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  2. Because the sports projects on Wikipedia are, for the most part, incredibly inclusive. One at bat or inning pitched and you pretty much get a page, despite whatever lack of sources there may be.
  3. Still, 4 PPG in 4 minutes is inexcusable.
  4. Odd stat of the day: In 66 PA since the 8th game of the season, Cabrera's OBP has been 424 while he has not hit a home run. Miguel slumping and not hitting a HR for many PA has happened before. Miguel good enough at the plate to OBP 424 and not hitting a HR is definitely getting weird.
  5. Controversial penalty call for sure. Cross checks at a faceoff are pretty common, unlucky for Knights the way Pavelski fell back and got hurt.
  6. Sharks win it, with 1:41 left in 1st OT. From around 11 minutes to go in regulation to the game winner more than 18 minutes into OT, that's the most exciting 30 minutes of hockey I can remember.
  7. I mean that was the worst shot he could possibly take. But hard to argue with the result.
  8. Vegas ties it with 47 seconds to go. What a freakin' game. Who will be the OT hero - Nosek for Vegas? Nyquist for San Jose?
  9. Vegas going on the powerplay with 3:39 to go.
  10. Tweet 12 minutes ago from Vegas' official Twitter account. x-Vegas Golden Knights‏Verified account @GoldenKnights 12m12 minutes ago 5 minute major Big penalty kill coming up for us
  11. Turn on the Portland-OKC game if you're up. Dame has 42 points with about a minute left in the 3rd.
  12. Salty Parker was Liston's favorite player growing up.
  13. Knights cruising with a 3-0 lead ... until they take a 5 minute major midway through the 3rd. Chintzy call. Sharks score twice in first 55 seconds of the powerplay, 3-2, still with 4 minutes left on powerplay, 9:30 left in game. EDIT: Sharks tie it!! EDIT: Sharks lead! 4 goals on one 5-minute powerplay. This powerplay will go down in history.
  14. Why on Earth does he have a Wikipedia page? Anyway, he was apparently a throw-in player in the trade where the Tigers got Dizzy Trout, so that's exciting. This is actually a pretty sweet writeup that someone did on Salty, complete with some fun Tigers-relevant stories: http://www.faithandfearinflushing.com/2015/02/13/the-ballad-of-salty-parker/
  15. This Manning change piece (I see you, Rod Allen) had so much run on it. If this becomes a consistent offering from him, they might need to assign it a special nickname. I’ll go for “Forrest Gump” — it just keeps running.
  16. I believe this is the 17th -- only 8 of those in my lifetime (since 1979), including back-to-back DH splits in 1984.
  17. GAME 22 At Bats - 8,538 (104) - Passed <EDDIE MATHEWS> at 8,537. Plate Appearances - 9,782 (100) - Passed Al Oliver at 9,778. Singles - 1,657 (133) - Passed B.J. Surhoff at 1,656. Times on Base - 3,858 (59) - Passed LUIS GONZALEZ at 3,857.
  18. How many DH have they played at Fenway since 1966?
  19. Tyson Ross vs Eduardo Rodriguez We can't do worse than split the series
  20. Tigers at Red Sox Game 23 12-10 Remember him? Salty Parker Years with Detroit: 1936 Tigers highlights: Got on base 1/3 of the the time You may remember him from: Shreveport Sports, Managing the Mets and Astros Baseball Reference Link and Stats:
  21. Probably nothing there but they can’t have him release his if Trump won’t do his.
  22. I became a Tigers fan in 1968. I wanted to be a Cardinal fan like my father, but he told me I needed my own team and I wasn't about to be a Red Sox fan like every other kid in the neighborhood. I chose the Tigers. They proceeded to win 5 of 7 games against the Red Sox while my family vacationed in Cape Cod and I have been hooked for over 50 years.
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