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  2. he's not wearing a white shirt and jacket.
  3. Trump promoting a poll that has him down 10 points.
  4. Hall of Fame Auburn football coach Pat Dye dead at age 80
  5. I'm 46 years old. Tonight marks the first time since I was 15 that I don't have money in the stock market.
  6. The Unabomber is a lucky man. I completely forgot the WSOP was supposed to start last week.
  7. Danm suburbanites giving a bad name to the notoriously law-abiding residents of Detroit.
  8. To be fair, Michael Baden is a for hire doctor for anyone looking for a wrongful death suit against police. He was used in the likes of Malace Green and Michael Brown. I don't believe his opinion to be any more unbiased. He testified on behalf of OJ Simpson.
  9. Kinda like Jeffrey Epstein was being watched? If a coward is determined enough to take a cowards way out, he usually can find a way. Or....they could put him in gen pop. I'm sure the brotherhood will protect him.
  10. Today
  11. J Edgar would have fired him for his language!
  12. I read through this the other day and it was very interesting for sure.... nothing embarassing for me for once in an old thread.
  13. worst case of something like that I've read of was a number of years ago - I think it was Indonesian Air, a co-pilot that had much more experience than his pilot let the airplane go down because he would not stop defering to his captain - even after suggesting to him somewhat mildly that they needed to be doing things differently.
  14. I love how Whitmer says "current president." She's probably talking to future president Joe Biden as well.
  15. it's awesome that I feel the need to lower the volume of the president talking when my kid is in the room. MAGA
  16. I wish some of the governors would just go off on him.... he sincerely thinks he's the boss talking to his direct reports.
  17. I mean he did that with his first 5 posts. Everything after that was gravy. He'd seen and known more baseball than all of us combined.
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