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  2. lol we also way overpaid on slot lol
  3. And Reyes and DeLaCruz on the horizon. Get more of these guys.
  4. lol, and you could cherry pick comments like that regarding failed draft picks from every scout and GM in MLB.
  5. Put it this way: instead of you being the Tigers, you're a contending team. Will you trade from the top of your farm system because you think Nick Castellanos will help you win enough extra games to help take you deep into October?
  6. Ranked as the #2 PF in America.... The top power forwards in college basketball for 2019-20
  7. Probably broken down veteran. Why not? At 27, it's a little optimistic to believe Nick is a key part of the future, anyway. Castellanos has hit before, but scuffling along here in his presumed prime, he's not. And he didn't his first three seasons. So at best, the jury is still out on whether he is a very good major league hitter.
  8. The draft pick issue was a huge factor, obviously. Still, if they had made more realistic demands at the outset, I think there's. a good chance that both of them would have been signed in the offseason. And Kimbrel made out very well. Two point six years at 16 million per for a one-inning pitcher, even a great one, and especially one who is still danm good but past his peak, is a huge overpay in my opinion. The tremendous importance that was once attributed to closers was a mass delusion, and most teams have come to their senses on that score. The importance of the bullpen overall has increased as the ratio between starters' and relievers' innings pitched has changed, but even so, no one-inning-or-less pitcher really has a very big impact on a team's record.
  9. Or pick 'em. By way of reminder, David Chadd, the author of those quotes, is still Vice President, Assistant General Manager with the club, with primary responsibility for scouting amateur hitters for the draft.
  10. what's the alternative to nick? mickey mahtook? another $5 million on "insert broken down veteran we hope to flip but wont"? castellanos can hit. he has hit in the past and he's not old. he has talent even if he's had a bad first half. we have a better chance of flipping him for something at the deadline next year coming off a James McCann type brief resurgence than we do picking a vet off the scrapheap and hoping he can do the same thing.
  11. that 18m isnt going to go to any of those things and you know it.
  12. I can easily envision the Tigers offering Nick the QO assuming he'll turn it down so they can get the draft pick, but Nick takes it instead and turns in another season like this one.
  13. Wow. Great defense? Longoria comp? 5 tool player? Explains why they can't develop position players for ****.
  14. Nick Castellanos is the culmination of the long-time position player drafting strategy of the Detroit Tigers: Take the best athlete you think is out there, don't worry about anything else like position or defense. And, if possible, overpay. https://www.mlive.com/tigers/2010/08/tigers_sign_top_three_june_dra.html Did the Detroit Tigers over-pay for their top three June draft picks or were the bonuses paid to them excellent long-term investments? Only time will tell, but Tigers amateur scouting director David Chadd was relieved to get that trio signed late Monday night in the hours and minutes leading up to the midnight deadline. Chadd is very high on the trio that convinced him to nearly triple the slotted bonus figure recommendations of Major League Baseball for their combined bonus dollars. Third baseman Nick Castellanos of Archbishop McCarthy High in Southwest Ranches, Fla., received a $3.45 million bonus that was the most ever for a player taken after the first round. University of Texas pitcher Chance Ruffin got $1.15 million and University of Arkansas pitcher Drew Smyly received a reported $1.1 million. Asked to comment on greatly exceeding the slotted figures -- which was $776,700 for Castellanos -- Chadd said, “That’s another question I am not going to touch. Different clubs have different parameters and different obligations.” ... Castellanos (6-foot-4, 210 pounds) hit .542 with 41 RBIs and 22 stolen bases as Florida’s Gatorade Player of the Year. Baseball America rated him the No. 3 high school power hitter and No. 14 overall prospect. “I hate to draw comparisons,” Chadd said. “But with body-type, approach at the plate and defensive ability, the first guy who comes to mind is (Evan) Longoria. “My approach has always been the same -- I take the best player. And he was the best player on the board by a lot. I’m a little aggressive, sometimes to a fault.” Chadd said he was not convinced that Castellanos, whom he described as a five-tool player, would sign as late as 11:58 p.m.
  15. despite all that I would put it more than 50/50 that the Tigers make him the QO. Not because he's that great but if he declines and in the slim chance he does sign then they get a pick. No risk there. If he accepts then fine.... they can sell it as they're not totally tanking. It's just money. Nick is a smart guy. He wants them to offer it.
  16. I'm not even sure they are paid that well. They just want to be near the epicenter of power.
  17. Correct. But Nick will be the sweet, sweet 0.800 OPS than no GM can live without.
  18. It is moot. Keuchel didn't all of a sudden lower his demands because the draft passed.
  19. And in the end he signed a one year deal. He was obviously willing to sign a one year deal in the end. It's highly unlikely it was Keuchel who told teams he would be willing to sign a one year deal, but only after the draft. Odds are he would have been willing to sign in April.
  20. The Twins hired Thad Levine in November 2016 after they lost 103 games. They went 5 of 6 years losing at least 90 games from 2011-2016. Eventually the losing yields talent and the next gm will reap the rewards. But it doesn't validate losing as a strategy.
  21. so why did they both sign within a week of the draft concluding? Are you suggesting that the picks had nothing to do with it?
  22. McCosky does not like being irrelevant: https://twitter.com/cmccosky/status/1140591103630020620
  23. I don't think its moot. They were asking for more than anyone was going to offer them, which led to them being unsigned before the draft.
  24. 3-star CB Angelo Grose has Michigan State on top after decommitting from Cincinnati
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