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  2. It's pretty big here in Detroit. Of course, Detroit is just south of Canada here.
  3. He looks overwhelmed at times. And that high leg kick has to stop. Off speed pitches kill him.
  4. IR - eligible to return in week 10 or whatever it is.
  5. Race for Last Detroit - Baltimore: 1.5 KC: 5.5 Miami: 6.5
  6. I hate the Twins but I recently have come to hate the Tribe even more (probably cause of all the beatings they've been giving us the past few years) so with that said Im hoping the Twins win the division. God I can't believe I just said that, I feel like I need a shower now.
  7. 1-minute video clip of the Twins' first ever game, a 6-0 victory over the Yankees in New York.
  8. Whatever happened to the House Freedom Caucus being a starch advocate of anything that raises the amount of money taxpayers have to give to the government?
  9. I hope we don’t suffer through a real beat down tonight. I’ve started get used to the slim possibility of actually winning.
  10. That average voter isn't that sophisticated with their vote and why they vote the way they do. However, If Trump goes through with a full slate of tariffs against China that falls in line with the holiday season you have got to imagine a lot of consumers (who turn into voters the following November) will remember the high prices they paid, how unhappy they were, and who they are going to blame when they go vote. Trump could be the reason all the Black Friday deals suck this year and those consumers could be a reason he's packing his bags for New York in January 2021.
  11. I'll bet he tries. I hope his body holds up for a run at it.
  12. Avila wouldn't have had a chance to trade him cause DD would've already dealt him. I say that in tongue and cheek but I could see Trout being in that Anibal trade instead of Turner. IIRC Turner was a top 15 prospect at the time. If the Marlins asked for a top position prospect instead of a pitcher do you think Dombrowski would have said no? I really don't know.
  13. Meanwhile, I see the President just announced more tax increases on American consumers in his Twitter feed just now. Cool....
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  15. Imagine all the weak hitting position players and pitchers with control problems that Avila could have wrestled from some team for Mike Trout? He would have been able to build the organizational depth.
  16. So I don't recall a similar reaction on the flip side when he talked up a big market that benefited your 401K. That said, if you're worried about a single day's impact on your 401K- no matter how bad....you're focusing on the wrong thing.
  17. Players don't tank. It's the dumbest thing in sports is to say a team is tanking. The players try because they can be out of a job. Now the players may suck...but that's a different story.
  18. If I had to bet whether JV will stick around long enough ..and remain good enough ..to win 300 games .. .... I certainly would not bet against it.
  19. So a couple of years ago, a guy who I recognized as a former Canuck walked into the arena with a hockey bag slung over his shoulder, ready for a game of adult hockey. My buddy and I looked at each other and then we both waved to the guy and said "Hi Harold, have a good one". But it wasn't Snepsts. It was Dave Babych..
  20. Regarding baseball ..the only overall opinions and/or projections I trust more than 50% is MTS. Truly some real baseball fans here. Not always right but not always wrong either. Willing to call out poor play and/or poor prospects ..but also willing to acknowledge the positive. Have to take ALL opinions here into consideration ..and then weigh them out. Uh, .. .. .. .. Not giving a standing ovation to the overall baseball intelligence here on MTS ..just saying that the baseball (and Tiger) fans here most likely know more about the game and team than some keyboard punching jerko over at SI. In fact, as a Tiger fan since 1967 ..I credit myself with being more knowledgeable about the Tigers than most fans ..but I also realize I am merely a near-invisible blip here on MTS. Hey .. Thanks to MTS for being here!!!
  21. Yes, pitching injuries are always a concern even in the minors. But is Mize really injured ..or have the Tigers simply shut him down in late season to avoid potential injury? Moreover, is it overly surprising or unusual for 40% of starting pitchers to be injured ..whether in MLB or MiLB? Currently in the MLB ..the following link lists 61 injured Starting Pitchers ..and 80 Relief Pitchers injured. (All are Current) https://www.rosterresource.com/mlb-injury-report/ Many believe a team can never have enough good quality pitchers. I think if Boyd is projected to be a plus Starting Pitcher the next 5 years .. Tigers probably should consider extending his contract instead of trading him. Then, barring trades or injury, ..Boyd, Turnbull, Fulmer, Norris, Mize, Manning, Skubal, FPerez, Faedo, and JWentz are all in the mix for a role in the 2021 Detroit Tiger Starting Rotation. (Boyd, Turnbull, Fulmer, Norris are already on the MLB roster.) I wonder how many MLB teams would relish the opportunity to have their choice from among those 10 arms as potential starters a maximum 2 years from now? At minimum, it seems an excellent start to a very good starting rotation within the next 2 years. Of those 10 .pitchers just named, those who fail to succeed in the Starting Rotation could potentially become bullpen arms ..perhaps along with any of JJimenez, BBurrows, BGarcia, ACastro, KFunkhouser, PRichan, ERodriguez, and CGuzman. So ..my thinking is that without any other transactions for the next 2 years (and we all know there may be several) ..I have listed a total of 18 arms currently under team control until 2022 and beyond. Even if 9 or 10 of those 18 named pitchers fall flat on their faces ..the Tigers could still potentially have a competitive core pitching staff by late 2021. ......... OK .. admittedly .. some fans may suggest that a team can never fully project most pitchers out to 2 years into the future. All I am trying to present is a reasonable potentially positive projection at this point in the Tigers rebuild efforts.
  22. He's at 219 wins right now and he's signed for 2 more seasons with Houston. I would think 250 is well within reach. With the way players are paid these days, he could walk away at 38 years of age and wait for the Hall of Fame to call. If he wanted to work very hard to stay in shape, I could see him winning 300 games. Heck, Brad cost him several wins! 😂
  23. Verlander's at 219 now, so he may reach 225 by the end of the season so he should comfortable get to 250. If he pitches another 5 seasons he would need to average 15 wins a year to get to 300. It's a Longshot but given his history and how he is showing no signs of slowing down I wouldn't completely rule it out.
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