of out there (or ridiculous) takes about the Lions, in particular Stafford, 3-13 is just crazy talk. I dislike Stafford and I am growing to dislike Patricia, but the team as a whole and Stafford at QB have enough talent to get them far beyond 3-13. 3-13 is Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Bucs, New York Giants territory and we are better than those teams I believe. Stafford is (or should absolutely be) a far better QB than Rosen, Winston, and rookie Daniel Jones. I actually like a lot of the moves the Lions made in the off-season with Flowers, Coleman, James signings and bringing in Bevell as the new OC. Specific to Bevell and James, I think between scheme and blocking ability, our running game should be much improved, which should ultimately take the pressure off of Stafford and make him better than last years tire fire. I think, barring injuries, that we finally have a potential 1,000 yard, 6-8 TD rusher in Kerryon Johnson carrying the load in the backfield. Stafford should be throwing the ball less and get more time in the pocket when he does throw it. We know too that Cooter was a terrible playcaller with ludicrous route combinations for his receivers, a poor blocking scheme (err maybe all Ron Prince's fault) and predictable playcalls overall. Bevell should be a big upgrade over the previous OC and this offense should be better than last year. All that said, I don't expect this current squad to be a good playoff team either. Unfortunately, only two teams will make it out of the NFC North (Green Bay and Minnesota) and I don't believe the Lions are one of them. 8-8 is a typical prediction for the Lions and it sound about right this year too. 3-13 is way off the mark though. If they were to be that bad, I'd expect the entire front office and coaching staff to be cleared out before season's end.
  4. the national guys just look at the lions roster and see if they recognize any of the players. of the ones they recognize, how many had good years last year? since they really only know stafford and he was bad last year, the lions are going to be bad this year. they do it every year.
  5. http://web.yesnetwork.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20190722&content_id=309293614
  6. the only way they go 3-13 is if stafford gets hurt.
  7. Does anyone have Mike Maroth's contact info?
  8. Maybe the right kind of kneeling could have saved his job? He must not be catholic.
  9. Guessing not, but who knows what Al has up his sleeve?
  10. Yeah, it took an actual lack of production to run Tebow out of the NFL.
  11. baseball players born on this day And Tiger killer...
  12. Perpetual victimhood is a staple of white identity politics.
  13. People thinking that Trump has been a victim at any point in his life is one of the funniest things ever.
  14. Today
  15. The original kneeler but not as celebrated since its the wrong kind of kneeling.
  16. can we move the Tebow talk to it's own thread? I'm here to talk prospects, homies!
  17. How cute! The victim card. 😂
  18. Hindsight makes that clear. As the GOP is resurrected from its current form as the Trump Party, it will find new voices that we don't know about. How conservative a party it will be post-Trump remains to be seen.
  19. You had to be a ******* idiot to think Rubio was the future of anything.
  20. Trump could have easily lumped Bernie Sanders and other white politicians into The Squad if he was concerned about his statements being viewed as racist.
  21. I can't imagine he's referring to the Kieboom for Greene request...
  22. He and Ryan were once touted as the future of the GOP. Now the party has no prominent young voices or apperant heirs similar to Democrats after Obama.
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