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  2. this will be explosive/seismic/apocalyptic if proved out.. Desantis will have kissed both the FL GOP and Trump goodbye.
  3. The paper is well taken... Although there was 1992.
  4. A number of states enacted this rule. I do not believe many in leadership in this country understand the reality of elder care. Or they don’t care.
  5. Well clearly enough people do to make an impact on the Democratic party. If you believe that Jill Stein was a factor in costing Hillary the election then maybe picking a progressive Vice President isn't such a terrible idea. Again, on the Klobuchar issue, are voters going to make a careful and nuanced decision on the situation or are they going to react with emotion and potentially be upset. I believe many will act with or without all the facts, and vote based on their emotional reaction regardless of what actually occurred.
  6. https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/american-political-science-review/article/agenda-seeding-how-1960s-black-protests-moved-elites-public-opinion-and-voting/136610C8C040C3D92F041BB2EFC3034C Armed black people = Scared white people voting Republican. Non-violent protests = white people voting for democrats and liberals. You all are very cavalier about how this will turn out in November. I hope you're right.
  7. If trump wins Minnesota, you can thank that stupid freaking cop who decided to put his knee on the throat of a guy and kill him.
  8. Often better, in particular when it is a local or state matter because local outlets know the local history, the neighborhoods, local and state laws, etc.
  9. Haven't known him to be a bull****ter heretofore
  10. National stuff is important, but there's value in knowing what goes on where you live... and local news outlet (print and television) are often just as good as the national people.
  11. You are correct. So is Senator Graham. As someone who deals with Courts for a living, I fully endorse his plan.
  12. You should stop thinking the country thinks like you. If the country thought like you, they would have probably voted for more candidates you like. Also, what did Kloubachar fail to prosecute the officer for? Do we know yet?
  13. I tried that and wore out my vocal cords years ago
  14. 2:30 would be great too. They need to take people's attention spans into account. As has been discussed here many times, I would love to see them "deaden" the ball to decrease home runs and increase base running again. Less walks, more balls in play. Enforce a time limit between pitches. Even the NFL is starting to cut down on replay now because they realize how much it slows down play. If college football comes back, I hope they take the cue and do the same.
  15. a lot of those 2 hr games were when pitchers were putting up 2.00 ERAs. That '56 Tiger Yankee game someone posted that featured 2 hr each by Mantle and Kaline ran 2:45. I'd be happy to see a 2:30 average. You'd be walking out of the average 7:10 start at quarter to 10.
  16. Baseball has what it always has: the summer and history. Is that enough to sustain it? I think so. That said, baseball needs to change to keep it relevant, and not let the players' aversion to change keep it from enforcing rules to increase the pace of play. It can do this, but it needs a strong commissioner who is willing to enforce the rules and make the players abide by them. Is Manfred that guy? I have my doubts. There is no reason a baseball game should take more than 2 or 2 1/2 hours. None.
  17. yeah they've got a real riot now. So much for Minnesota nice.
  18. Marcus & Millichap laying off 20% of workforce Ends up only being 175 jobs. But they are the countries largest commercial real estate firm. CRE is in trouble.
  19. Oh yeah. Some time back. A few complaints at the time because the city didn’t do a national search first. But most were pleased at the hire.
  20. looks like a full face cartridge respirator. There are several kinds of cartridges depending on what you expect to be exposed to. IIRC you want a "C" or "E" cartridge for tear gas. On close inspection he's got Honeywell purple cartridges which are multifunction - he's good to go.
  21. OK I might not agree with their reasoning. But at least it makes sense now. Next time I argue with the girl I'm calling for a competition caution. Maybe it will let me catch up.
  22. Yeah, this is a big one. They’ll be talking about this for a while. It’s gut-wrenching, because we don’t know yet whether this will lead to something else.
  23. I was watching the reporting. He put on the gas mask after there was firing of teargas. He had the gas mask because when he covered the story the night before in a different location there was also teargas, so he knew he needed to have a gas mask with him while reporting. This is horrible to watch, and so dangerous to report.
  24. He’s not, but I’ve seen more incredulous things because memes. Ths coverage is different from what I’ve seen on similar things because they’re not shying away from the f-bomb, whether on a poster or said aloud, or people putting up fingers. I think that’s good and effective.
  25. I told Melody local news doesn’t matter. I’ve watched a lot of local news this week for the first time in awhile. What a scene. These reporters are in it. My local news is Minneapolis.
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