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  2. What TV show was your moronic president watching all afternoon? Gorilla TV maybe?
  3. Trumpers say he was not mocking a disabled person there. They claim he acts that way all the time.
  4. What an absolute garbage move from an absolute garbage network. I wish a producer would have flown across the screen and punched him right in the face, or at least hit him with a "concrete milkshake"
  5. Good news that should be celebrated. I hope this ****er's face gets caved in a lot. https://www.npr.org/2019/07/15/741756615/virginia-court-sentences-neo-nazi-james-fields-jr-to-life-in-prison
  6. actually this is going to be delayed in a few minutes. Moderate sized cell bearing down on Cleveland right now.
  7. Maybe this will be rained out and all forgotten.
  8. I think they're planning to flip Carpy to the Orioles at the deadline.
  9. the plan must be to be so bad they get way behind the Orioles so when they start calling guys up and they win a little bit they still won't pass them. Yeah - that *has* to be the plan.......
  10. I can see no reason to ever pitch Carpenter in the big leagues again. Barring a miraculous turnaround. This is going to be an ugly end to an already ugly season
  11. Yesterday
  12. under on golden state. over on chicago.
  13. Yes, his base must be as low as he is. Not to worry, make it to 2020 and he'll be gone. That is going to be a circus. If I were a military vet, I would also be most upset over his treatment of that Gold Star family. And if I were a woman, his assaults (and bragging about them) would upset me the most. Especially a woman who has been assaulted. This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the people he has upset. Yes, he is a pig.
  14. I don't know if that matters since according to some that person won't fit the timeline of this rebuild 😉
  15. 30 million a year. .02 WAR I don't feel bad for him. The man had a secret 2nd family, and while I don't care that is a super slimy thing to do. The fact the Tigers are celebrating him every Monday is a joke. I really don't care the the Tigers promoting him as some great community stalwart. But I am going to joke and point it out. If your offended by that, or claim your better than me because you don't care, that is your prerogative. I'm free to criticize the Tigers in their decision to use the .02 WAR DH who makes 30 million in promotions. Miggy Monday's should be $2 beer night so people can drive home tanked.
  16. For all this badness, most likely we still won’t get the number one pick.
  17. The question is if it really matters what defensive alignment they're using against Bobby Wilson?
  18. The Avila Tank continues to be a roaring success.
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